3 Simple Truths About SEO

pie 175x300 3 Simple Truths About SEOSEO is simple.

(You know, Search Engine Optimization – getting people to your site.)

It all comes down to being popular – for good reason.

Think of it using this high school party analogy.

Let’s say it was a typical Friday afternoon back in high school, and you heard about two parties going on…

a) One of the “cool kids” was having a party
b) One of the “average kids” was having a party

Which one would everyone go to?

The cool kid party, of course. vanwilder 300x200 3 Simple Truths About SEO


Because the cool kid party would be…

1) The party that everyone is talking about that day in anticipation

2) The party where all the good stuff would happen that people would
be talking about on Monday morning back at school

3) Duh, it’s called the “cool kid party”…who wouldn’t want to
go to something called “the cool kid party”

And here’s how that translates into Internet SEO.

1) Get one-way links back to your site (preferably with your keyword anchor text in the link)

You want to be the one everyone is talking about. And if you are, then you are going to get a lot of one-way links back to your site from other people.

And those one-way links are probably the most important factor for SEO and getting your site ranked up high in Google’s search rankings.

So be remarkable and put amazing content on your site that other people will link to.

2) Put a lot of quality content on your site

You want to have quality content on your site so that it’s worth the visit to your website. You must deliver “the good stuff”.

3) Put your keywords in the content and title tag

Going back to our party example, everyone wants to go to the “cool kid party” just because of the name!

Getting your keywords in the content and title tag of your site is critical. This will help your visitors realize they are in the right place. And google will reward you by giving you better rankings.

I don’t think enough SEO experts recommend putting your keywords in your website name…I know it’s obvious, but I see too many folks leaving keywords out of their website name.

Here’s proof…in the last week of August we launched the website, www.KettlebellWorkouts.com, and in less than 3 months, it’s already in the top 4 position for the keyword search, “kettlebell workouts”.
kb 300x227 3 Simple Truths About SEO
And yes, I know it’s a small niche market, but thanks to our google rankings, this website is doubling my expectations for success. And that makes me a happy kid!

So follow those 4 simple tips and you’ll get good SEO rankings without wasting thousands of dollars on the latest “SEO product” put out by the internet marketing gurus.

There’s no need to spend so much money on something so simple,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, Online Second Paycheck System

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November 17, 2009

Susan Campbell @ 7:32 pm

Craig, after all is said and done, how do you feel about the sales letter being part of the blog site on kettlebellworkouts.com? Would you do it again? Or recommend to others?


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Craig Ballantyne Reply:

Yes, it is a good way of doing things.

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