Website Webinar Replay

Website Webinar

Website Webinar

Finally…the “Website Webinar” replay is ready.

Click here to watch the Website Webinar Replay

(pretty cool technology, huh?)

It was a darn fun time, and I hope it helped you.

In the future I’ll do more, and as I get used to the technology we’ll do some live QnA. I was new to the whole thing so a little nervous and then I had to rush right off to another teleseminar. I won’t book them back to back again. Sorry!

I also want to share with you a few of the success stories of the Online Second Paycheck (OSP) System…

“3 years ago I created my first e book with the intention of supplementing my personal training income by a few hundred bucks a month.  When I finally completed it and brought it to the market… it stunk! I couldn’t sell a single book!

Then I discovered Craig’s OSP system that showed me how to restructure my offer, bring visitors to my site and make sales! Since then I have been selling 2 to 3 copies of my original book plus a few others that I’ve recently created.  The extra $1000 bucks or more per month has added to my bottom line and has allowed me and my wife to take our first vacation in over 3 years. Thanks Craig!”
Elliott Hulse, St. Petersburg

“Hey Craig, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and all of the incredible information in the OSP System. Last November I launched the first version of my site which proved NO results. I barely made any sales and was getting no traffic. I came across your OSP in April and less than 3 months later, I totally revamped my whole site, based on the OSP System and in the first hour of my site launch, I made several hundred dollars.  Thanks Craig.”
Isabel De Los Rios

“The Online Second Paycheck e-book is excellent. It takes you step by step and gives you all the ins and outs that you need to know without having to learn it the hard time consuming way on your own with trial and error. A lot of info. Big value.”
Deb Froehlich, Coach Deb Fitness, Texas

“Craig – got your OSP system and it kicks butt. No surprise there :) But seriously, the step by system you deliver here cleared things up for me BIG time as to how to tighten up my niche and get people to be very attracted and connected to what I am doing, who I am as well as them being highly qualified prospects. This should be part of anyone’s marketing ammunition if they want to be a success online as well as off line! I’m gonna use this stuff for my gym AND my internet biz. Once again, thanks for being a great coach, a great friend and putting out awesome information.”
Zach Even-Esh, New Jersey

“Wow! Talk about a turnkey system to make more money online! Using Craig’s OSP System, we have managed to make over $3,000 in the first month of launching our first of many products to come! Modeling Craig’s sales copy outline has proven to be BRUTALLY EFFECTIVE as our newsletter opt-in rate has been 35% and our sales conversion rate has been 6.6%! Plus, we have had an 85% upsell conversion rate by using the limited-time bonuses and call-to-action method that has been so successful for Craig.

Basically, anything that Craig says when it comes to online fitness info products will make you some serious loot. Now we just have to get more people to our site and build our list, and with Craig’s FREE newsletter we constantly get new great cutting edge ideas that have been helping us do just that. I simply cannot recommend Craig’s OSP system highly enough. It’s a complete done-for-you tried and proven blueprint to generating massive passive income so you can make more and train less! Thanks for sharing your online secrets Craig.”
BJ Gaddour

The Online Second Paycheck System has helped busy dad Sean Barker to supplement his regular income.

And the Online Second Paycheck System also helps you with Time Management and Mindset, not just creating your product or setting up your site.

Nutrition experts John Barban and Pat McGuire have used the Online Second Paycheck System to build the Online part of their nutrition consulting business.

“I just finished going through the Craig’s ‘OSP System’ and I have to say that I am blown away.  I have been studying marketing and online business for years now and never have I come across a system as pure and concise as yours for getting an instantly-profitable automatic money machine up and running in the shortest possible time.  If you’re new to marketing online then stop wasting time getting nowhere and follow Craig’s proven system for creating profitable websites.  I can vouch for the ‘Online Success Blueprint’ that Craig has created.  I even personally know some of Craig’s students that have learned from Craig, applied his methods, and have reaped the rewards – I can tell you by watching them start from scratch and grow six figure online businesses that Craig’s teachings have changed their lives.  I encourage you to make the decision NOW to follow a Mentor that can help you achieve your dreams of financial freedom and a lifestyle with more free time.  
Kyle Battis

“Craig’s OSP system made me look at marketing and branding in a whole new light. I’ve never been much of a marketing guy, but Craig’s approach made total sense to me. It was easy to implement and had a profound effect on how I market myself and my business.”
Brad Pilon,

“Hi Craig! I’m writing first of all to say thanks for the hard work you put into the OSP System. I am impressed with how much quality information you were able to pack into one product.  I wanted you to know that I’ve started using some of the techniques you mentioned in the OSP including starting a blog and using YouTube videos to increase traffic to my boot camp site.”
Concita Thomas

“Hi Craig, I was always full of ideas of how to create my perfect fitness business but I would always lose focus and try to
bring all these ideas to fruition. Unfortunately all of these projects never got finished. Having gone through the OSP course you have taught me to forget the scatter gun approach – it never works and you end up missing the target.

