Win a Copy of the Online Second Paycheck System

clickbank product

clickbank product

On Monday, September 21st at 12 noon EST, the Online Second Paycheck System officially goes on sale for 50% off at a one-time low introductory price of only $97, but…

Today is your one and only chance to win one of THREE free copies of the “Online Second Paycheck System”.

And it will only take you a few minutes to enter.

Just leave a short message for me in the comments section below answering…

“Why the Online Second Paycheck System would be the perfect product to finally help you create the perfect product and website to make money online.”

Feel free to share about your past and current struggles with your websites and online business that haven’t been successful and in what specific ways a simple home-based website business will help you financially and to design a better lifestyle.

I’ll go through every single one of your responses before Friday at 10am EST and I’ll choose THREE winners.

If you win, you’ll be notified by email and given access to download the complete Online Second Paycheck System, including…

money making audio program

money making audio program

1) The Step-by-Step Guideline to Getting Started Earning Your Online Paycheck

2) The Quickstart Online Second Paycheck Audio & Motivation Program

3) The 30-day “1 Hour Per Day” Guide to Making Your First Online Paycheck

4) An Exclusive Interview With One of the Top Executives at an Online Paycheck Company that will help you get on the fast track to using their system to create your second paycheck

I can’t wait to read your entry.

Good luck and thanks for your participation!

I look forward to hearing from you,

Craig Ballantyne
Creator, The Online Second Paycheck System

PS – Don’t miss the HALF PRICE sale that starts on Monday at 12 Noon EST…

…you’ll also get EXCLUSIVE FAST ACTION bonuses and of course, your Step-by-Step guideline to making money online.

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September 14, 2009

Zachary Ninteman @ 11:44 am

I have been trying my hand in making a few extra bucks online. I have dabbled in just about anything from ebooks, to craigslist, to ebay, to affiliate marketing, to forum boards, and everything in between. I currently own 36 domains and have what I believe is a million dollar idea behind every single domain. I have the start to all of them and I believe that your product of how to get an online second paycheck is just the help I need to go from just some guy with $360 worth of domains, to that guy with $350,000 a year income. I have all the tools to do it but one: YOUR SYSTEM!

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September 15, 2009

Tim Hughes @ 12:13 am

RE: ” “Why the Online Second Paycheck System would be the perfect product to finally help you create the perfect product and website to make money online.”

Hi Craig,

So far everything you’ve said makes a lot of sense. I am one of the guilty people who spend so wated time and a lot of money purchasing programs about how to make money on the internet. So far these programs haven’t yielded a lot of results.

I really struggle with product development (as per an earlier email to you back on the 8th July this year). I have some good sounding concepts but the link to getting started never eventuates.

So far I have a sales coaching based website that has just started. It lacks a lot of content and some powerful products. (At the moment there is a paid subscription newsletter). I have been a successful sales coach and I know I can bring a lot of value to people but still unsure how to put it in a program for people to view or learn from.

My other site is a site dedicated to bringing solar power into homes at a fraction of the costs of a professional. These products are through Clickbank and I’m just an affiliate.

I have another affiliate site that is which will promote clickbank fitness and health products.

I’m hoping to get some real inspiration from you on this as I know I’m so so close to driving my business forward to provide for my family. I’ve spent a small fortune and showing nothing currently which is rather disturbing, stressful and giving myself some angst!

All I need is some guidance and I’ll be on the raod to success!

Many Thanks

Tim Hughes

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John Cortese @ 2:52 pm

RE: Why the Online Second Paycheck System would be the perfect product to finally help you create the perfect product and website to make money online”


I have been trying to brainstorm a product for a while now, but I had no clue on where to start, how to begin, how to get it published, promoted, etc. I have lots of great ideas, but actually putting it down in an outline and beginning to write is much harder than it seems!

I am a senior in college and would love to be able to have an extra source of income besides my personal training job that really is hit and miss at times. Some weeks I get paid decently, some weeks I’m left with basically nothing! (I will branch out on my own very soon, that’s a whole other story though!) I’ve been trying to establish a presence online and make my name known, and I feel this is the absolute best way to get me started out on the right path!

I think that this product will truly help me develop a sense of how effective and profitable the internet can be for personal trainers, sports performance coaches, etc. I feel I’m so close to doing the right things, but this system I have 100% faith that it will show me the way! I have had countless recommendations that your systems are THE way to go, and after reading your report I am 100% confident that this will work. I also currently have a blog with blogger, but I realize that this can only go so far. I want to transfer over to a better web site/blog with products to really be able to have some freedom and live happier, stress free, and be able to enjoy myself!

Thanks for this kick ass opportunity, Craig.

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Simon Dainton @ 3:27 pm

Hi Craig,

I’m really excited about this new upcoming product!

Believe me, I need it…

As you know, I’ve taken and followed your advice for some time now, and after much procrastination, tinkering, editing and re-writing, I’ve FINALLY published and launched my first ebook. Unfortunately, thanks to being an eternal perfectionist, it took me a WHOLE YEAR to get this launched!

So why am I entering this contest to win a book on how to write my first online product if I already have one written?

Well, your leading question did mention the ‘perfect’ product, and right now, my ‘great’ product isn’t perfect, because it isn’t selling…

I’ve tried my hand at online marketing, writing articles, using keywords, changing website headlines, giving away free reports and workouts and even facebook advertising, but as yet, not ONE sale…

It could be the product name, the website sales copy or just the wrong product, but I’m determined to get some sales and turn this product into a winner, before I get banned on Twitter for over-soliciting! :-)

I know that your book will tell it how it is, and give the shortcut, no-strings-attached way to get things done , and get them done efficiently.

What’s more, with several other book ideas up my sleeve, I’d rather skip the silent treatment from my girlfriend for spending too much time on my laptop, and just get these products out there selling! :-)

Thanks for all the recent free online information – It really does make a difference to how I am starting to approach my online business thinking.

Thanks Craig!


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Jennifer @ 5:33 pm

I’m at that point, Craig. Really. I’m at “NO EXCUSES!” Your system is what I’ve been looking for…I don’t want theory and I don’t want one piece of a 1000 piece puzzle. A step-by-step system to build my own place in cyberspace to reach MY people, many of them, to help them. I, like many others I’m sure have been around the block a few times with these “gurus” and it’s cost us a lot of time and money. And I think that’s where a lot of people end up getting off the ride. But I’m a persistent bugger…I certainly have that going for me. (husband would probably call it “stubborn”, but whatever:) And I’m ready to take charge and implement the hell out of something if it will truly get me where I want to go.
I get overwhelmed trying to find my own way…there’s just too much out there and jump from one thing to another and end up not getting anywhere. I need a guide for how to do this right, step-by-step. Keep me on track, guide me through, show me the light, won’t you please? I’d love that.

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Nia Shanks @ 9:04 pm


I’ll be honest: I love your products, and I am doing what I can to not just have a “second paycheck” but I want this to be my full-time income . . . and then some!

I have learned a lot from your OSP Seminar, and I am using that information to create my first product, which will be launching soon as you alread know.

I want to have anything and everything that will allow me to reach my goal quicker. And not only that, but I want to help as many people as possible.

Training people in a gym is very rewarding, but I just can’t reach the multitude of people that I want to.

Ever since I launched my blog, I have helped numerous people, and I want to continue to do that by developing products that people want and need.

Yes, helping people is amazing, and YES I definitely want to make damn good money so I can finally take my dream vacation to Alaska, give money to charities on a regular basis, leave big tips at restaurants, and be able to go out to dinner with friends and pick up the tab.

I know without a doubt that I can produce amazing products that no one can. I have a story that relates to a lot of people, women in particular. I want to use that knowledge to help people transform their lives in the simplest and most effective ways possible.

Thanks for the opportunity, Craig!

I look forward to working with you in the future.

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Brad Leshinske @ 11:18 pm

First off thanks for the opportunity. I beleive I am in one of the best niches out there, sports performance. I have been published, work with high level teams and am blessed that way. the problem is I dont make a lot of money doing it. I am always struggling and people always request ebooks, products, online training but there is a problem I have no clue what to do. I think your system will help me. I know people who you have worked with and they all say that you have so great advice and products. I have purchased many interenet things but they all seem to poeint in to upselling themselves and never give what they said they would do a step by step process.
I need this, my family needs this as I am getting married next year and my current athletes and clients need this.
I have a website that doesnt get a lot of traffic, I have a clickbank account I dont use or even know how to use and I want this system I want to be succesful and I think this could really springboard me.
I am a typical strength coach that knows how to program, teach and design workouts but I am lost in the business part of it.
Again thanks and I hope I am the winner…..
Brad Leshinske

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Allan Fine @ 11:21 pm

RE: ” “Why the Online Second Paycheck System would be the perfect product to finally help you create the perfect product and website to make money online.”

As a website aficionado I have been trying to figure out how to create a Second Paycheck System. What would be the exact words to say, what would be the exact copy to write.
I have been following Craig Ballantyne for some time now and he has it together.
As I expand across Canada and the USA with my template I know the key is to add a reoccurring revenue stream like Craig Ballantyne has.
Craig Ballantyne, Bedros, Steve, Chris all have there SH^%$^%T together and ARE the Future of Fitness!!!
I have all but what is missing : YOUR SUPPORT!!!
Have a truly great day , everything is possible!
Allan Fine / Fitness/ Lifecoach
Mountain Standard Time|

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Patrick Devlin @ 11:22 pm

Hi Craig,

Having sopent much of my life working for others and the period on my own I now want to really get off the ground to build a business for my son, 8 years now, to find exciting anf rewarding. I have met manypeople who tell me that my expereience is invaluable. That may be true but it appears not valuable to many who I try and reach.

I need to turn that experience into value for myself in the future. I am not backward looking but I believe I can also translate that experience into a forward looking service that will give to others a real benefit both in their work and private lives.

All that you advise is good advice and I beleive that using your “Online Second Paycheck SYstem” will give me an advantage in getting acceptance of my ideas and service.

Many thanks for the great emails and also for this chance.


