7 Best Time Management Tips

productive scrabble1 7 Best Time Management TipsAre you getting things done?

I mean really, seriously, effectively getting things done?

If you’re just not getting as much done as you’d like, you’re going
to love these 7 simple strategies for boosting your productivity.

When I was speaking in Jersey at the Fast Track to Millions event,
host Jim Labadie introduced me as the man known for being the most
productive online fitness expert in the biz.

All thanks to a simple system revolving around these 7 steps to
getting more done.

Block your time.

Block your time.

Step #1 – Block Your Time

Keep a notebook beside your desk. At the end of each day, spend 5
minutes planning out then next day in 15 minute increments.

Yes, 15 minute increments.

This will keep you on track and away from time-wasters like Twitter
and Facebook. You’ll get twice as much done tomorrow as you did
today if you just implement that one tip.

I also realize that I’ve probably lost half – or more than half – of
my readers by now.

Too much work, they think.

But that kind of thinking is why most people end up working too much.

Step #2 – Eliminate unnecessary communication

You don’t need to reply to every email and text message. You don’t
need to answer the phone every time it rings. Block time for that
and focus on the project at hand.

Step #3 – Get one thing done first thing in the AM.

Before you go to work, get one thing done on your Internet biz that
moves you one step closer to financial freedom.

Do not pass “GO” and do not collect breakfast until you do.

This simple step followed at 4:40am in the morning for 2 years
straight allowed me to go from full time trainer to doing exactly
what I want, when I want, everyday for the rest of my life.

Step #4 – Do not get sucked into email.

Don’t you dare check email till after you’ve made some money and
moved your business ahead. And don’t keep checking it all day long.
Block time for it, then move on.

monitor1 7 Best Time Management TipsStep #5 – Set up your environment for maximum productivity.

Get a bigger computer monitor, eliminate distractions from your
office, turn off the phone, and disconnect the Internet if you must.

When it’s time to work, WORK.

When it’s time for fun, stop working.

Separate the two environments and you’ll be much happier and more
effective at work and in your social life.

Step #6 – Monitor yourself to see where your time goes.

Take that notepad from Step #1 and carry it with you all day. Write
down what you are doing every 15 minutes. Are you on track with your
plan? If not, why not?

Identify what wastes your time and cut that out of your life.

You only get one life, don’t waste it. Your kids are only 4 years
old once, don’t miss that. Don’t let your time pull a vanishing act.

Step #7 – Set a strict sleeping schedule.

I believe the most important think I have ever done to give myself
more energy and make myself more productive was committing to a set
bedtime and wake-up time every day. SEVEN days per week.

Like you, I’d probably read that tip a hundred times in various
articles about sleep, but when I finally put it into practice, it
made a bigger difference than any diet or exercise change I’ve made.

And make sure you get up early, too. That’s when the magic is done.

That’s when you can get 2 hours of “regular” work done in just 15

BONUS TIP: Surround yourself with competent people who can do the
grunt work for you.

If you really want to move ahead, you probably need to outsource 95%
of the stuff you do now.

Keep looking for people to take over the minimum wage work for you.

Try Craigslist. Give tasks to a competent client looking for work or
willing to barter with you for free training.

Take a deep breath, relax, and delegate. It might not always be done
the way you want, but sometimes it will even be done BETTER!

Alright, those are big money making, time saving tips.

I teach even more of those in the OSP Entourage Marketing System:

Click here for the OSP Entourage Marketing System

Let me know how those work for you,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Want to know what happens when OSP students apply the
Entourage System?

Let Zach Even-Esh tell you…

“Craig – got your OSP Entourage Marketing system and it kicks a*s.
Seriously, the step by system you deliver cleared things up for me
BIG time as to how to tighten up my niche and get people to be very
attracted and connected to what I am doing, who I am, as well as
them being highly qualified prospects.

This should be part of anyone’s marketing ammunition if they want to
be a success online as well as off line! I’m gonna use this stuff
for my gym AND my internet biz. The psychological tips you unveil
are pretty damn powerful and I have already put these tactics to
work in my latest product launch on line and since Thursday, I’ve
done over $5022 in net sales. Once again, thanks for being a great
coach, a great friend and putting out awesome information”
Zach Even-Esh, RealManFitness.com

Click here to get your copy of the OSP Entourage System

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July 29, 2009

Michael Alaniz @ 1:16 pm

Great stuff Craig. I don’t know why it’s true, but doing 15-30 min of work in the early hours of the morning seems to translate into 1-2hrs of productivity once the sun rises…keep up the good work.

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