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Last week I was down in Texas, one of my favorite states, at a
Mastermind group…

…now as it always happens, the group got “hung up” trying to
brainstorm a good name for someone’s product.

But to be honest, it was a complete waste of TIME.


Because us “masterminders” were NOT the target audience.

I mean really, what did a group of 30 year old guys, a few Irish
folks, and a random group of average Americans really know about
the “middle aged former executive woman who wants to start her own
business” market?

Not much, that’s what.

But there we sat, verbally running around like a bunch of chickens
with our heads cut off, tossing out more bad ideas than a bunch of
drunken frat boys at a strip club.

Here’s what should have happened.

The person in our group looking for advice should have moved on to
another topic, and then went straight to her MARKET for advice.

And that’s what you should do too, for almost any question you have,
from what product to create next to what to name your next website.

The easiest way to do that is with a BLOG CONTEST.

AndTheWinnerIs Blog Contests

Here are two blog contests I ran this week that gave some intense
feedback from readers/prospects.

#1) The first contest is “just a random contest” I held on my blog
to see why people were not taking action.

You’ll learn a lot just by seeing how I set it up here:

Click here to see the “Breaking Point” blog

#2) This 2nd example is part of the product launch sequence that
previously helped OSP member Joel Marion sell over $300K of nutrition
e-books in just 4 days.

You’ll see that this contest is part of my Product Launch Formula
for the Easy Veggie Meal Plans product.

…by asking the readers why they need the Meal Plans product, we
are fostering “committment and consistency” in their behavior while
at the same time finding out their deepest reasons for wanting the

Go here to see how I got over 241 entries into the contest:

Click here to see the Meal Plan Contest

So just remember, if you want to know what your customers want,
ask your customers – not a bunch of people with just theories.

Go to the right people for the right answers,


PS – I’ll be featuring everything about the Veggie Product Launch…

…in the August OSP Inner Circle newsletter.

You can get a free copy here:

Grab your FREE OSP newsletter here!

PPS – You’ll also discover my “Product Crack” secrets and the #1
cult on Facebook that every fitness pro should be following.

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