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Craig @ 11:40 pm

Hi Craig, I have been following you for just over a year and love reading your newsletters and workout tips and I’ve always wondered how do you make a living, intrigued to know more I watched your latest video promoting the 2nd pay check, and i realised you have something that I want which is “work and life balance” (maybe also your six pack – ha!). My wife was made redundant in March this year which has made us reassess our income pathways, and having an online businesses has always been an interest of mine this would be the new beginning we need. I think the days of “working for the man” are some what changing and this system frees you up to achieve the life balance we are all looking for. I’m not blowing your trumpet just to win but your living proof that this system works. I have my own online money making ideas this system would compliment it greatly.


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Christopher Cole @ 11:43 pm

Hi Craig,

I’ve been reading your fitness tips and online business advice for about a year now. Only one problem — I’m a musician, and for a long while, I couldn’t see how your methods could help me with my dreams (and let’s face it, Kanye’s not writing this kind of thing — he’s not that smart!). I think that this system will do what I’ve needed from online business: give me the basic income I need to pursue my goal of making a lot of money writing and producing music!

Thanks for the opportunity, and keep up the great work!

Christopher Cole

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September 16, 2009

Norma Rickman @ 12:13 am


There are MANY reasons why I need the “Online Second Paycheck System.” The biggest is that I quit my job and moved from Texas back to Canada to be closer to my family. Now, I have a cute little house, but not even a crappy little job at the present–so I could call your system the “Online First Paycheck System!” Plus, I’m out here in Podunkville, so jobs aren’t really plentiful. I’ve got faith that I will find a way to make money online, with the proper direction. There are so many systems out there where so-called “gurus” promise the moon. I want to learn from someone who has really put in the hours and worked hard for their success, not merely farmed out the work to someone in Indonesia and reaped the profits.

I have been running a blog for a few months now, providing lots of good content for folks. I think it’s necessary to give before you get. I also have a fitness/weight loss blog where I’m starting to get some interest (of course I’m an affiliate of TT!) I have to say, of any of the products that I’m an affiliate marketer for, you provide some of the very best support out there.

But with my main blog, I’ve been trying to give back to other adults who find themselves back in the classroom after a break; now I’m ready for a little “getting,” and that’s where your system could show me the way. With the right guidance, I can apply my hard work and talent to be successful and be able to give back to my family and causes that are important to me.

Thanks for your consideration, Craig. Good luck to all in winning this terrific prize.

Norma Rickman

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jerry dever @ 12:38 am

I have been beating my head against the wall trying to promote my website and those of my clients. I’m tired of playing the google guessing game. I have gotten myself into very good shape and I want build a career in the fitness industry. I have tried alot of systems (7 minute muscle, warp speed fat loss, turbulence training) and read alot of authors (cosgrove, roussell, even-esh, benson, mohr, burton, del monte, labrada, ricafranca etc.) but your materials really seem to resonate with me. This could be the start of a great new chapter.

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Kevin Holloway @ 12:39 am

As a youth pastor I spend a lot of time creating and thinking about new ideas. I also try really hard to find new ways to promote and attract youth to our ministry. Through the years I have had many ideas on how to use the internet to help me do this. Often I bring those ideas home to my wife, and we have talked about how we could use the same things to make money, if we only had a product or idea to put out there. This would bring us some much needed extra income that we have been looking for a long time. I would love to have that opportunity, and I know it is a great idea to give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity to will. Kevin

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Geoff Hetherington @ 12:42 am

Hi Craig:
I have been a long time follower of you & your TT programs, abd have been impressed with the ‘low to no BS’!!
I am a late 40 something executive who has been retrenched 6 times in the last decade and has tried his hand at on-line as well (I am sure you know the scams that people like me have fallen for)without success.
Botomline – I am working in a job I don’t like, am taking my Personal Training qualifications part time and generally looking to turn my life around & make the next decade the best ever.
I’d love to be able to put my feet on the road to success.

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Ong Beng Hwee @ 2:00 am

I have been a salaried worker for ten years. I realised that I was unlikely to achieve financial independence as long as I relied on a salaried job all my life. Furthermore with economic uncertainty like what happened in the US and around, you can no longer depend on the salary as it might be gone in the next month. This is even more pressing if there is a family who is depending on you. You never know what will happen next.

Therefore it is important to have a second paycheck. I firmly believe operating an Internet Business is the way to go. I hoped that I can obtain proven steps and strategies found in “Online Second Paycheck System” to start creating an alternative income online as soon as possible. Start learning and start earning online.

Thanks Craig.

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Elizabeth Hastings @ 2:03 am

For me, starting my own online business has seemed an all but impossible task. I’m currently paying a monthly subscription to a few of the “guaranteed methods” out there, and the results have been minimal. They over-promised and under-delivered systems that teach you theoretically how to garner large amounts of traffic, with minimal focus on creating valuable content, and how to reach the people most in need of it. Well, it seems like consumers simply aren’t as brain-dead as these people seem to think they are. They actually want quality, and they want results. And I want to give it to them.

This year was the year I left home after college, marking the beginning of my independence. I hit rock bottom in December 2008. It was then that I was taking two-hour bus rides each way to work, a vocational school for massage therapy, and not always knowing where my next meal was coming from. And sometimes, not getting one at all. From November 2008-June 2009, I didn’t even have a bed to sleep on. This was the catalyst to ignite my burning passion to be financially free. Student loans and credit cards debts keep mounting higher and higher. Yet I refuse to see any other possibility for myself other than financial freedom. With The Online Second Paycheck System, I hope to finally create the wealth I’m looking for while enriching the lives of others.

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David Elcoate @ 2:31 am

The Online Second Paycheck System would be the perfect product to finally help me create the perfect product and website to make money online because I know I can be so much more and am sick of the rat race!

I want to change my thinking, change my lifestyle and get out of just being another personal trainer that does single sessions adn struggles each month, even looks for second jobs to look after his family!

Instead I want to start on the journey to entrepreneurial success to have multiple business within my passion that means I can enjoy myself a lot more and have the lifestyle that comes with it.

I am willing to use this product to get products and sites up and running and earning a regular income that I can then use to re-invest in other products to then build a successfull business not a J.O.B. (Just Above Broke).

I am inspired by your e-mails and your style of writing as it is no-nonsense and you can see the amount of time and effort you commit, thanks for taking the time to read this.

David Elcoate

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Yishen @ 3:43 am

RE: ” “Why the Online Second Paycheck System would be the perfect product to finally help you create the perfect product and website to make money online.”

Yo Craig,

I have lots of friends around telling me how easy is using Internet to sell their particular product or using ebooks so that we can earn big bucks . But it make me shocked that when they are telling me that they know how to use Internet to earn money but it doesn’t seen so they really do not know about this stuff so i dun intend to ask them for advice anymore . I really need to earn some big money !


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Steve Payne @ 4:29 am

I’ve saw you speak in Morristown, New Jersey. What you say makes lots of sense and is much easier for a old codger like myself to decipher than much of the other folks explanations I’ve heard.

I just don’t find it that easy to grasp the concept of “online” and I believe your step-by-step approach would be the ticket to get these ideas in my head out to the world. I’m a slow learner and wasn’t able to provide for my own kids financially in the manner I would have liked. Now that I’m a grandfather, I’d love to be able to pay to send my grandkids to college. I see this as a vehicle for doing just that.

Please consider me when you’re making you final decision. I appreciate the opportunity to compete in this manner.


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Gary Adolph @ 5:31 am


I ave throughly enjoyed your Turbulence Training website. At 56 years old I am embarking on a new career path. Due to health issues working online looks like a great way to get this new career path up and running. Your TT works so I am sure that this system will also work.

Keep up the good work !!!!!!!


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Russell Gallivan @ 5:41 am


I want to begin by saying thank you for offering such a tremendous product and opportunity. I honestly admire and enjoy reading everything you publish. Actually, I have purchased a couple of items in the past but I am exteremly grateful for your Boot Camp Workouts. These workouts have helped me get started, maintained, and grow my business off line.

I am now trying to grow my business to seriously generate some profits on-line. I know I am headed in the right directcion but it is taking some time. This is primarily because a lot of what I am doing is self taught and not spending time on the ebooks that I have created. I honestly believe that your system would propel me, my business, and most importantly my product to the next level and beyond.

Thanks again for this opportunity and would seriously like to sit down and talk to you one day. I hope to hear from you soon.

Russ Gallivan NSCA-CPT
5280 Fitness Consulting

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Richard @ 5:42 am

I believe this would be the best time to get more involved in the internet. Since I lost my job last week I have been doing research on starting my own internet site and product push.
I have been involved with ebay for the last 10 yrs with some success but it is getting too expensive to use and reducing the profit margin.
SO it appears being my own boss and doing it your way would be best. Besides I like working for smart people .
Thanks for the opportunity .

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Claus Schiko @ 6:01 am


Having been a part of your circle for about 6 months now, I believe that the online second paycheck system is the one tool that could set me free from the stupid hours I do at work, and finally do what I love full time, which is fitness. My bootcamp is going ok, but I just need that “special” thing that will unlock it all for me.

If this book does not have it, I will give up……..

Thanks again for all the work you put in for the rest of us….


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Randy Woody @ 6:19 am

Hey Craig, you will want me to be part of this so you can have a great testimony to use to promote this system. I am hungry, desperate, and will out work a 6-legged mule. I need to succeed, and you need a success story. Win-win brother.
Moving Forward,
Randy Woody

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Karen @ 6:37 am

Have been with you and following you for several years, I know you can help me put my business back to operating. My in-home training business has gone south for 2 reasons, the economy and secondly I am a full time caregiver for my husband who is paralyzed and on dialysis – his health and overall condition is failing and going on-line is the only way to save my business. I have been ready to let my business go because I am just not making enough money to justify it.

Not being really computer savvy and just beginning to go on-line, I need all the help I can get to try to make an on-line business successful enough to save me. My ability to do anything different is not possible due to my husbands health and online appears to be my only salvation.

I appreciate this opportunity Craig and know you are the go-to guy to make it happen.

