Niche Marketing

I could talk all day on Niche Marketing because it is that
important, and because so many folks struggle with it.

man confused Niche Marketing

Today my buddy Cabel asked me a great question.

“I wanted to ask you about when you started TT, who was it directed
at? Who was the audience you were trying to attract?”

Great question.

He’s asking how I picked my niche.

And as I mention in the OSP seminars, I was ALWAYS very SPECIFIC
about who I was talking to…

This is my target market guy:

- Mark, 36 years old, white guy, lives in Pennsylvania with 2 kids

- works in “the office” (perhaps even Dunder-Mifflin!)

- 1 hour trip to work, 1 hour home through traffic. Hates it.

- works out at 5am, 12pm , or 9pm in basement or at work.

- Drives beige American-made minivan.

- Has toys strewn across front yard.

- House is worth $150-$250K

- Plays baseball in backyard with kids after he BBQ’s each night

- Has black hair. About 6 feet tall. 20% body fat. Skinny-fat guy.

- Played sports in college then stopped working out.

- Got married. got busy.

- Every once in a while he tries to get started again but fails
because magazine (i.e. Flex) workouts take too long and his body is
trashed by 12 sets of chest.

- Fears back injury with barbell squats or getting crushed by bench

- Loves his kids and wife to death.

- Is a low key guy but don’t mess with his family.

- Loves America and the NFL.

You know that guy?

I do. And that’s why Turbulence Training sells.

Do YOU know YOUR market that well?

If not, take 30 minutes and write down everything about your target
market that you can.

person writing Niche Marketing

Use my “description” of Mark to guide you.

Then build your Entourage Marketing around that,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – For more help figuring out your niche and building your brand…

…you need my proven Entourage Marketing System.

Right now, I’m using it with my Veggie Meal Plans Launch and we are
over $11,000 in just 36 hours. NET PROFIT.

Just using this system:

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PPS – Niche marketing rhymes with “Sheesh marketing”, not “rich marketing”.

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August 2, 2009

Nii Wilson @ 2:35 am

Hey Craig. THis was a great post and I KNOW it has made me TRULY think about who my market REALLY IS.

I am sure trainers and coaches are probably thinking I know my market…WOMEN…or GUYS!

As business professionals I don’t think a lot of us can define as you have the inner working and thoughts of WHO we want to attract and HOW we want to attract them.

EVERYONE should meditate on this and go through the same thought process as you have.

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September 11, 2009

Becky Fox @ 10:19 am

Great post! I’m starting with my product and this is probably the hardest part to narrow down. Now I get what “being specific” about your market means.

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