5 Tracking Tips to Make More Money Online

Just got home from the “Fast Track to Millions” event where I was speaking on Friday about how to make more money online…

I talked about all of the amazing opportunity still available onlinefor folks just like you to make six figure incomes and live the life of your dreams.

In fact, I spent all of last week in Vegas with a few OSP coaching clients of mine who are making it happen by taking action.

And I’m proud to say that attending OSP seminars and watching the DVD’s helped fitness pro’s make over $315,000 last month…and thatis only after talking to 5 of my clients.

One of my big messages to the audience on Friday was the importance of “measuring everything” when running an online business.

You need to know…

1) Where your website traffic is coming from

2) Who your best affiliates are

3) Your conversion rate and your upsell conversion rate

4) What keywords are getting you the most traffic

5) What social media networks and article sites are the best use ofyour time

If you don’t know the answer to those questions, you’ll just end up banging your head against the wall.

Plus, even though sites like Twitter and Facebook are “hot” these days, if you don’t know how much traffic and how many sales those sites are sending you, then you’re probably just wasting your time.

After all, what good is it to have “10,000 followers” if none of them read your posts or are interested in the solutions you have?

I’m one of the few (if there are even any other ones out there) online biz owners who knows exactly how much money I make from Twitter and Facebook.

And this stuff is so simple to find out. All you need to do is add free Google Analytics code to your site and use my OSP Entourage strategies to track the numbers and track down your best avenues of opportunity to make more money online.

That’s a crucial aspect of your business, but one that is so simpleto figure out.

Get tracking and building your Entourage,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – I made a special offer at the Fast Track Event…

…and while I can’t make that same amazingly sweet deal offer here, I am going to give you the same Canadian Strength Guarantee.

In addition to the OSP Entourage System, I’m also going to give you a FREE copy of the $300K launch CD interview I did with my OSP client Joel Marion.

And here’s the guarantee…

“If after listening to Joel’s CD and applying his concepts to your product launch and website, you feel that it hasn’t made you an extra $1000, just let me know and I will personally refund you your entire purchase price. NO questions asked.”

It’s that simple.

I’m putting all the risk on me.

So go visit this page to get started making more money online with the OSP Entourage Marketing System:

=> Click here to get your Online SuperProfits Entourage System

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June 2, 2009

Wiggy @ 8:41 am

Hey Craig,

I’ve really been enjoying the hell out of your blog since finding it. It’s been a great source of info in what seems to be a sea of crap in the IM world. Thanks a ton.

Re tracking keyword results…got a question: If you’re getting a lot of traffic from a particular keyword(s), yet your conversion isn’t what you think it should be, it seems that it could be one of two things (given that you’ve got a good product at a decent price):

1 – your ad copy / sales pitch sucks

2 – the market that is looking up said keyword(s) in google either doesn’t have disposable income or isn’t spending it

How would you go about testing to see which of these two issues are your problem?

Thanks again.

Train Hard, Rest Hard, Play Hard-
Matt “Wiggy” Wiggins

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Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS @ 8:58 am

I don’t know, sorry.

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