5 Unique Keys to Success

Hope you are doing amazing! I’ve been down in Florida for a few days at the Fitness Info Summit. It was very cool to meet so many of you in person!

Wish you all could have made it.

On Friday, I gave it my all with a 2-hour presentation on finding a niche market, creating products, getting more done in less time, and on writing sales copy.

It was pretty intense. But a lot of fun.

As you know, I think being in a Mastermind group is the most important step in your path to success, so that’s why you hear about me going to so many of these meetings.

You get a chance to network with some real sharp people, and they’ll give you powerful feedback on what you need to do to improve your products and marketing. (Plus, they are always a ton of fun.)

I’ll be talking more about our mastermind later, but over the weekend I spent a lot of time thinking about some keys to success that almost no one talks about…and here they are:

1) Delayed gratification

People who want everything NOW always seem to struggle at building a successful business. After all, there’s pretty much no such thing as overnight success.

All of the big time successful guys and gals that I know, like Bedros Keuilian, Carrie Wilkerson, Mike Geary, Vince Del Monte, and Holly Rigsby, ALL put in their “time” and paid their dues to work hard to get where they are now.

So don’t “demand” miracles. Be patient and do your work everyday. Success will come.

2) People who make the most money are the most prolific – the ones who create the most products. CB CA2ndPO eBook3 41 5 Unique Keys to Success

Last week I added product #123 to my Turbulence Training Clickbank account. Plus, I have 3 other fitness websites that sell product, as well internet business coaching and my Online Second Paycheck System.

This gives me almost 150 entry points into “my world”, where I can continue to build powerful relationships with my new clients and friends.

Contrast that to a business that revolves around just one product.

Unless you miraculously crack the ad words code, being a prolific product provider will CRUSH a single product business every time.

3) Successful people do a million things at once

Now don’t get me wrong, I want you to stay focused, but you need to be doing a million things to get people to know about your products, to promote your products, and to keep your clients happy.

Plus, you must always be thinking about the future and creating a long-term vision and moving towards it.

It may seem chaotic, but if you have systems in place, you can be involved in “millions of things” that will move you to your goal.

4) Saying, “May I interview you please”

Carrie Wilkerson taught me this one, and it’s a killer tip. One of the best ways to break into an “inner circle” is by offering help first, and that includes interviewing big name experts to promote them to your list first, before you go asking them for help.

This is a killer action tip you can put into practice today.

5) People are interested in people with passion – and the most successful people are extremely passionate about what they do.

As I taught on the weekend, when choosing your niche market, you need to focus on an area where you are passionate.

For example, I love helping and teaching people, and that’s why I’m writing this message on a Sunday afternoon while I have a couple hour break between social events. I love doing this.

And that’s how you need to feel about your business.

If you let your passion die, then you business will too.

Stay passionate!

PS – Passion + a mentor = success!

Never forget, the easiest way to succeed is to get help from someone who is already successful and has made mistakes so that you don’t have to make the same ones.

Get involved in a mastermind group or with a coach as soon as you can.

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October 28, 2009

Mike Smith @ 8:16 am

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the great info!

Your points are straight to the point and very appropriate to where I’m at. I love following guys like you and Ryan Lee, and am getting into the world of internet marketing.

I’ve finally finished my first product/sales site and have product #1 out there. Like you said in this blog post, getting as many quality products out as you can dwarfs selling only 1 product. Great advice!

I look forward to meeting you in person and working with you.

Keep it up & thanks,
Mike Smith

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