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Gina Ann Monaco @ 6:54 am

The Online Second Paycheck System would be a perfect way for me to fulfill my dream of working at home. I have a lot of knowledge and skills in my field but haven’t quite figured out how to share it with others to help them become successful. I’ve taught live classes but the pay is not great and the class sizes are limited.

Your system would help guide me, step-by-step step, on how to find my niche and then how to market to them in a way that works because you’ve done all the leg work. Too often, when starting a new business, a lot of mistakes are made. Your system eliminates those mistakes with a proven mehod of marketing online.

And I’d really like that!


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Joyce Moore @ 7:01 am

Hello Craig,

I remember watching a video from you not too long ago about how your life is just the way you want it because you decided to work smarter and not harder. How you wanted to be able to work from a dog park while you enjoyed the day with your dog. You decided to create products that would not only help you financially but also help others to live the life they want.

I began thinking this past weekend “what do I want for my life?” I came up with the following answers:

1. I want to be able to wake up in the morning and make my husband breakfast everyday instead of packing a cooler with food for our typical 12 hour day of training.

2. I want to be able to pick up my daughter from school everyday instead of her waiting for us at the daycare.

3. I want to live in a beautiful home and send my daughter to the best schools instead of living in the “hood” and my daughter going to a school that doesn’t even have books.

3. I want to be able to vacation often with my family (my siblings and their families included).

Then it hit me…working crazy hours in the gym is making me money, but it’s not getting me any closer to my dreams. So on Saturday morning I grabbed my daughter and my husband and held them so tight. I told them how much I loved them and that we were going to go somewhere special. I went online and looked up the most beautiful new homes in our area. We got in the car and drove there. As we were pulling up to house, my daughter said with excitement…”Mommy is that our new house?” And I said YES!!! We walked into the model home and I let her run through the entire house. My husband and I walked through every room envisioning ourselves in that home. We cried a little (even my daughter). My husband and I decided on Saturday to work smarter and not harder. To take more time with our family and to earn the income we need to live the life that we dream of.

So to answer your question Craig, my family and I need this. We need your help now more than ever before. My husband and I are at the threshold of our dreams and we need that one thing that will guide us into our new life. I want my daughter to sleep in that house. I want to make my husband breakfast in the kitchen in that house. I want to have Thanksgiving with my entire family in our new home. I can see it, it’s time to live it.

So thank you for everything you do. Even if I don’t win, you have started something really great in my family’s life…the ability to dare to dream.

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Kathleen Engel @ 7:16 am

I am 54 and the mother of two. After a divorce more than ten years ago, the house went into foreclosure when my ex moved out. A year later, I went bankrupt. Getting on my feet afterwards was tricky. I essentially worked two jobs to support myself and my two children. Shortly after 9/11, in 2001, I was laid off. In January of this year, I was laid off again. Craig, I am THROUGH with depending on employers (r ANYBODY else) to pay my bills and afford me quality of life. I AM TAKING CHARGE. I want the power in my own hands, because after being burned twice, I trust ME more than any employer. I began by starting a blog, which I have kept in its infancy until a freelance editing gig ends this Friday. I also took an e-Book writing course and have been reading the numerous blogs and sites of online trainers. A former CPT, I got my CPR certification again and will take the NSCA-CPT exam next month. I am passionate about helping midlife women get healthy and fit. We NEED help, and the truth is most young male trainers have no clue about the issues we face–blood sugar problems, thyroid slowdown, low sex hormones, vitamin D deficiencies–which all pose significant challenges to getting in shape when you’re over 40 and female. I relate! This is my niche audience, and I’m confident I can provide these women with guidance and encouragement to exercise and eat better. Their health depends on it. A family history of crippling osteoporosis, cancer (both parents and all three siblings) and heart disease drives ME to work out. Many women haven’t put two and two together, or aren’t sufficiently driven to make the connection. That’s where I want to help! With your system, I know I can make a difference.

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Nate @ 7:25 am


The Online Second Paycheck is just what I need! On July 30, I was let go from my job – it was a complete shock and totally unexpected. However, I knew that God had bigger plans for me and this was actually an answered prayer as it gave me the opportunity to start my own underground fitness business out of my garage. I’m still in the process of getting everything I need to open the business (need my business licenses and permits), but I haven’t even had a chance to develop a web site or even think of product creation and online sales to help me outside of group training.

This is something I’m highly interested in knowing more about and being able to utilize it immediately to create an online second paycheck and other revenue streams in addition to training.

Right now, money is extremely tight as I’m just now getting unemployment and my wife’s paycheck just barely covers our bills (we’ve had to borrow money just to make the mortgage). We need any and all extra income to make it through and also be able to get ahead so we can pay debts and begin saving! A free copy of Online Second Paycheck would be a huge help. Thanks and God bless!

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Greg @ 7:25 am

Hey Craig,
Well I have been a fitness professional for 10 years now and work at a big corporate health club making this corporation anywhere fom 10-20k a month and well quite frankly I am getting really burnt out. Over the summer my numbers at the club dropped a little and the only thing my manager can say to me is “when are you gonna hit 20k again?” Without even handing me a lead!! To make matters worse, I was trying to establish myself on the web with a fitness blog and one of my coworkers caught wind of it and it got back to management. Well they called me into a meeting and gave me a warning to take my site down or I am fired. I wasnt even offering personal training! I’m the best trainer they got and there threatning to fire me?!!lol. Anyway Craig, I need to develop my own products and fire there asses!!


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Dustin Lebel @ 7:27 am


I’ve been following your Make Money Online blog for about a year now and I have made great strides in eventually making this my full time job.

When I first started my blog over a year ago, I didn’t quite know what was possible or how far I wanted to things. All I knew was that I wanted something MORE and that by producing loads of content, I would get somewhere eventually.

Since that time and countless hours of self education, I have gone from getting 2 or 3 visitors a day (if that!) to now consistently over 200 unique visitors on most days. I know that’s nothing to piss in the street about, but I figure that if I can keep multiply those numbers by 100 then I’ll be in good shape :)

From starting up a blog on blogspot to buying a domain to writing guest articles and most recently to creating bonus material for my buddy Joe Hashey’s upcoming manual, I feel I’m mere inches away from breaking through.

Like yourself at one point, I currently wake up at 4:45, or sometimes even earlier, to get some writing in before I train clients at the gym I work at (for a paltry paycheck, no less). Some of my coworkers just seem to accept that this is the way things are…but I know this isn’t true! It’s not that I necessarily desire more money, but as anyone who lives it would say, its the lifestyle of making your own rules and beign in charge of your destiny that really appeals to me.

I know that with your product, and the step by step instructions (I’m a little thick sometimes!), I can get to where I want to be that much faster and help thousands of people instead of just a few hundred.

I already try to model your approach and work ethic, but The Online Second Paycheck System looks to be a great fast track to success and I want in! :)


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Caroline Radway @ 7:33 am

Hey Craig

I bought the OSP system June last year and it was awesome – and I just let the words ‘get it done’ ring through my head till I launched my first product,, almost exactly a year ago, completing it early October, and making my first online sale before I hit 30 which had been my goal!

The product sold well, although things have dwindled recently as I am focussing on my bootcamps (again, thanks for the TT Bootcamp system!) and have ‘dropped the ball’ with the online stuff. Reading your blog it has reminded me that I really need to get some fire up my ass (so to speak) and ‘be prolific’ – I haven’t been writing articles at all and my blog is a bit hit and miss, although I now have an online member site where I am giving free resources to clients, online and offline.

I really could do with a boost to get back into the online world again, I was thinking of relaunching KettleBelleBody but have also been thinking I should start all over again with an entirely new product, and this would be just the kick start I need to get that going. The reason I am not focussing on promoting KettleBelleBody too much is that I don’t want to be pigeon holed as a kettlebell person, so a new product may be just the thing to take things forward – a lot changes in a year and this year things need to be fresh and different!

I am also doing Dax’s mentoring programme, which is great, and we are focussing a lot on the offline business side of things, but I can’t help but think I really don’t want to have a team of trainers or a studio, I am kind of happy with a more ‘chilled’ offline business, which means I am going to have to kick some ass with the offline stuff in the future, to be free from the ‘trading time for cash’ loop we otherwise find ourselves in…

Your new system sounds awesome, and while it wouldn’t be for my first ’second paycheck’ it could potentially lead to a far more solid and long lasting approach to having an ongoing ’second paycheck’!

Thanks for all the advice!


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Adele Appleby @ 7:37 am

G’day Craig,

Where do I start? Actaully before I do, I just want to say Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with the fitness world. Unlike so many in the industry you are so will to share what you have and support others which is amazing. You Rock!

OK, Apart from needing all the help I can get I when it comes to IT I’m looking to take a leaf out of your book and share as much as I can with others, and after working the past 23 days straight it has hit me that trying to do it face to face really is not the way to do it. I know that if I have a product such as the 2nd paycheck online, which snot only guides me to develop products (the right way) but also how to deliver it with the right market message, then I will be able to build a passive income which will allow me to spend the time I need to with my little girls. And to be honest that is what it is all about.
If there is one thing I have learnt recently in business, it is to model the one’s who are doing what you what to do, getting the results you want to get and living the life you want to live. And for the past few years a I have been watching, from down under,the TT brand and products grow…. so if that is what I want for my business, products and family then doing what you’ve done is what i must do!
Thanks for the opportunity!!
PS: When are you coming to Australia?
Cheers Adele

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Tom @ 7:57 am

If you knew me personally, you would know that I’m all about dreams. These dreams plant the seeds in our minds that when provided the proper nutrients, will grow into something greater than ourselves.

After chasing a career for money, I found myself questioning the point of life. It wasn’t until I settled down with my wife and first child that I realized that I had the choice and power to change my life into what so ever I choose.

In the same sense that I’m following my dream of becoming one of the best in the health and fitness world, my wife is living her dream of being a full time mother to our son. I have done everything in my power to make her dream come true from a financial standpoint; sold our house (in this economy none the less!), sold my fancy car, got a higher paying job, cut uneeded spending, etc. But as you can understand, changing careers is difficult on a single income.

