Every morning I get up and go through this routine…

Every morning I get up and go through this routine…

dogwalk Every morning I get up and go through this routine...




a) dog walk (followed by workout on T, Th, S, Sunday)
b) 30 minutes of work on main project
c) 15 minutes writing TT article for SEO
d) and then 15 minutes reviewing 10 influential documents that help
to guide my day

And one of those is Yanik Silver’s 34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs.

Today it was time to read Rule #22…and it is perfect for one of
the 2 lessons I want to teach you…

Rule #22 for Maverick Entrepreneurs states…

“Always have something else to sell (upsell, cross-sell, follow up
offer, etc.) whenever a transaction takes place. The hottest buyer
in the world is one who just gave you money.”

I wanted to review this because earlier this week I was helping out
my friends with a product launch.

While I was looking through their copy, emails, and sales pages, I
asked them, “What are you selling on your download page?”

Their answer…”Nothing yet”.

Big mistake. That’s a HOLE in their BUCKET.holey20bucket Every morning I get up and go through this routine...

You have to plug all those holes. You must have a CALL to ACTION on
every page of your website. Nothing should be letting your clients
“leak out”.

So here’s what we did…

We added my Turbulence Training for Abs program and offered their
new clients a one-time discount.


The result?


So far, 1 out of every 8 clients is taking this additional product.

And this is despite the fact that we’re using a poorly designed
shopping cart to make the offer (but that’s another story for the
OSP Inner Circle newsletter).

One out of eight clients is now giving them an extra $21.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like an extra twenty bucks in my
pocket 12.5% of the time!

Basically, that was money that was being flushed down the toilet
before we plugged that hole.

So big lesson here…go back to your website and make sure every
page is plugged up with a call to action or a special offer, with
the most important page being your download page for your product
and for your free list-building offer.

Start there first.

There’s one more lesson to be learned from this case study…and
I’ll be back later this week to tell you about it.

In the meantime, do NOT stop taking ACTION – the key to success.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – I have 3 copies left of the interview I did with Bedros…

…and you can get it here for free.

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Craig’s OSP newsletters make me look at marketing and branding in
a whole new light. I’ve never been much of a marketing guy, but
Craig’s approach made total sense to me. It was easy to implement
and had a profound effect on how I market myself and my business.
Brad Pilon, EatStopEat.com

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Comments on Every morning I get up and go through this routine… »

July 13, 2009

Chris Lopez @ 12:06 pm

Thanks for this Craig. Because of your help I’ve been doing the same morning routine for the past few months with great success. This involves…

-making my favorite organic jasmine green tea
-reviewing my inspirational docs (go-giver rules, kekich, Yanik’s 34 Rules & the 6 Power of Less Principles)
-reviewing my BAHGs (Big Audacious Hairy Goals)
-reviewing my MITs for the day (Most Important Tasks) & Schedule for the day
-then writing for 60mins

I do this all starting at 5am and am usually done a blog post, article and/or newsletter by 7am before my kids get up. I get more done in those 2 hours than most of my friends who have office jobs get done in a day!

Thanks for the tips.


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