I have now learnt to aim like a sniper and concentrate on getting one thing done at a time. Since completing the course you have helped me really focus my mind and with the tools you recommended I am now making mammoth strides with my business both online and off. I now have two ebooks completed and both are set to go live online. I have 4 separate bootcamps running and have taken on a virtual assistant to look after the day-to-day admin which means that I can get on with the income-generating jobs. How did I achieve this?

I have a note pinned to my computer screen that reminds me that Craig has a gun to my head and will pull the trigger if I don’t get off my backside and get the project completed! I now have proper systems in place and am no longer a slave to my email. I only check my email once a day now. You were right this frees up so much more time with me. Plus I now sit down every night and plan my day ahead by block booking my time. This again has been a real time saver and means that I get all those important jobs out of the way before I tackle the less important ones. This year has been a transition year for me. You have provided me with the road map to success and I now know where I am heading!”
Andy Wallis, Isle of Man

“Whether you’re actively trying to be a full time internet marketer or salesperson, or you’re just trying to make one or two additional paychecks per month online, Craig’s OSP newsletter is an excellent tool . Even if you never plan on logging on to the web ever – the tips on productivity and energy management are worth the investment”
Alwyn Cosgrove

“Thanks Craig for your fitness online marketing expertise. I love being able to now help my international clientele achieve their fitness goals. The internet allows me to break down the barriers of time, distance and space with my digital lifestyle products.”
Jennifer Nicole Lee
Fitness Expert, Author and Lifestyle Consultant

“Hey Craig, I received your OSP System about 3 days ago…and I’m already reaping the benefits. I’ve been fighting a stomach flu but still wanted to get things rolling. I sent an email to my small list (131 people) and implemented your techniques in “being more personal” etc.  And it worked! I checked ClickBank, and I had 4 sales of Mike’s Ab Book.  I know, it wasn’t your TT this time, but maybe next.  With just that email I’ve paid for almost half of your course.  Not bad. I’m keeping a video diary or my progress which I’ll share with you some time. Just wanted to say thanks.”
Stephen Cooper

Hi Craig, I just want to give you a quick note to say that your OSP System freakin’ kicks butt. Easter has just finished and I watched them over 2 days. I have to tell you that my brain was over leaded with information! I have just started to re-think my currently schedule just to fit in time for product creation. You have made me think long and hard about how much my time is worth. I have confidence that this year will be entirely different, one with more freedom with time and a better lifestyle where I can start to enjoy the money I am making. I will be shooting some of my ideas across for you to look over, if you don’t mind and if you have the time =) Greatly appreciate all you are doing for people both as clients and fitness pros. Thanks again.”
Ben Barroga

“After attending the OSP seminar in person I was already sold on the value of the product. BUT the Audios are something else. I get to have everything reinforced in my mind whenever I choose instead of wasting my time channel surfing between songs I’ve heard 100 times. I now have a concrete plan of attack for my upcoming launch thanks to OSP, especially for the backend. I can’t believe how much I missed first time around at the actual seminar! Even if you are not planning to make a go of the internet, Craig’s ad copy secrets alone will put the extra bums on seats that your off line business needs and ensure your programs are full and popular year round. Craig, thankyou for over delivering once again. I look forward to being your next OSP Success story. Watch this space!”
Daniel Munday BHSc, CFT
Determination, Perspiration, Motivation = Performance

“Thanks to Craig’s help and incredible knowledge of internet marketing I was able to nearly triple the numbers from my previous three day promo sale when I ran one recently. In 72 hours I brought in over $60,000.00! Without Craig’s guidance I would still be dealing with incredible amounts of frustration and toiling in mediocrity when it comes to online sales. Now I just sit back and smile and I have Craig to thank for that.”
Jay FerruggiaOSPC ebook cover


Looking forward to helping YOU too!

Blog winners will be announced tomorrow,

Craig Ballantyne

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September 17, 2009

Mike @ 3:22 pm

Awesome webinar. I will definitely be making changes to my website.
The info was high quality!


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Becky Fox @ 4:16 pm

Excellent video!! Great information.

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