3 Steps to Take with Your Online Business

Just finishing up my last day here in Brussels. About to head out
for a famous Belgian Waffle and then back to Paris.

eiffel tower

One more day there and then home to Toronto on Wednesday. Looking
forward to it.

But while I was sitting on the train from Amsterdam to Brussels
yesterday, I started thinking about my business plan for when I get
back to Canada…

I made a list of over 21 big things to do, but here are 3 that you
can get started with right now…because they are free and easy to
work on.

#1 – Do more video.

Create your own TV show. As Andrew Lock, a big time Internet
Marketer said to me in May at a Mastermind meeting, doing an online
TV show was the best thing he has ever done for his business.

That means going beyond Youtube (even though that is working better
and better for me everyday).

You become an even more credible expert if you start building your
own online TV show, when compared to just having a Youtube channel.

More to come on this topic…video is going to be hotter than any
other format online in the next year. So make sure you are getting
comfortable in front of the camera.

#2 – The list matters more than the copy!

writing a list

Most folks get really hung up on writing ad copy for their website,
but it shouldn’t be so stressful.

Instead, you should be spending more time making sure you are getting
in front of the right audience.

The right audience plus mediocre copy will equal good sales…


The wrong audience with amazing copy will equal poor sales.

So make sure you are networking and building partnerships and getting
in front of the right people.

And remember – you don’t have to start with a massive launch…just
get the ball rolling with a few good partners and take those results
to the “big guys” to prove that you have a winner.

#3 – Give more free content.

I’ll be giving away more info, products, videos, workouts, etc.,
when I get back, and making sure it is some of my best content.

The more you give away, the greater the level of trust you build up
with your readers.

free 3 Steps to Take with Your Online Business

So whether its more free interviews I’ll be giving away to my
bootcamp blog readers or more video workouts for all TT users, I’m
just going to keep giving away content.

After all, since we’re experts, we all have a ton of content that we
can give away and still have lots left to make into products.

So keep giving. It’s a win-win situation.

Alright off for Waffle time,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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September 16, 2009

victoria boer @ 6:51 am

this is a great stuff, ive finally come to realise that i need to atart doing things in a very different way to acheive extra ordnary success like you said never give up. i cant wait to start making on line . ive been thinking about this for years. i need a multiple income stream im a local champion in my area , but its not enough.
tahnk you for all this .seriuosly.

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