5 Mastermind Lessons from Vegas to help you Crush It

images 5 Mastermind Lessons from Vegas to help you Crush ItI was really bored on Saturday night when I wrote this…

…sitting in the Vegas airport waiting for the overnight flight back to Toronto…but it was worth it to have a full Sunday at home rather than spending all day in the Vegas airport and on a plane.

I had a good time in Vegas – low key, with the exception of a wild and crazy handstand pushup party on Friday night. But that’s a long story for another time.

And I had some pretty cool conversations with other business owners, so here are a few things that I learned in Vegas that will help you…

1) You are going to annoy someone.



So get over it.

What am I talking about?

A lot of folks are scared to email. They are worried it might annoy someone and then people will unsubscribe from their email list.

Well, if you’re worried that you’re going to annoy someone, I have good news for you. You’re right.

Even Mother Theresa annoyed people. So I guarantee that you will too.

You can’t please everyone. So just give great value, make it fun to be a part of your world, and make a call to action so that you can sell your products.

Some people won’t like it, don’t worry, because 100x’s more people WILL LOVE the message you send out. And those are the folks you need to focus on.

Bottom line:
Don’t be afraid to contact your readers when you have great information to share.

2) Quit being boring. Start being entertaining, personable, like-able, and “easy to relate to”.

People don’t want to do business with someone who is perfect because it makes them feel like they can’t succeed.

So if you’re perfectly polished and trying to teach people how to accomplish what you’ve done, it’s going to intimidate them and they won’t even try.

My friends Bedros Keuilian and Steve Hochman are two of the funnest, easy-going, “like-able-est” guys I know and that’s one of the main reasons they are so successful selling their Fit Body Bootcamp Licenses.

I recommend taking a page out of their books. Here’s a personal example…I received a lot of positive feedback when people saw that I drive an old 1997 Nissan Maxima.


Because they are sick of being promised fancy cars and instant riches. If you give the impression that you are a “slick rick” and perfectly polished, then you’re going to repel clients rather than attract them. crush it resize 204x300 5 Mastermind Lessons from Vegas to help you Crush It

Keep it real. And have some fun.

3) Crush It

I bought copies of Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book, “Crush It” for about 10 friends of mine and I’ve never received as much positive feedback about a book as I have with this one.

Get your copy NOW. And crush it, in your own way.

4) Go deeper

Take your passion and your niche and specialize in it first. I want you to completely Crush It as the expert to your chosen market before you try and become the guru to another market.

Make it known that you are a market leader.

Not sure how to position yourself as the market leader – even if you have tons of experience?

It’s easy.

Just create a 2010 “predictions” report for your industry.

For example, if you’re an expert on time management for moms, then write a report on the 7 hottest new trends and technologies that are going to help moms save time in 2010.

That will immediately position you as the go to person for your niche. Everyone else will be a follower. And people LOVE to read about predictions so your report should get passed around to a lot of new readers.

5) Take ACTION and follow instructions from your coach and mentors.

A novel concept, huh?

But surprise-surprise, the folks in the Vegas Mastermind who made the most progress since the last meeting were the ones that used the advice they were given last time.

Massive action = massive progress.

This is why you need to be in a Mastermind – because you get proven advice from mentors, coaches, and colleagues who have been there and done that – and you get to learn from all their mistakes and experiences so that you succeed faster.

If you think you can sit at home in isolation by yourself and somehow continue to grow your business every month, you are sadly mistaken – and not making as many sales as you could be.

So get out there and get involved. Get a coach. Talk to others. Make alliances. Meet affiliates. Connect on joint ventures.

Take action today!

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