5 Tips to Make More Money Online

Finished some awesome OSP coaching calls with my Mastermind members last week, and so many of them are having record-setting years online.

I’m a proud coach!

(And I’m going to be doing some coaching in Vegas and Atlanta this fall if you are interested…more details below.)

On the calls, we talked about the following 5 hot topics that will help you make more money online.

And if you would have gone all “Richard Nixon” on us and tapped our phones, you would have discovered this…

1) Don’t be cheap – get professional artwork done

artist 5 Tips to Make More Money Online

One of the best tips I got from my mentor was to get my ebook covers
done by Vaughn.

Check out Vaughn here!!

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on book cover graphics, but I bet
my return on investment has been 10 to 1. In fact, I always make a
“production” out of my covers…using them as a big piece of my

So when coaching my OSP mastermind members, I insist they use the
very best on their sites too.

2) Use Payment Plans – even at $77

I don’t have to tell you about the recession – no doubt you hear of
it everyday…it’s a big objection to buying.

So make it as easy as possible…and offer payment plans, even if
the price is only $77. I use payment plans for my bootcamp workout
products and folks take advantage of the payment plans at least 33%
of the time.

Don’t throw away money when these are so easy to set up!

3) Use a blog contest as often as possible

As you’ll discover in this month’s OSP Inner Circle newsletter, a
blog contest is an essential component of a Product Launch.

But you can also use them regularly to learn more about your clients
and the big obstacles in their way of success.

And the more you know about your clients, the better you will be
able to solve their problems and provide extreme value.

Blog contests are right up there with Transformation Contests for
the top thing I’ve started doing in my business in the last 2 years.

4) Just get it out there before you try to be Frank Kern!

Every week I hear from folks who want to do a big time production
Product Launch but they only have 400 people on their list.

Listen, you have to relax, take a deep breath, and just get your
product out to the world so that you at least know they want what
you have to offer.

Don’t spend all your time on an elaborate launch until you have a
proven product. Keep hustlin’ and working on the basics.

5) Give away something HUGE!

gift box 5 Tips to Make More Money Online

When you are offering a free gift to build your list, I want you to
make it the coolest thing you could possibly give away.

I almost screwed this up during my Easy Veggie Meal Plans Launch,
but fortunately my good buddy Vince DelMonte set me straight and
showed me an even better free gift to give prospects.

Thanks to him we sold over 885 copies of the Meal Plans to a tiny,
targeted niche in just 4 days.

6) BONUS TIP – Don’t be a hound dog.

hound 5 Tips to Make More Money Online

No one likes to do business with a person who always seems “down on
their luck” and feeling sorry for themselves.

You’ll never build an Entourage like that!

You need to be…

- unique
- confident
- and bringing something of value to the table every time

Whew. That’s it. Those calls are always awesome and I learned 10
other things I just didn’t have time to share…

I love coaching folks on building their online businesses, and so
I’m adding a couple of coaching days for you this Fall.

In October, I’ll be in Vegas to do some online biz coaching on the
weekend of October 16-17th.

And in November, I’ll be in Atlanta on the weekend of Nov 4-8th for
an info marketing seminar…

So I’m going to add on 2 days to BOTH trips and I have room for:

a) One day of private coaching

You’ll spend a full 8 hours with me in my hotel suite where we’ll
work exclusively on building your Online Business from A to Z. This
is perfect for the ambitious expert who wants to accelerate their
success and skip over the beginner trials and tribulations.

The private coaching day investment is $10K.

b) One day of small group hotseats – limit 7 experts.

Each expert will have a 45 minute hotseat where the group will
Mastermind and Brainstorm solutions to your business problems and
help you grow your business faster than you ever would on your own.

Plus, the networking aspect of the intimate small group meeting
often even exceeds the hotseat experience! And finally, we’ll all
go out for an affluent experience after the meeting for more

The investment for the small group hotseat day is $1495.

Reply by email for an application,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Skeptical that a simple hotseat could really help your online

“I had a fantastic meeting last week. In fact I’ve been telling
everyone that I learned more in the hotseat than have in the past
2 years on my own. I really enjoyed the group and have also
experienced first-hand the power of “The Mastermind”. I think
I’ve also realized that being part of a Master Mind group is a MUST
if you’re either starting a business or if you’d like to take it to
the next level. Look forward to the next meeting!
Deb Froehlich MS CSCS

“”Craig, you rescued me again. I have $10,000 worth of hardcopy
inventory sitting here and couldn’t figure out how to create
incentive for my customers to purchase them since they already own
the same content digitally – that was, until you gave me the answer
during one of your OSP hotseats. Now I guarantee I’ll sell all 500
DVD’s at $200 a pop for $100,000 profit in the next few months.
Thanks again.”
Vince DelMonte

PPS – Let me know if you’d prefer Vegas or Atlanta. See you soon!

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August 6, 2009

Product Lauch @ 1:43 pm

This is great! Really powerful stuff! Thanks.

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