More Mastermind Tips to Make More Money Online

Ok, time to finish off the top 7 tips from the Mastermind meeting…

(But don’t tell anyone I told you about these.)

Tip #4 – Deadline

At the Mastermind meeting a lot of folks were struggling with
getting things done, so I reminded them they MUST set deadlines.

Legendary copywriter John Carlton once called the deadline the
“world’s greatest invention”. That might be stretch, but it works!

Connect the deadline with a reward. For example, if you get your
e-book done by Friday at 5pm then you get to take your family to
an amusement park on Saturday.

If you don’t get it done, then you do NOT get to go.

Once you connect tasks and deadlines to “real world rewards”, I bet
you’ll start getting more stuff done.

Tip #5 – Break down your goals

When setting money goals, most folks just throw out random numbers.

For example, lots of people want to make a million bucks.

But less than 3% of them ever stop to THINK and break down that big
number into daily goals.

After all, if you want to make a million dollars, that means you
need to AVERAGE over $2739 per day.

So you need to break down how you’re going to make $2700 per day. Or
if you want to make 100K, you need to average $274/day ($1917/week).

Now you have things at a more manageable level and you can figure
out where you need to TAKE ACTION to achieve $274 per day.

Tip #6 – YOU Be the Judge

Trainers love to repeat things they hear experts say.

You know the ones that say, “Did you hear how coach Chuck Poliking
said you can increase your close grip bench press by taking 2.1g of
XYZ and using a 47.89 percent incline?”

Well, now trainers are doing the same thing with Internet Marketing.

They hear one expert say that they should give away a CD and put
people on a recurring billing program and now every trainer is
believing that is the ONLY way to do things.

Well it’s not.

Do not blindly accept what authority figures say…there are so many
Internet Marketers out there and all have found what works for them.

You need to find what works for YOU. So always be testing. But don’t
always be trusting.

Tip #7 – Be the Market Leader

I can’t stress how important this is.

You need a big idea. A HOOK. A reason why anyone should care about
your stuff. You have to be different.

Not revolutionary, just different. Just a wee bit different.

You can do that, right?

So that’s it. Overall it was one of the best Mastermind meetings
I’ve ever attended (aside from my own OSP Masterminds, of course!).

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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PPS – Don’t believe me? Believe that insane mofo, Zach Even-Esh!

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Seriously, the step by system you deliver cleared things up for me
BIG time as to how to tighten up my niche and get people to be very
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them being highly qualified prospects.

This should be part of anyone’s marketing ammunition if they want to
be a success online as well as off line! I’m gonna use this stuff
for my gym AND my internet biz. The psychological tips you unveil
are pretty damn powerful and I have already put these tactics to
work in my latest product launch on line and since Thursday, I’ve
done over $5022 in net sales. Once again, thanks for being a great
coach, a great friend and putting out awesome information”
Zach Even-Esh,

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Looking forward to your success story.

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