12 Success Tips from my OSP Mastermind

mastermind meeting

mastermind meeting

We just wrapped up another Online SuperProfits Mastermind meeting in Toronto last month, and it was the best one yet.

And I have 12 success tips I can share with you…these aren’t the advanced insider tips we share behind closed-doors, but these are some valuable time-management and business boosting tips that can help you get to the next level.

Overall, major breakthroughs were made in everyone’s businesses – even for veterans like Vince Del Monte. And it was great to see two of the best-ever OSP students – Adam Steer and Eric Wong – showing everyone how they are taking their unique fitness products to the world.

Alright, so here are 12 quick success tips that you can implement today…

1) Remove yourself from most of the mailing lists you are on

Most of us get way too much email…and we don’t need to be signed up for every business guru’s email. In fact, maybe this newsletter isn’t for you. If not, unsubscribe. It’s okay. As long as it helps your business. And if you need more time to work on projects, cutting back on guru emails is the first place to start.office sign blackberry1 231x300 12 Success Tips from my OSP Mastermind

2) Stop emails going to your blackberry

The only emails that should be going to your blackberry are urgent client emails or emergency family emails.

You shouldn’t be getting newsletters or friend’s emails sent here. That just wastes your time. Send all of that correspondence to a gmail account and do NOT connect that to your blackberry.

3) Just get it out. Fail forward.

Too many people are taking too long to get things done and out to the market. You are using your “perfectionism” as an excuse for your fear of failing.

Get over it.

The world isn’t going to end if you start selling your product and only make 5 sales.

In fact, getting it out there and “failing forward” will give you the necessary feedback to make it better. If you have a product and it’s done, start selling it now. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect so you can have a “big launch”.

4) Sell at $9.95 rather than not at all…

Big launches are over-rated for most people. Just make an amazing offer to your current list to get a few sales under your belt now.

If you have a product that you want to sell for $39.95 and you only have a small list, then offer it to them for only $9.95 as a “Thank You” to them for supporting you as you get started. With a list of 100 people you’ll probably get 30, 40 or event 50 people to order, and you’ll make a few hundred bucks.TurbulenceT3 4 12 Success Tips from my OSP Mastermind

On the other hand, you might not make any sales at $39.95 and you wouldn’t get any feedback on the product.

So stop procrastinating and get it out there.

When I first launched Turbulence Training in 2003, it sold for only $9.95…just so I could get it out there.

Even 10 sales of $9.95 is still a lot more than the zero sales you are making by not putting it on the market.

5) Take your deadline and cut it in half. Get it done now!

Here’s another way to attack procrastination…most people make the mistake of setting deadlines so far into the future that the deadline is no longer a part of reality.

The analogy is the college final term paper. Sure the professor announces it on the first day of class, but the end of term seems so far away, right? So no one starts working on it until the last week before it is due.

And that’s what many business owners do…they set a long-term deadline – “Oh, I’ll get my product done in the next 3 months” – but that is not a concrete deadline and time slips away and the project never gets finished.

So take your long-term deadline and cut in half – or more – and put some urgency into your work. Light a fire under your butt and you’ll get your work done a lot faster and you’ll be way ahead of the competition who is too afraid to fail and too lazy to set real deadlines.

6) Don’t worry about anyone that hates you.

Not everyone is going to like you. Sorry to burst your bubble. But this came up at the meeting and we all had to realize that some people are just going to be “haters” and you have to ignore those folks. Worry only about what your clients and prospects say about your products and services, and focus on making them happy.

7)    Leverage content (turn great emails into video into free report)

Take your best emails and videos and turn them into more in-depth content pieces such as free reports and future products. Track the response to everything you create and you’ll discover new hot topics that can turn into great sources of website traffic and even new products to offer your customers.

8)    Be the authority

You have to be the expert in your niche market. You need to have articles, videos, and interviews of you demonstrating your expertise. Use everything you have – magazine articles, interviews, TV spots, even Youtube videos – to demonstrate your credibility and overcome skepticism.

9)    No email till 3pm

In addition to cutting back on the number of emails you get, you also need to cut back on how often you check your email. After all, email sucks the productivity out of your day. The longer you can hold off on email, the more you will get done.

make money online

make money online

10) Spend 3 minutes every other day in Google Analytics to understand your online business

If you aren’t using Google Analytics or some other tool to track your website statistics, you’re leaving a lot of business on the table. It’s free, easy, and takes less than 15 minutes per week. Set up Analytics on your home page and thank you pages and find out where your traffic comes from and where it goes.

