5 Tips for Online Internet Marketing Success

Just spent a great weekend in beautiful San Antonio, Texas with my friend Carrie “The Barefoot Executive” Wilkerson at her online internet marketing success seminar and it was powerful stuff.

In addition to Carrie, she had well-known and highly respected Internet Marketer David Frey as one of the speakers, and his presentation gave me pages of ideas that I can’t wait to implement.

Carrie also let me speak for an hour on the Basics of Building a Better Website Business on Saturday afternoon.

I ended up finishing my session early and opened it up for Q’n'A to the crowd.

One woman asked me about what she should do if she didn’t have any bonuses to add to her incredible offer.

Instinctively I replied, “I would just get them done.” (What I should have said was, “I would have already had them done.”)

The crowd laughed and I apologized to make sure I didn’t offend her, but my point was that she needed to stop thinking so much and get to work on finishing her project.

Overall, one of the biggest mistakes beginners make is that they procrastinate. Sometimes folks like to lay the blame on “ADD” but I call “baloney” on that.

I’ve even used “ADD” as an excuse before, but to be honest, it was only a lame justification for being lazy and undisciplined.

“Work” isn’t always fun, even if you are working in your area of your life’s greatest passion.

There will be days when you need to give up the ADD excuse, force yourself to keep your butt on your chair and TAKE ACTION with ruthless implementation.

So that’s tip #1.

Here are 4 more tips – some that you might not want to hear – that will help you succeed online.

#2 – Have 100% clarity in business model (know what you will NOT do)

David Frey gave this great tip during his excellent presentation, and it sums up another beginner mistake.

Too many folks don’t know what they want their business to look like, and as a result they get pulled in many directions (often chasing the latest “bright shiny object” that promises them instant riches).

But if you have a clear, long-term vision for your business, it will help you say NO to the wrong projects and keep you focused on the right projects. Powerful, but simple stuff.

#3 – The more products you create the more money you will make.

Another one of my friends said the same thing at a Mastermind meeting last month, and I agree. That’s just one of the reasons I continue to create a new Turbulence Training program each month, plus at least one major new program each year.

Product creation is simple. From audio to video to leveraging your past work, you can put together a huge catalog of resources to help your clients.

And in most cases, you still won’t be able to create enough products to satisfy your top clients.

#4 – Get your first assistant ASAP!

David Frey said getting an assistant was one of the biggest breakthroughs in his business. Again, simple, but powerful.

Like me, David isn’t too quick to part with his money, but like David, I found business only goes up when you delegate the lower skill tasks to others so that you have more time to focus on your strengths – and that’s the only way to grow your business.

#5 – Go to seminars.

David said one of his other biggest regrets was not attending more seminars when he was just starting out.

Both David and I are not naturals at “in-person networking” but we both now realize the immense value of attending seminars, not only for the content, but probably MORE for the contacts you’ll make.

See you at a seminar soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – One other thing David wished he did earlier…

…was join a Mastermind group.

I’ll be back later this week with at least 5, if not 10 of the amazing reasons you should be in a Mastermind group.

Again, powerful, yet simple stuff that helps you succeed.

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October 13, 2009

Michael Alaniz @ 5:30 pm

Great point. The ADD excuse is nothing more than that….an excuse. Bottom line is the work MUST get done and not all of it is going to be fun, but worth it.

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