So that brings me to your Online Second Paycheck System. Some may see this is as means of getting rich, but I see it as much more of an opportunity. To me it is a win-win situation for everyone in my family so that everyone can continue their perspective dream. This second source of income will give me the security to transition from a steady salaried position to a unsteady pay-per-service dream position all while allowing my wife to continue living her dream being the best mother she can be.

I have the knowledge I need to be successful but where I lack is in the marketing aspect of business. I believe that your product will bridge that gap for me and allow me to efficiently share myself and my energy with the rest of the world. I’m willing to make sacrafices in this life, but time with my son and my wife is something I will never take for granted. I’m looking for your product to make me efficient enough to live my work dream as well as my dream of being an integral part of my family’s life.

Thanks for the opportunity to share!


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Dr. Karin Berner @ 8:03 am

Dear Craig,

as a physician specialized in holistic medicine I have such a lot of ideas how to help people with their physical, mental and even spiritual problems – for example in writing e-books or recording hypnosis sessions or offering the possibility for online-advising and so on, and so on…. To reach all the people searching for help I intended to offer all those things online both in German and in English.
But everytime I want to get started I just don’t know how.
I like the way you teach persons to get fit with your TT-program and expect your “online marketing advice” to be equally effective.

Take care!



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Robert @ 8:04 am

I have been trying to decide how to make money on the internet. I have been following Craig for years on the Turbulance Training and have really noticed how the site has matured. I have learned that one of the best ways to succeed is to copy someone that has succeeded. Craig has done this and would be a great model.

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Susan @ 8:21 am

Back in July 2008 I left the “Corporate World” to pursue a health and fitness career fulltime. I received both my Fitness Nutrition Coach Certification as well as my Core Conditioning Specialist Certification.

Unfortunately, this past May I was diagnosed with endolymphatic hydrops which has made it impossible for me to train anyone at this time. As such, I’m becoming more reliant of finding a means to generate more income through my blog,

Since launching my blog in April 2008 I have been able to steadily increase revenue, but have hit a road block the past 2-months and even though traffic has greatly increased in August and September, I’ve been unable to engage visitors to the point whereas they’re making purchases.
Up until this point my source of revenue has been through the sales of Turbulence Training programs. My revenue has increased from $142.74 in 2008 to $1,849.56 year-to-date 2009. While this certainly represents a good increase, it’s not nearly enough to cover expenses now that I have had to discontinue training.

With that said, my illness has me thinking about an eBook idea that I feel is very unique to the marketplace. I’ve started outlining chapters and I’m hoping to be able to bring the product to market by early 2010. I need to make this work.

As a 10+ year affiliate marketer, I’m very comfortable in bringing a product to market, what I need assistance in is “what” to actually bring to market to keep my audience engaged in the purchase cycle. My entire affiliate background has been sales based up until this point; not product development.

I’ve learned a great deal from you over the past year Craig, and I hope to continue to build upon that knowledge.


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Gary O @ 8:23 am

Craig, I am 53 years old and have been using the turbulence training program to get into the best shape of my life over the past year. I connected with the program through your internet site and the receive the frequent blogs and messages that you send out. In short, I know that this approach works!! I am a personal success story myself.

I have a background in fitness as a personal trainer and am at the point where I want to target a niche in the fitness industry. I know from painful experience that 1-1 training wont get me where I want to go! All it would entail is long days with minimal returns.

I truly believe that approached in the proper way, the internet is the way to get my message out. I am convinced that the second paycheck system is the roadmap to successfully launch my internet business. With this system, I will have the roadmap to success and can avoid all of the pitfalls and dead ends that you experienced in developing your internet business sites. The rest will be up to me…the system in itself wont ensure success but my dedication and hard work will make it work.

Thanks for putting this program together so that others can enjoy success through the principals that the program explains.

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Josh Hewett @ 8:35 am

Hey Craig,

I’m really looking forward to the release of your Online Second Paycheck System. I’ve been a personal trainer for over 20 years, many of those years spent working very long days in an effort to “get ahead of the game”. I’ve recently started developing a web presence and I’m working on creating my first online product. For me the timing is perfect for the arrival of your Online Second Paycheck System!

I know there are huge opportunities to generate a steady income with an online business, but there are so many different ‘experts’ and strategies that I’ve been exposed to and it sometimes feels like I’m banging my head against the wall. Until I started receiving your newsletter I didn’t have any direction and I had spent a lot of time online with little to show for it. What I need is direction… a solid plan to follow. I expect your OSPS to be just that!

I have to tell you, Craig, that even your free newsletter which I now receive has made a huge positive impact on getting me started online (my website, blog, list building, video production, niche development, etc). I KNOW you know your stuff, and I’m sure this product will help me take things to the next level.

Thanks again for all your good work.


Josh Hewett

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Anett @ 8:36 am

“Why the Online Second Paycheck System would be the perfect product to finally help you create the perfect product and website to make money online.”

Hi Craig,

I’ve been looking for ways to support my family and I think this program is that missing piece of the puzzle to finally achieve it, I believe its no coincidence that I’ve attracted this chance into my life. I have a lot of great ideas locked up inside me and I don’t know how to get out the message to the public online, a step-by-step guide like yours would really get me a long way.
My father is unemployed for years now, my monther is a teacher and her income can’t cover the needs of the five of us, her health is declining, working at two schools, she won’t be able to keep up with it for long. We are relying on loans to get by each month. I’ve given up on some of my hobbies just to cut the expenses and support them by some casual jobs beside studying hard at college and training other people, but its not the best, I believe a way more steady “second paycheck” would be the ideal so both me and my family would have much more free time for ourselves and eachother. I really want to reach out to many people to help them in many different ways with their lives, which in turn would help me me raise the standard of living of my family.

Thank you again for this great opportunity, wish you all the best.

Greetings from Europe, Hungary,


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Mike @ 8:43 am

Hi Craig,
I have been fortunate enough to to have attended your OSP in November of 2007. It was great as my online business doubled in 2008; however it has taken a nose dive in 2009.

I am simply looking for a method to bring in an extra 2 to 3 thousand dollars a month and grow from there.
This will give me the opportunity to spend more time with my nieces and nephews who live outside of both the city and country as well as give me the opportunity to donate more money to two hospitals that have been vital in my familie’s life.



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Joel Rosen @ 8:44 am

Hey Craig,

The hardest part of this comment is keeping it short and succinct, because My story is quite long. So Here Goes: The “Online Second Paycheck Sytem” Will Be a perfect product to finally help me create the perfect product & website to make money online because I am finally sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines waiting to get in the game. After Getting a Degree in Physical Education, being a personal trainer for 5 years, going back to school to get a second degree in Psychology, and ultimately going on to become a chiropractor, I incurred over 150k in student/business loans in the process, to supposedly “get ahead”. Along the way, I had family with beautiful twins and a great wife, that I hardly see because I am working over 70 hours a week to build my practice. At the end of the day, I am just happy to pay the bills, and shudder to think about the always present, overwhelming debt/interest that exists and is the pit of my belly that keeps my up to the wee mornings at night. Unfortunately, the “should be” education model is much different then the “is” reality model of earning a living.

That said, I love what I do, working with people to improve the quality of there lives, and I have been procrastinating with several ideas for an online information businesses for at least the past 4 years, that will afford me the ability to: finally get started, create a valuable/informative/useful product, that will help alot of people with their goals/dreams/deep down desires, and allow me to see my now 7 year olds grow up, take them to there after school activities, help them with their homework, put them to bed, by groceries with out worrying if the card is going to be denied, take my wife on our first vacation 9 years later, and create a business that I can run from the comfort of my home.

By the way, I graduated From McMaster in 93, and I am born and raised in Toronto, for 28 years, Now I am living in Boca Raton Fl. Wasn’t sure If that would take the objectivity out of it. But glad to see you doing so well.

Joel Rosen DC, BPE, BA Psych, CSCS and frustrated beyond belief.

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Dave @ 8:45 am

Hey Craig, I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling, but things are tight and working part time isn’t paying all the bills and spending more money than I make can only go for so long. I realize that this program is not a huge investment and I’m sure I could find a way to finance it. However the money isn’t the real issue. I have tried other programs and ways to make money and they are either a bunch of junk or they want you to buy more things along the way, which eventually makes it frustrating to continue on. So you can see that I am alittle skeptical about another program. I am 48 and I don’t currently have anything set up for the internet, so I would be starting off fresh hoping you would direct me in the right direction. If I win your generous offer then trust me when I say that if it did work out for me then I would pay it forward alot more than the cost of the program. Thanks Dave

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Steven Benvenutti @ 8:52 am

You’ve been my fitness coach for a couple of years now and I would like for you to be my Business coach now. If The Online Second Paycheck system is anything like TT I know I would benefit from it. I’ve been trying to make money online for years now with little to no success. I just have never been able to get any real traction from any of my projects. My latest attempt which is a drop ship type company has been my best effort but something is still missing.

I spend hours of what I call “divorce time” on the computer with little to show for it and my Wife is getting increasingly impatient with it all. She doesn’t understand that all I need is just a little break and everything will be okay. Or, will it? I’m not sure what is it that keeps me coming back to this keyboard night after night e-mailing, posting and writing amidst the lack of success. Perhaps it’s something that I’ve already learned from you with TT, and that’s to never give up.

I really want to be a successful with my online ventures, I really do. But I cant spend anymore money on it or I WILL be divorced. It’s bad enough that I’ve accrued plenty of debt to date. I know I have the drive to make it work, I just think I’m lacking good directions. Please consider me for the Online Second Paycheck System give away. I Know I would make you proud.



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Amy @ 9:04 am

Before I got married, I worked in technology and made decent money. Then I married “into the Navy” and moved every 18-24 months for 9 years. My career suffered tremendously, and I ended up doing lots of small jobs (important, but low-paying). I have since studied at home to become a personal trainer. Having only stayed fit by activity, not gyms, it was a big change for me. I worked a gym’s front desk for over a year while I learned and studied for NSCA-CPT; while I have a background in science it was not remotely related to exercise science so it took a lot of study. Passed the test a year ago and have been training since then. However, with the current economic climate and the my current location: second fattest state in the nation – which you’d think would be great for a trainer, but people here already did not value fitness & health; the culturally valued thing here is greasy food, and constant alcohol – it’s been very difficult for me to make a living. I have a lot to fight. Being a new trainer with little gym experience (and weak selling skills), I’m not making enough money, and constantly debate myself whether I should quit and find a “real job”, or keep trying at this. Having a secondary income would really allow me to give this a longer shot; word of mouth is helping but is slow. I became a trainer so I could help people feel better and live better; my father died young from a heart attack, and while my mother’s heart attack didn’t kill her, she’s never been the same. I want to help people avoid that as long as possible!

