The Key to Success is…

Amazon made a boatload of money off me this summer…but in return
I got to read some classics.

In Europe I got through “Clockwork Orange” and “The Grapes of
Wrath”, while back here in Toronto I read “The Catcher in the Rye”,
and I’m now working on a great business book, “The Richest Man in
Town” (RMIT).

In RMIT, the author interviews the richest person in 50 of America’s
largest cities, and they give a no-fluff account of the traits that
allowed them to get incredibly wealthy.

They include…

1) Owning their own business (”stop working for the man as soon as
you can”, they all said)

2) Working a lot (at least 60 hours per week) and sleeping little

3) Focusing on VALUE creation, not making money

4) Focusing on their unique talents and abilities and delegating
everything else

5) Partnering only with those who bring something critical to the

6) Getting addicted to ambition

NeverGiveUp WinstonChurchill The Key to Success is...


7) Persistence. Never giving up. In fact, most of them believe that
persistence is the ONLY reason they have gotten farther ahead in
life than other people.


Not talent.

Not luck.

But simple persistence.

And I believe it.

Because when I talk to the guys making the most money online, like
Vince DelMonte, Bedros Keuilian, Chris McCombs, and Mike Geary, they
all have stories of persistence.

Of working hard for a long time without reward before finally making
things click.

These aren’t overnight success stories. They are years in the making.

And one of the areas where more website owners need persistence is
in the art of writing ad copy.

Too many folks think they can throw something up online after a few
hours work and that it will bring them in the big bucks.

That’s wishful thinking.

You need to study it and be persistent.

So I’ve got something for ya.

I recommend that you spend a couple of hours reviewing this free
ad copy teleseminar that I did last year.

Listen to the teleseminar here!

You get the handouts and everything on that page.

stand out in a crowd The Key to Success is...You must learn to write copy that separates your program from the
hundreds of other options a person can find online, in bookstores,
and through late night infomercials.


And you can’t do that in a couple of hours.

So start your learning process by going back through that seminar.

Other sites with great ad copy to review include:

1) Joel Marion’s


2) Vince DelMonte’s

Read their stories.

Then look back at your life and write your copy about the turning
point in your life that will allow you to connect with your readers.

Without that connection, your website is going to struggle.

I wish it weren’t the case, but that is the harsh reality.

Be persistent,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS – For those of you with persistence, I’ll see you at the Fitness
Info Summit.

Grab your spot here!

One lucky person will get a hotseat and have their entire fitness
info product created for them at the seminar. Should be interesting.

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