12 Step Guide To Creating the Perfect Product for a Big Payday Promo

MJZ2339 12 Step Guide To Creating the Perfect Product for a Big Payday PromoThis could be the most important online business checklist you read in your entire life. It truly contains the secrets to success for product development and promotion.

After all, I’ve built my business by doing two things right.

The first is creating the right type of programs for my market, and creating a lot of them.

The second thing I’ve done right is to tap into the power of the big payday promo, and to do them frequently without the fear of failing.

If you are struggling with your product, or having a hard time creating a big promo payday, this special report will solve your problems.

But first, let’s make sure you are creating the right products. The hottest products in the fitness industry these days focus on…

1) Abs 6minAbs eBook 4 12 Step Guide To Creating the Perfect Product for a Big Payday Promo
2) Bodypart training
3) Diet & meal plans
4) Follow-along DVD’s
5) No equipment workouts
6) Challenge workouts

Heck, you could scrap your entire business, go buy a domain like, “SlimmerAbsandThighs.com”, use the Entourage Marketing SEO strategies, create follow along no-equipment workout DVD’s (featuring challenge-type workouts) complete with bonus meal plans, and you’d be making a killing in no time.

I might have to do that myself…That’s a 6-figure paragraph right there.

Re-read it, and go TAKE ACTION on it.

Add an abs bonus to your program.

Connect with someone who can hook you up with meal plans.

Then get filming.

But if you aren’t interested in that, at least follow this “Product Development & Promo Checklist”:

1). Survey your list before you create the product. One of the cheapest ways is to survey the readers via your blog, or simply by email.

2). Be passionate about your product, your market, and the problem you are solving.

3). Never create a product unless you have a HOOK that will separate your product from the thousands of others on the market. You MUST be REMARKABLE.

stand out in a crowd 31 12 Step Guide To Creating the Perfect Product for a Big Payday Promo

4). Create a product that allows you to charge a high price and to create an even higher-priced upsell.

5). Bootstrap the product creation. Don’t spend a lot of money on filming or on a fancy site until you’ve proven the product sells. Also, if you are creating hard copies, only use a print-on-demand service.

6). Over-deliver. Throw in extra unannounced bonuses. Give at least 10x’s the value of the product in your offer. Create a really sweet offer for your sales page.

7). Release the product with at a discounted price in a pre-launch promo. This is one of the only times to discount your price.

8). Create an event to promote your product. Build up anticipation. Do something unique. How can you be remarkable? In my last promo, the blog contest I did right before my promo built up desire and anticipation for my
Fat Burning Solution promo.

9). Focus on the deadline in your promo to make folks TAKE ACTION. Without a deadline, people will take forever to “pull the trigger”. Don’t let them procrastinate.

10). Once the product launches successfully, start working on supporting products (maybe even a membership site) to get customers to stick with the program and purchase future products from you in the future.

11). Promote high-quality related affiliate products to your customer list that will help them get more results. For example, I love promoting Isabel De Los Rios’ meal plans to my fat burning workouts list.

12). Be prolific. Don’t stop creating content, having sales, producing follow up products, gathering affiliates, doing interviews, or anything that could promote your product. Always be HUSTLING!

Follow those 12 steps and you’ll have the perfect product,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS CB ETRevo2 2 12 Step Guide To Creating the Perfect Product for a Big Payday Promo

PS – By the way…

…my favorite tip is #12. I just love creating new things and getting new solutions out to my readers.

This week I’m launching a new Kettlebell program at www.KettlebellWorkouts.com with OSP Mastermind Member Chris Lopez, and next month I’ll be launching a new Internet program called “OnlineSecondPaycheck.com”.

More details to come…

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