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Lena Cardoso @ 9:29 am

Hi Craig,

I believe that your Online Second PayCheck System would help me to finally realize my dream of having my first child and actually be able to be a stay at home Mom, while still making a living online.

Too many parents nowadays trade time for money at the expense of missing the most important years of their children’s lives. I do not want that to be me.

Also, if you choose me as one of the winners, I will make certain that my child refers to you as “Uncle Craig”!

Thanks for helping others make their dreams a reality,


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Angie @ 9:33 am

Hi Craig

well what can I say, this is a golden opportunity for 3 lucky people. I have been following you and others like you for a while now and implement a lot of what I have learnt into my daily life. I follow your training and have converted my husband into your way of training too, which is amazing in itself. I have been trying to crack the WWW for many years and failing miserably. In 2002 I joined Herbalife, thinking it would make me lots of money and I would be able to add the wonderful products to my business and help lots of other people. Well it didn’t work that way. I did everything my upline told me to do and we didn’t make anything, in fact I have just paid off the loan that I had to take out to cover the debt it put me in.

Then in 2007 I set up my website An information website about fitness. I promote a few thing on there through clickbank and I have adsense adverts on there too. Well it’s been running a couple of years and I hardly make anything from it, a few dollars a month from adsense and nothing from clickbank, although my alexa rating is pretty good at 1 875 943. I would love to write my own products and make them amazing like yours are, I always love reading your content, and you always make it interesting by including Bally the Dog too, which makes thing light hearted.

Please, please, please show me the way and thankyou for the opportunity.

Best Regards
Angie Hakner

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Kevin Yates @ 9:37 am

Hi Craig,

I’ll just get right to the point. Over 3 years ago I wrote my first e-book that took me 3 months often writing over 8 hours a day nearly every day. Sadly, I launched it and sold 4 copies in a year.

Since then, I’ve re-written it, changed the target market, changed titles, made the book shorter and still it’s not selling.

I tried Google Adwords only to get my bank account drained and no sales in the process. I’ve spent so many hours working on fixing my sales copy, changing keywords, changing my free report and so on and still nothings working.

I currently have my own in home personal training business and even though I appreciate and care about my clients I’m frustrated because I really don’t have control over my income.

When clients have to cancel appointments I don’t make money and if I don’t make money I can’t support my family. On top of that, I have to work many hours each day to make a solid income and trading that much of my time to make money isn’t my future vision.

I don’t feel that I have complete control over my income and cannot live the life I want. I’m seriously stuck and I’m so sick and tired of it but I just don’t know what to do to get a second dependable source of income that can lead to a full-time business for me.

This is why I’m writing to you. I’m motivated to do what it takes to succeed but I need a step by step system for online success that shows me exactly what to do. And, that’s what your product will do for me.

I’m determined to make this work and hopefully I will get the chance to do so with your product.

Thanks Craig,


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andrew hamill @ 9:38 am

hey craig, thanks for being so generous to give away some copies of your new system. My story is basically the same as everyone else. I am new to online info. marketing and I could really use some expertise. I have a lot of good ideas that I would like to market that my city needs, but I dont know how to make the most out of it. I know that your system works or else you wouldn’t go through promoting it. I am really excited to learn more about it and get my business going in the right direction. Thanks again for all the help you have already given me the past 5 months…
p.s. I am ready to take my business to a higher level, and I know that your system will work amazingly,

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Pete @ 9:47 am

Hi Craig,

I am inspiring Internet entrepreneur with a problem.

People are making tons of money on-line every day…I just haven’t been able to duplicate their success (yet).

I work hard. I have a website up-and-running and I dedicate time each day to creating content, building my list, e-mail marketing, etc. I’ve even made a few sales (my first sale ever was as a Turbulence Training affiliate).

But I just can’t seem to make enough money to even cover my expenses.

Can you help me?

Wishing you health and happiness,


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Joel P. @ 10:01 am

A floundering failure at Internet marketing is what you could call me. I have tried it all, internet marketing, social media marketing, network marketing and have failed at it all.

Craig your program would be my last ONE BIG HOPE. I having been digging out of a horrible marriage that has left me on the verge of bankruptcy, but I won’t give into the easy way out.

I am a single dad of two teenage daughters just getting by and struggling to get a head. I have been running a couple of affiliate sites that have produced NOTHING! I just can’t seem to get it rolling. I have little traffic and NO LIST. I want and need to succeed at this so that I can remove the debt and give not only myself but my kids a better life and lifestyle.

I want to be able to not only help myself and family but others and pulling a second check online would let me do that. I could run an fitness program for the youth in my county which has high unemployment and a lot of parents can’t afford the extras.

I hope to connect and will also be attending the seminar in Orlando next month.

Thanks ang good luck to all.

Be blessed.

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Joel Rosen @ 10:10 am

Hey Craig,

The hardest part of this comment is keeping it short and succinct, because My story is quite long. So Here Goes: The “Online Second Paycheck Sytem” Will Be a perfect product to finally help me create the perfect product & website to make money online because I am finally sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines waiting to get in the game. After Getting a Degree in Physical Education, being a personal trainer for 5 years, going back to school to get a second degree in Psychology, and ultimately going on to become a chiropractor, I incurred over 150k in student/business loans in the process, to supposedly “get ahead”. Along the way, I had family with beautiful twins and a great wife, that I hardly see because I am working over 70 hours a week to build my practice. At the end of the day, I am just happy to pay the bills, and shudder to think about the always present, overwhelming debt/interest that exists and is the pit of my belly that keeps my up to the wee mornings at night. Unfortunately, the “should be” education model is much different then the “is” reality model of earning a living.

That said, I love what I do, working with people to improve the quality of there lives, and I have been procrastinating with several ideas for an online information businesses for at least the past 4 years, that will afford me the ability to: finally get started, create a valuable/informative/useful product, that will help alot of people with their goals/dreams/deep down desires, and allow me to see my now 7 year olds grow up, take them to there after school activities, help them with their homework, put them to bed, by groceries with out worrying if the card is going to be denied, take my wife on our first vacation 9 years later, and create a business that I can run from the comfort of my home.

By the way, I graduated From McMaster in 93, and I am born and raised in Toronto, for 28 years, Now I am living in Boca Raton Fl. Wasn’t sure If that would take the objectivity out of it. But glad to see you doing so well.

Joel Rosen DC, BPE, BA Psych, CSCS and frustrated beyond belief

[Reply to this]

Luis Carrillo @ 10:10 am

Hey Craig you are awsome!
well ive been following you for almost a year now, and wow you always overdeliver…for motnhs ive been trying to come up with a product, but i always have the fear of what if it doesnt work, so i dont do anything
i am a college student,and i want to help college students and athletes with their fitness goals because i know its hard to balance time and get a proper nutrition, it just makes me mad how misinformed people are when it comes to fitness and i wanna make a diference, i might not be a trainer yet, but i dont want to wait and see people struggle to reach their goals, i just want to help them now, and i really believe that with your product i will finnally be able to persue my dream which is to change lives trough fitness…
well craig thanks for giving us the opportunity to get your program for free,
keep overeliving man! you are and awasome coach!


[Reply to this]

Shawn Strickland @ 10:13 am


I am starting to wondering if you have psychic abilities.

When I saw your new product “create a 2nd paycheck online” I was interested, but when I found out it was a step by step guide to making money online I was sold. How could you possibly know that this was exactly what I was looking for. Yes, I was sold. One big problem though, I am broke! Not just any broke, I’m talking about if I have one more PB&J I’m going to lose my mind broke.

I have been following yourself and others online for awhile now and have been searching for a product just like this one. I am very determined when it comes to this online thing and not only realize the potential but also realize that doing business online will only increase in the future. I will make money online somehow and would love to cite your product as the main reason for my success.

I would gladly give you more of my money to purchase this product if I had any but on Mon. the 21st when it goes on sale (as much as I want to) I will not be purchasing your product. As for me I am getting hungry again. PB&J here I come (and I am not joking).

So for now my psychic friend,

I would like to thank you in advance and thank you for all you have done


[Reply to this]

C.J. @ 10:18 am

There is no doubt the passion to help others and the determination to succeed are there. Often times, they lay dormant deep within me just waiting to spring forth and propel me and my family to the next level.

However, I believe many suffer and do not reach their potential because of lack of knowledge (or a lack to act on this new knowledge). There is no doubt of my desire to fufill my passion and this determination, but I know I need the knowledge and the mentorship on how to do it.

Enter Craig Ballantyne

I believe this product will open my eyes to the potential on the internet and give me the skills to acheive my goals and “get the word out”. Just as my goal is to bring information to fix others problems, I know your leadership and experience can help fix mine.

Thanks for this opportunity,


[Reply to this]

Mark Broadbent @ 10:31 am

I’ve been struggling since this whole “recession” kicked off last year and am looking more and more towards the internet to help me fill in the gaps in my income.

Not necessarily looking to make millions right now, just enough to help pay the bills.

I’ve got plenty of knowledge I could put into products, but not the knowledge of how to do it (or more so, how to sell/market it once it’s done!).

Had a keen interest in some of your stuff before, but again money has been the major barrier.

Winning a copyof this would go a long way in helping me to get that little bit further towards my goals. Even just enough to pay the petrol bill would be a great help right now!

