The Future Of Internet Marketing

I have seen the future of Internet Marketing and it is…

Having your own online TV show.

And the great thing is that everyone can have one.

You don’t need to be a big star on the Biggest Loser.

Even lil’ ol’ trainers like you and me can instantly start our own TV shows and become a well-recognized expert, fast!

Internet TV Shows are “the new blogs”.

The two best examples are:


In fact, one big time internet marketer told me that the best thing he ever did to boost his business was to create his own TV show.

By the way…this is different than youtube. Creating your own “TV show” requires a little extra work…and more than just shoving a flip cam up your nose and yelling into it.

It will require a better camera and lighting…and take some time to plot out your shows.

But other than that, it’s simple.

So here’s the plan I’m about to follow, and you should too.

1) Set up a wordpress blog (like the one at

2) Start filming content – educational, entertaining, and personal

3) Share why you have passion for doing what you do. Capture yourlife on film. Folks LOVE to know what your regular day looks like.What you eat. How you workout. Etc.

4) Be consistent. Put up a new show every week…it only needs to be a few minutes long.

5) Post the videos to your blog. Build your list.

The videos will give you a level of credibility that no amount of blog articles could give you.

As soon as people see you “on TV” (i.e. in video), they immediately give you a whole new level of respect.

And then you can communicate with them via email – they’ll already trust you and you won’t have to build it up slowly through the written word (which so many of you hate to do anyways).

So there you go.

That’s the future.

And this opportunity is available to everyone!

It’s up to you to take control.

Let me know when you get some videos done,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – It’s back from the dead!

I created 20 new copies of the original OSP System-in-a-box for the weekend when I was speaking at the Fast Track seminar…

…and we have 3 copies that didn’t get sold.

If you want one, send me an email. I’ll give you paypal details.

The investment is $400 and you’ll get 2 free issues of the OSP InnerCircle Newsletter – plus a FREE copy of Joel Marion’s $300K launch audio.

Let me know if you want one…but as soon as those 3 are taken, the original OSP seminar goes back into the vault for good!

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