I have an entire chapter dedicated to testing and tracking website visitors in The Online Second Paycheck System.

11)    Tie in to holidays

Tying in your business promotions to current events and holidays is one of the easy ways to call more attention to your online business.

For example, in my Easy Veggie Meal Plans business, we’re having a sale to mark “World Vegetarian Day” on October 1st, and we’re creating special vegetarian eating bonuses for Thanksgiving (which I’m renaming “Thanksveganing”.)

Every week represents an opportunity for you to creatively tie-in your business to something going on in the world.

12)    How to get a full-time Virtual Assistant for only $250 per month!

This is a great tip from OSP Mastermind Member, Adam Steer of Bodyweight-Blueprint.com.

Adam went to the Manilla, Philippines version of Craigslist and advertised for a Virtual Assistant. Within a day he received several replies and worked out a deal with a VA to provide full-time service for only $250 per month.

Even though there are some small language barriers, this has freed up over 100 hours per month from Adam’s time so that he can work on the major factors in his business while delegating the minutae.

That’s a killer online success tip right there.

If you have any other tips, please let us know.

To your success,

OSP Audio Coaching Program

OSP Audio Coaching Program

Craig Ballantyne
Creator, Online Second Paycheck System

PS – You also need to have passion and you need to be prolific.

More on those two success tips in a future post…

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Comments on 12 Success Tips from my OSP Mastermind »

September 30, 2009

Monty @ 11:18 am

Craig good advice, I really needed to hear these.

I will take your advice and unsubscribe from your
email list :)

Thanks and Keep em’ coming!

[Reply to this]

Luke Wold @ 12:18 pm

Thanks Craig!

Of these tips, I really need to leverage my content more. I answer client emails and write workouts and meal plans, then just send them off into the ether.

Time to dredge through my sent fold and dig out some great blog posts and videos.

Gracias amigo,

~ Luke

PS – I’ve been looking for a good assistant, a VA just didn’t enter my mind. Huh.

[Reply to this]

Rick Kaselj @ 12:40 pm


Amazing info.

Great times.

Off to take action.

Rick Kaselj
Attention fitness professionals, visit http://www.ExercisesForInjuries to recieve your $299 fitness education gift.

[Reply to this]

Yudi Kerbel @ 2:53 pm

Absolute GOLD in this post Craig.

I just decided to do #1 myself recently and I must say it’s a real relief to have so little email coming through now. Most of them are just completely worthless – nothing but pitches for products that are overhyped.

Btw, I had a quick glance through the new OSP the other day and MAN is it incredible! So much information! I’m going to print the whole thing out and work through it this weekend.

Thank you for being one of the few ‘gurus’ who actually delivers real content with a real purpose.


[Reply to this]

John Thompson @ 7:58 pm

I’ve been putting off writing my ebook for almost a year now. And I was still going to put it off longer. This post just changed my mind.

Thanks Craig

[Reply to this]

Daniel Munday @ 8:24 pm

awesome stuff Craig! I’m taking your advice for #3 n #4 especially and launching my next thing 3 weeks after my contest wraps up on Sunday.

Have I started all the ad copy yet? No, but it’s my priority for tomorrow and I’ll make it happen by following your entourage guidelines.

Cutting my email time down in the last 2 years has been the biggest time saver for me each day. It’s crazy the amount of time I used to waste on that.

And as for the haters? What did Dan Kennedy say about if he hadn’t pi$$ed someone off by lunch time he hadn’t done his job…

[Reply to this]

October 1, 2009

Mike Grafstein @ 10:29 am

Craig – great info as usual.
I like your pricing idea!

[Reply to this]

Steve Morris @ 1:35 pm

Love number 7. That has totally changed the way I do things. So much easier when you realize you can use your ideas/content and repurpose it several times!

[Reply to this]

October 2, 2009

Lee Hayward @ 10:05 am

Great tips Craig. Thanks for posting.

[Reply to this]

October 6, 2009

Craig Ballantyne @ 8:29 pm

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the feedback. Time to post some more tips for you.

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