[Reply to this]

Mike Brookman @ 10:32 am

I have been looking for ways to market and sale products online for a long time. I recently started a personal training business, with a strong focus on training athletes. Its a side business at this time as I need to figure out a way to make more money with that business and then take the ideas in my head and produce products to sale online. Between the two, I hope to be able to one day quit my regular job in a completely different area of expertise and focus 100% on running my business and working for myself. I have tried many methods of online sales in the past, (i.e ebay, craigslist, amazon, etc) to no avail. I just dont have the marketing and sales experience I need to make it work at this time. I read anything and everything I can find on online sales and marketing but everything tends to be either too watered down or alot of the information doesnt seem to fit the fitness industry very well. I would love to get your Online Paycheck program, as I feel it would be the final piece to the puzzel to make this business go and fullfill my dreams of running only my own business and not having to work another job on the side. Not doing this full time surely doesnt help the cause of leaving my current employer. Your blog is great and I look forward to reading it every week. Keep up the great work!

[Reply to this]

Michael Hunter @ 10:51 am

Well Brad,my story seems a little different than the others I have read. You see I don’t have a product or service to offer right now. In fact, it has only been very recently that I even thought about what I can add to the world while changing the financial future of my family. – thanks to your emails.

I have tried sales of all kinds in the past, from telemarketing to network marketing and have always failed miserably. Why? Probably from lack of passion and strategy. Also, I focused on the money. How much can I make off of this person is all I thought of day to day.

Then you started sending me these emails about online marketing and I started to wonder if I could do that. But, it wasn’t until I got the email about finding a niche that my mentality really started to change.

You see, I play the guitar and the niche marketing email you sent really brought me back to when I first started to play and how frustrating it was to get good simple and effective advice (kind of like the workout world).

This realization began to change my mentality. I now started to not think of how much money I could make, but how I can give my nkowledge and gift to the masses. How I can help other people become their best at the guitar, just like I did, but without the frustrating journey I had to take.

It is with the Online Second Paycheck that would afford me this opportunity to give and to share a passion with others. Think of the impact I could make. The lives I could change. The confidence I could instill in others through the medium of music!

I cold finally learn how to create a blog, how to attract people to it, and share my thoughts and journey with others, just like you do every day.

I am now in the process of writing my e-book but I have no idea where to go next. I need this program, but more imporant, I need it to break people from the chains of information overload and let them know that there is a simple effective way to reach their musical goals. Get it down to the basics, kin of like you are donig with the workout world.

I once heard the Indin Proverb, “All that is not given is lost” I now know what I will you give today and how I can enjoy giving more. The O.S.P. will allow me to do just that.

Thank you!

[Reply to this]

Felix Grospietsch @ 12:11 pm

Hey Craig,
the way you talk to me I just get it. Even if english is not my mother language. Its just the way you deliver your message.
looking forward to work with you.
Thanks for everything. Felix

[Reply to this]

Nicolas @ 12:33 pm

hi Craig.

first of all thanks for all the info you share. it’s really appreciated.

the Online Second Paychek system would help me in two ways. For me, i’m in the process of quitting a 50,000$ job to fifull my dream of becoming a certificed s&c coach. i’m going back to school in that department and i’m starting to create a website and finding some clients.

also, my girlfriend is a ceramist and she has a little business going on. But together we are trying to find ways to make her website an online second paychek so that she can make a living with her art.

i’m from Quebec so pardon me for any english mistake.

thanks a lot.


[Reply to this]

Mike DeVonish @ 1:46 pm

“Why the Online Second Paycheck System would be the perfect product to finally help you create the perfect product and website to make money online.”

You know I had originally written something long with a lot of background and other stuff about how TT proves what a great product creator you are but then I said to myself“…just answer the damn question…”

It really is as simple as these 4 things.

The free report was light years ahead of things I’ve paid money for in the past. It’s a step by step PLAN of action that I can USE. Dude, that’s so rare.

I had a chance to see your presentation at Fast Track To Millions business development conference so I KNOW you know what you’re talking about. You’ve got it done at a time in your life when TIME was a serious issue. That is the same situation I’m in now.

I’ve been through the whole internet marketing gambit and had a couple of sites going with little or no success. Some the material I purchased is good but mostly generalized. In the case of Online Second Paycheck System, it’s written by someone who has clearly demonstrated online success who’s in the same industry I AM! I have no doubt that I can create the my perfect product(s) with your system. I’ve already started working on one.

Lastly, I have the desire, you have the knowledge and I trust you.

Thank you

-Mike DeVonish

[Reply to this]

Ernie Razzano @ 3:41 pm


I’ve been a huge supporter of TT. I’ve exchanged a couple of e-mails with you providing some feedback as well as questions from a master trainer’s point of view. No B.S. I have a website but it’s more to provide information to those who visit. I need to step it up. I had TrainerForce but getting the word out was quite a challenge. I have no idea if your program can help. I’ve looked at other sales pitches, especially those from ETR and I have to say it sounds good from the surface. So does yours. I need an honest program that doesn’t leave out important steps or just give a 10,000 foot aerial view of a money making program.

I’m sure you’re going to have other entries spouting why they “deserve” a free copy of your OSP program. It has nothing to do with deserving. I want to make money on the internet. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel and I don’t want a B.S. program. So far, my trust in you has been well deserved.

Thanks Craig. Keep up the good work. You do a great service for our industry.

[Reply to this]

Daryl G. Grass @ 5:23 pm

Ah,,, this would provide a great opportunity to get started over since I’m in the process of relocating into a very rural area, to say the least..
As a Professional Health and Wellness Coach, combined with years of personal training and managing a fitness facility, this would be perfect to create an income as I’m setting up shop and attaining clients out here in the ” so called sticks” perfect.
It would also provide the opportunity to reach many folk out there that can use just good ole plain common sense on getting their health back so they can lead a healthy life style. To provide many years of one on one service to athletes , young and old, to older folk that just want to be able to play with their grand kids. I would be able to carry that knowledge so much farther than just the surrounding areas I can physically go. That would be great.
Thanks for this opportunity.

[Reply to this]

Dave Smith @ 5:35 pm


I have only recently been introduced to you through Elliot Hulse’s emails. I downloaded your free 7 days to a second income and I must say it is quite motivating.

I have been a trainer for about 12 years, the last 2 of which have been for my own company. The whole philosophy of my training is to teach people how to move and eat through consciousness, to me this is the embodiment of all change whether it be in physical, emotional, material or spiritual arenas. I was hoping when I started privately training that I would stay busy with 8 hours of clients 6 days per week. I quickly realized that not only is this not healthy for my energy or my pocketbook, it also doesn’t allow me to realy reach out to help anyone that isn’t in direct contact with me. The beginning of this year I began writing fitness newsletters and posting them at

Knowing that I want to get more out there and grow as a businessman and training educator /coach, I have been looking for that person who has what I want and a successful approach to getting there. I have finally purchased my url, however nothing is done with it yet since I have had it less than 36 hours as of right now. I have begun notes for my first ebook and will take some of my successful workouts and sell them online. This has become necessary for me not only in wanting to share my knowledge but also because I hope to establish something to fall back on.

You see, one of my skills as a trainer comes from the fact that I have had one back surgery and had 2 permanent partial disabilities on my back, in addition to a broken vertebrae and psiatic nerve damage. All those injuries have given me a unique perspective on bad backs and the ability to teach others how to rehab and not let it stop them. At 35 I have the back of an 70 year old in terms of damage, so when I am 50 who knows. I am planning ahead now for the time when I can’t physically train people, granted I expect that day never to come but not planning ahead is just stupid.

Your book gave me some great steps to get started and the idea of winning your complete manual is pretty damned exciting. If nothing else I hope all these responses show the effect you have on people and may you be blessed in sharing your knowledge with others.

Dave Smith
CFM Fitnees Training

[Reply to this]

Becky Fox @ 6:09 pm

Craig, thank you so much for such an outstanding opportunity and generous offer! One would be crazy to not even try to win a copy.

I have been following you for about a month now and you have most definitely inspired me and let me know it is possible to start my own online info product and be successful, so I am excited about this opportunity to learn even more from someone I trust. I am only in the beginning stages and am working on my topic…picking that niche market. I think this may actually be one of the toughest parts! Anyhow, whatever it is, I do know it will help women to lose weight and keep it off!

This will be my first info product and I’m super excited to get it going. Think of all the women I can reach that I can’t just by one-on-one and even small group training. By having more to offer online through ebooks, DVD’s, CD’s, and more, I could reach so many people and really make a difference in their lives by helping them to lose weight, increase their confidence, and feel better about themselves. Also, I’d be doing what I’m most passionate about which is writing about fitness, talking about fitness, creating products about fitness, and sharing my knowledge of fitness with overweight women. I do a lot of that now but don’t make any money from it and I should be!

Anyhow, I moved to Tennessee a year and a half ago when I decided to start my own personal training business, Fox Fitness, that includes in-home training and boot camps. It is going well; however, between training, driving between clients, running classes, marketing, networking, advertising, updating my website, checking facebook, writing, reading, and following up with clients I work constantly and this will never end, and it’s getting to the point of burnout. If I don’t have some source of passive income to free up my tim soon I may go crazy. Yes, I love what I do but I really want more time to go hiking, biking, travel, and spend time with my boyfriend and his son, my friends, as well as get up to Michigan more often and visit my family. Some days I feel like a slave as I rarely have time to go anywhere or do anything besides work!

So, I’m confident this product will help me to move forward and be successful with my info products and look forward to checking it out. I’m a perfect candidate because I will take ACTION to be successful. And

Thank you Craig!

Becky Fox

[Reply to this]

Bernadette Alexander @ 8:05 pm

Hi Craig,
I have taken the big break from full-time work to part-time work with the idea of increasing my opportunities on the Internet. I have had a sales presence on ebay for the past 5 years and that has been positive but with increasing fees the profit line is not moving in my favour. I feel the time to move to the next level is here and this is where ou come in. From what I can glean from your experiences and opportunities I want to view your system to see how you have managed to generate the interest in your products / sites.

I have always been an overachiever and hard worker and now I would like to invest this for myself rather than the organisations that I have worked to develop. I am a definite ideas person but I know I need support in the impelementation in this new world. I am a doer not a gunnar and I will be successful – it will just be a lot easier, straight forward and disciplined with your product. If I win your product it will certainly not be wasted …. thank you for all that you have helped me with so far!



[Reply to this]

John @ 9:29 pm


Thanks for this opportunity.

Our story is like many of the others so I’ll spare you the details and get right to the answer to your question. Jumping into the Online Second Paycheck, soaking it up, and implementing everything would help me take previous half-a&&ed attempts and failed lead generation efforts and learn what went wrong and how to turn them to successes. I don’t need a Ferrari or a bigger house. I certainly don’t need a Rolex. I need the tools to allow me to spend some more time with my family and be more involved in their lives without always worrying how to pay the bills.

I believe in the power of niche marketing. I believe in putting in time on smart meaningful work, not looking for a get rich quick scheme. I believe helping others meet and exceed their dreams is the only true way to meet your own. I believe in reciprocity and look forward to the opportunity to learn and give back.

Having a defined path to run on, like the OSP system, would be a huge benefit for me as well as all of the other worthy folks who’ve posted above.



[Reply to this]

Trevor Jaffe @ 9:47 pm

Craig, thank you for this opportunity. I have been interested in starting a fitness information business for some time now. I recently bought a domain name and invested in the fitness info summit.

Your product is perfect for me because I have my idea and market in mind and you can provide the knowledge to reach them.

I’m ready to stop getting up at 5:30 am and return home at 8pm. Help me get started and spend more time with my kids.

Thanks Trevor

[Reply to this]

Carrie @ 11:09 pm

I have been an avid promoter of Turbulence Training since I downloaded it three years ago, and an admirerer of all the work I have seen from Craig. Due to this I have complete faith that the OSP system will be the tool I need to launch a successful online business. I started one two Christmases ago, but it completely flopped (I spent a few hundred getting it online and made not a single sale). Since I was laid off from my job a couple of weeks ago, I believe now is the perfect time for me to get the right tools and jump into fulltime fitness training and motivation (both online and off). So Craig, winning this system is likely to be a winning situation for both of us, as I plan to also use your fitness bootcamp system to propel my business plans. Thank you in advance for the OSP system, as I am sure it will be a huge benefit to multitudes of people!

[Reply to this]

Debra Tibbitts @ 11:26 pm

Hi Craig,

I think the OSP system will be helpful in pulling together the bits and pieces that I have been doing to get started in internet marketing.

Our financial status currently is that both my husband and I started offline businesses last year that have been hard hit by the economic recession here in the U.S.A. Then in the last several months my husband has had health issues and medical bills have added to our financial burden. We are both nearing 50 and have no retirement money set back so I have been hoping to have the internet business be our “retirement account”. Now it seems it may need to also be our economic boost.

Having daily tasks and a step-by-step system will really help me stay on track. It is so easy to get side-tracked by all the marketing emails and freebies I receive. Each “guru” having their own slant on what works. A lot of times what works for someone who already has a big list and following does not work for today’s newbie.

Your other products are very practical and no nonsense so I think this one will be of the same ilk. I am willing to do the work it takes to get things done. I just tend to need a lot of hand-holding at first to learn things and gain confidence. Once that is accomplished I can soar! So a step-by-step cookbook type of system works really well for me. Your OSP system sounds like it will be a great fit.

Looking forward to the launch!


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September 17, 2009

Darren Cherry @ 4:14 am

Hi Craig,

Greetings from the UK. I hope that all is well over in Canada.

My motivation has always been about promoting physical activity. Myself I love to move. I swim, run and gym because it makes me feel great. I also do it as I want to live to see my grandchildren graduate. Currently I am 29 recently married but with no children and so this is a long way off!

I work as a personal trainer and fitness manager. I decided to go down the management path because I realised that while I can help 10 people, 10 trainers plus me can help 110 people. I am ambitious so my goal is to be responsible for making the nation healthier. More specifically, more active.

Offline I know what works in my community as the gym now has over 1,000 daily visits with over 75% of our 3,500 members using it every month. I am very proud that because of what mye team and I do that many people are now established exercisers.

I want to reach out to a greater community and see if I can apply my offline trade to the wider audience. The internet seems a great way to do that. However like so many people I am not sure where to start. I have asked my friends for advice and have made an attempt on my website. With your guidence I am sure that with al lot of hard (and smarter) work I will be able to increase the activity levels of the nation. To be honest if I can change the lives of just a handful of people that would make me happy.

Take care

Darren Cherry

[Reply to this]

Tracy @ 8:02 am

> I have been in the process of setting up my new business over the past 3
> months which is about educating people about taking responsibility for
> their health and basically giving them the tools to do so. It has been a
> very taxing venture so far and although I love what I do the one-on-one
> consulting takes up too much time and leaves me earning barely enough to
> scrape bye (You know the scenario). I have realised this and have been
> teaching myself a web design program (at night) so that I can launch a
> site that will enable me to facilitate far more people by making use of
> my knowledge and partners to enable people to make that healthy change.
> I am in somewhat of a similar situation that you found yourself in at
> the emergency room – and yes those hours are really getting to me. I
> have been following your TT program for around 2 years now and If there
> is one person to whom I can relate it would be you Craig. It would be
> great to have you as my mentor in this process and I would love to be
> one of your success stories.
> Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and experience.
> Tracy

[Reply to this]

Annette @ 8:31 am

Hi Craig

This entry might be too late to qualify for the free OSP system but I wanted to let you know that you’ve already had a great impact on changing my lifestyle, first with the TT system and then I’ve been incorporating Kardena’s Kitchen and Chris Lopez’s Kettleballs into my life.

Two years ago I was in a high pressure corporate position, my health was very poor and my family life was pieced in to fit my work schedule. I quit my job two years ago and now I’m spending my time with my family as a priority, building a business online and using TT, Isabel De Los Rios, Jon Benson and other to bring my health back without the using prescription drugs. My two children are the reason for the late submission, we’ve been working getting their schedules fine tuned with school and sports, this is the first moment I’ve had to check my emails.

I’ve read your 7-day guide and so many things click for me, I can’t wait to see the whole program. My website is about a “superfood” and I’m getting a lot of traffic, my problem is the demographics. Not many people in the western hemisphere have heard of moringa as it grows in dry arid countries so I’m educated my followers on how they can utilize/eat this plant that grows naturally for them. My goal was to educate people closer to home and make Moringa a household name here in Canada and the US.

I know that if I work with your system and use you as my mentor my vision for moringa will come about. Thanks for this opportunity Craig.

Drink Life In.

[Reply to this]

Vincent Que @ 9:24 am


Your sytem finally outlines everything I’ve been looking for to help me take my knowledge and ability to help so many more people. While at the same time freeing myself from the constant rat race of clients and living at their disposal and not my own.
The reason “OSP” can help me is because I have the niches and the products and just never kneo how to excute this on the vast internet and I’m finally ready to stop dreaming and start making it happen. I know if I win your system I will be one of those people added to your success testimonal list in a very big way!
I just need a great mento and I feel this program finally is that for me!
Thank you
Vincent Que

[Reply to this]

Josh Saunders @ 12:17 pm


I appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for the fitness industry and your many contributions. I have been a personal trainer for less than a year and have quickly realized the way to achieve my dreams and goals comes from modeling individuals such as yourself, Steve Hochman, and Bedros Keullian. Any information I obtain from you guys is treated as “cheques waiting to be cashed” as I am opening up my own Bootcamp business this upcoming January and would love your guidance in making myself a presence on the net.

All the best,
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS

[Reply to this]

Julio Lamadrid @ 1:25 pm


I have invested over 20 years to become a high specialist in fine tune High End Audio systems ; I do write (in spanish) for a specialized magazine in Mexico:
but I must send my message to my readers every month within 900 words; I’ve often been requested to write a book to share my findings with anyone, but a book is very dificcult to promote (I once offered two succesfull lectures on the subject at “The Stereophile Show” in Miami Fla. back in 1994, which is a mayor acomplishment being a mexican specialist, as we have no legacy in the area to display to the world), as you can imagine with the Home Theater development, my market is growing thigther every day and it is actually very hard to get new clients.
Therefore, the offer you posted with the Online Second Paycheck System offering guidelines to help me create the perfect product and website to make money online, was like a call from heaven for me, as I would now have the chance to breake barriers and frontiers and offer my proven simple and efective guidelines to anyone that would like to step up their sound system’s performance, no matter if he lives in Singapoore or Seatle.
So weather I win your contest it or not, I’ll definetly get your “book” and be a happy follower of your guidelines that would help me expand my horizons as never before.


[Reply to this]

Bob Dickson @ 2:08 pm

Hi Craig,

Why do I need your system? Dead Easy really, to date I must have spent £4000 on trying to develop a web based business and to say that I have failed must class as one of the biggest understatements ever. I am a 63 year old who has long followed TT as I believe in keeping fit and leading a healthy lifestyle and my ambition is to develop a web based business to provide a good income when my wife and I retire. Having joined an on line web development program I have spent hours developing my site, (just at the time when everybody else was saying blogging is the way forward!) As well as doing that I then spent more hard earned money on this great solution and that great solution with the end result of zilch, nothing. Like all of your correspondents I am certain that my idea will work. All that I have to do is complete the necessary research, join the appropriate forums and perform the relevant keyword research. The only problem I have is deciding which of the many free and purchased keyword research tools to use, do I join U.K based forums and chat rooms because I live in the U.K. or concentrate on those in the U.S.A & Canada. Having followed TT and become an affiliate before I fell out with the on line web design and hosting company why not follow someone who I know and trust. TT worked for me and I am absolutely certain that “The Online Second Paycheck System” will let me turn my dreams in to reality.

Best regards,


[Reply to this]

Jim F Ball @ 2:23 pm

From Flunky to Just Junky in Record Time?

From Flunky to Just Junky in Record Time?

Hey Craig,
I thought before getting started I’d give just a little background before I explain…Why the Online Second Paycheck System would be the perfect product to finally help me create the perfect product and website to make money online.

I tend to be a little longwinded. My first draft was over 3 pages. In every effort I have tried to be concise and to the point. Here’s the bullet point version of my past and then I will continue and elaborate a little more in-depth about my future.

OK, here goes….

· A while ago, I left a job I hated for a career that I loved. I saw an unnerving trend that has continued to this day of people not exercising and taking advantage of their body. I had hoped to buck this trend by educating people how to work exercise back into a routine part of their daily lives.

· I tried working for a “Big Box” Fitness Center and found it unsatisfying. The “Big Box” approach never seemed to be about helping the client. It always seemed to be about directing clients to different areas of the club where they could suck more money out of them. There were agendas, quotas, meetings and the like but I never heard anything that even slightly resembled a way to further assist or help people (you, know…their paying clients)

· I struck out on my own. I was hard-working and passionate. What else could a person need? I ignorantly believed that If “I showed it (meaning passion), they would come”. How wrong I was. I had clients but not enough to pay all of the bills and I had to get a second job to help make ends meet. This took away a lot of so-called “free time” to build my business. I flunked big-time.

· Bloodied from the battle but not broken from the war I decided that If I were to succeed I would have to educate myself more about all the things that occupy the minds of all “Ambassadors of Fitness”, (lead generation, online marketing, sales etc. etc.). I would have to get smarter so I didn’t have to work harder. Since then, I have bought many information products. If you can name them, I’ve probably bought them. Products from the likes of Eric Ruth, Rocco Castellano, Jim Labadie, BJ Gaddour and Bedros Keuilian, and lest not forget Mr. Craig Ballantyne.

· In the time that I’ve spent “studying” to be successful, I have watched trainers like yourself, Ryan Lee, Pat Rigsby and the like succeed tremendously with ideas similar to ideas I’d thought of but never did anything with. I realized an idea is just that and idea. Unless of course, you do something with it. There’s no more time for excuses. Its time to put some hustle behind this muscle.

· I have to honestly admit, I am jealous. I am green with envy. Not of you or your successes but of the ability you had and continue to have to get things done.

And now, for my future…

Who really knows what the future holds?

Will I Win This Contest?

Will I Make a Million Bucs If I Do?

These are all questions that only time will tell.

I have worked tirelessly to ensure that I don’t fail this time. So far I’ve been successful and there’s has been no failure. There is only one problem; there has been no beginning either.

I am a self-diagnosed information junkie. Combine that with a slight case OCD and one can only imagine what happens. To paraphrase a popular saying, “I drown in the details” Its not that I don’t take action. Its that I take 40 actions, none of which mind you, get me any closer than taking no action at all. As one could imagine I often get sidetracked and suffer from information overload. In a weird dichotomy of sorts, it seems the harder and harder I work to get closer to my goal, the further and further I get from it. It’s a self-defeating quest that unfortunately never ends.

I am often accused of being overly ambitious. I have grand visions of the eventual empire I will have. Like Zachary Ninteman in post #1, I currently own over 30 names and I believe each one is my ticket to success and will bestow millions upon me.

One thing is for certain however. The time has long since past to make the dream I have into the reality I want.

I have tried myself (and failed miserably) to find or create a system that works for me and for my lifestyle. I need a system that tells me what to do first, then next. etc. I am sure you get the point. But I’ve realized I don’t need just any ole system….I need Craig Ballantyne’s Online Second Paycheck System.

Initially after learning about the contest, I had every intention to enter. That initial enthusiasm waned quickly and parted ways to the predictable mind-junk that affects us all from time to time, “I don’t have the time”, “I won’t win anyways”, etc. etc. I realized that if this is the system I‘ve been looking for (and I believe it is), I can no longer afford to “not have the time”, that “I can win” etc. and that I had to act.

I know that this will benefit me and am entirely committed to seeing it through.

Honestly, if I don’t win it, I am still going to purchase it anyways. I believe in it that much. I hope this doesn’t hurt my chances Craig. (ha, ha)

So here I am…I’ve poured out my past in bullet points and elaborated on my potential future. All the while hoping that I did enough win. Did I? But before you think about it. I have just a couple of question for you Craig. Am I Worthy? Have I Done Or Said Enough? And all the while quietly wonder how quickly can your system turn me from “Flunky to Just Junkie” Will it be in Record Time? I certainly hope so.

In closing Craig,
I’d just like to say thank you for this opportunity and consideration for your gracious gift.

Although I’d really like to win, I can see from the other comments that many could benefit from this and are possibly more deserving as well. So good luck to everyone.

Jim F Ball

p.s. Also, and if possible, (to feed my OCD urges) Id also like to know the name of the Direct Mail Home-Study Course that you said in your video that was so instrumental that it changed your life.

Thanks again for everything


[Reply to this]

admin Reply:

Hi Jim, it was Bob Serlings’ “Info Millions”.

[Reply to this]

Christopher Gates @ 2:27 pm

I started changing people’s lives ten years ago as a certified personal trainer. Then I opened a fitness center to build a community of healthy living and make a better income from my passion. Due to financial constraint I was forced to sell the business. After that I returned to personal training individuals full time and teaching health and physical education classes to elementary and middle school students. Over the years I have taught hundreds and hundreds of people on all fitness levels young and old how to build a better physique. I believe that with your online second paycheck system I will be able to reach out to the world and have them pursue lifelong fitness. This system will show me how to create an attractive website to grasp my viewer’s attention which will promote and sell my services. My goals are to earn a second income and become part of the team of leading online fitness professionals. . Stay Focused, Train Hard!! Chris Gates NASM

[Reply to this]

Roger Ernst @ 6:02 pm


First off, even though I have never met you, I would just like to say THANK YOU for being such a big influence and motivation to me.

After graduating with a B.S. in Kinesiology – Exercise Science, I began working as a personal trainer at a very upscale fitness center that was about a 40-45 min. drive from my house. At first, being fresh out of college, I enjoyed the job because I thought I was making “good” money. When I first started training, I was working anywhere from a 12-15 hour day, 6 sometimes even 7 days/week (Sat. I would train approx. 6 hours, Sun. 2-4 hours.)

Training that many people, along with the 40-45 min. drive, 1 way, needless to say, started to wear on me pretty quickly. Pretty soon, I began to realize the “good” money that I was making, wasn’t worth all of the time and effort I was putting in, if I didn’t have the time to enjoy it. So I began to look for other jobs/career paths that I could venture into but yet still stay involved in fitness. After all, I do enjoy helping people to reach their fitness goals, but there are only so many clients you can fit in your schedule between 5-9 a.m. and 4-8 p.m. (It is tough to convince your clients to work in with someone else when they are paying a PREMIUM rate for training.)

After job hunting, brainstorming, and searching on the internet, I came to a couple of conclusions:
-I didn’t want to work for “the man” anymore
-I wanted to be able to work where I want, when I want
-I still wanted to be able to help people reach their fitness goals

After much deliberation, and seeking advice from my family and close friends I finally decided to make a “career” change. (The way I made my final decision, I decided I needed to do whatever scared me the most.)

This was also about the time that “economic downturn” started and I was losing clients almost daily because they began cutting back on expenses. I figured if I was going to struggle to pay my bills, which I was/am, I would much rather do it on my own instead of working for “the man” (at this point in time I was down to training approx 20 hours a week and still being at the facility anywhere from 40-50 hours a week.) It was also a good time to make the change in my personal life, no wife/girlfriend and no kids. The only ones depending on me are my dogs (male black lab mix that I adopted, and a female chocolate lab that is almost 5 years old – aren’t labs the best.)

Since leaving my personal training job I have started my own business and began running bootcamps which are just now starting to really take off. The reason that they are beginning to take off is because I finally started following the tips and advice that is given on various websites/programs that I read (Chris McCombs, Steve Hochman, Bedros Keuilian, TT Bootcamp Workout Secrets, etc. – it is amazing how fast these systems/programs work when you implement them, even if it is just doing 1 thing every day.)

I have also been researching, studying, and trying to learn as much as I can about how to start an internet fitness website such as TT. I know that I have a killer fitness idea, in a niche market, that NO ONE has tapped, where there is a HIGH demand. My only problem is I am not sure exactly what to do, where to start, what type of delivery system will work best in my market, among many other questions that I have (some of which you answered in your webinar the other night.)

I have been reading, researching many different internet marketing people (you, Ryan Lee, Mike Roussell, Yanik Silver, and many others), and taking bits and pieces of info and putting them together. However, I have been a little hesitant to “pull the trigger” on purchasing any products. After watching the webinar that you gave the other night, I am very impressed with the information that you put together and with ALL of the info that you gave out for FREE.

I know that with your products and all of the people that you have helped to build their online business/products, any information/product that you put your name on is worth at least 100x more than what you charge for it.

Thank you again for being such a big influence and motivation to me and also for putting together a great webinar the other night.

Roger Ernst II, CSCS

P.S. – When I get a couple more of my prospects to sign up for my bootcamp I intend on purchasing the TT KB Workouts. I know I’ll be able to put the TT KB Workouts to good use not only in all of my bootcamps, but also for my own workouts.

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Rod Watkins @ 7:09 pm


I have always enjoyed your articles and tips from Men’s Health and eventually found you online through TT. The Online Second Paycheck System sounded interesting, thought it might help me through my current financial problems. Don’t get me wrong, I make a great salary, married or single it is good. But as a separated father of two boys, I take my responsibility seriously. To the point my lawyer says I am crazy for paying twice as much support as I have to, my boys are my life even if it leaves me short every month.

So I have watched the videos and read the info – nothing. Sounded great but I had nothing, no ideas, nada, zip. Thanks for the info, will continue on living my life to the fullest that I can. Love TT, well on the way to dropping the last 15 pounds.

But wait….after lunch with a friend who has his own business…he mentioned that he has a new salesman…pays him $500 for any solid leads. Also pays him 20% of his profit from a completed job. Can the Online Second Paycheck System help drive leads? Don’t know, but I think I am willing to try.

Thanks for your time,

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Bob Handler @ 10:09 pm

The OSP will afford me explendicious freedom that I might not otherwise enjoy. I possess a shake of computer aptitude, a sneeze of language skill. All I need is the OSP step-by-step path to lead my ADHD brain in the direction of success. Injury may demand online success be not just a priority but a necessity. Craig’s OSP will provide the tools and enable me to find the wealth mind and model Craig’s success to reach the land of promise. By the way, there are some huge offline fitness ventures that I want to realize.

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