7 Website Traffic Sources that Makes Money Online

Let’s talk about website traffic. After all, it’s the “holy grail” of making money online.

No one I know feels they get enough traffic. In fact, most people think, “if I could just get a little more traffic to my website then all of my problems would be solved”.

Well, if that’s the case…let me try and help.

Here are some of my top traffic sources, and not only do I peel backmy business and share big numbers with you…but I even tell you how much money these traffic sources are making me.

That way, you can decide if they are worth your time.

(NOTE: One of the BIG lessons about what you’re about to learn is not in the numbers, but simply the fact that I have the numbers…most website owners don’t even bother to track or test anything…and that’s why they don’t make money online and the Internet remains a struggle for them…take note and get tracking!)

1) First, Youtube.

Personally, I think Youtube is great, but it’s only a small piece ofthe puzzle. In the last 365 days, Youtube has sent me about 31000 visitors.

According to Google Analytics, the average visitor value is 15 cents, so in the last year Youtube has made me at least $4500.

But I need to explain a couple of things that makes me think the number is much bigger than that…

Whenever I survey TT Members on how they found out about Turbulence Training, lots of folks say Youtube. In fact, its a much higher number than Google Analytics would suggest. So maybe they heard about TT somewhere else, but didn’t “trust” Turbulence Training until they saw a Youtube video.

This info, along with something Dan Kennedy recently said to me, is making me change my entire Youtube strategy. More about that in a future OSP newsletter.

Also, you can’t “really trust” Google Analytics for sales reports. For some reason it seems to under-report sales. So look at Analytics as the online tracking version of a handheld body fat scale – it tells you the “direction” you’re going, but the numbers aren’t deadly accurate.

Alright, that’s Youtube, let’s look at another FREE traffic source…

2) Blogs

My Ugly FREE Blogger Blog – Turbulence Training Workouts

In the last year, it has sent 33,444 visitors, with an average value of 47 cents, so posting to that blog contributed at least $15,718 to the TT bottom line. That’s a good return on investment…(plus, it doesn’t count affiliate sales, membership site sales, and backend clickbank sales).

My fancy, schmancy new Wordpress Blog – TT Fat Loss Workout Routines

This site has only been up about 8-10 weeks, but it is already one of my top traffic sources, however for some reason the visitor value is much lower than my old, ugly blog. Probably getting more SEO traffic to the old blog, and a lot of current customers going to the new blog (so they wouldn’t end up buying).

But in a few weeks we’ve done 14,000 visits from TTFatLoss.com, but at only $0.15 per visitor for a total of about $2K. I expect that to go up big time over the next year.

3) Ezine Articles

Everyone and their dog (but not my dog) submits articles to Ezine…so what are my results?

In the last year, 15,281 visitors, at a measly $0.13 per visitor, for a total of about $2K

And remember, I have over 200 articles there…so it’s not that great. Just another (small) piece of the puzzle.

4) Twitter!

Yes, I make money from Twitter. Otherwise, I doubt I’d be using it. After all, I’m not that interesting that the world needs to hear from me everyday.

So in the last 6 months since I got serious, we’ve sent 4200 visitors at $0.24 for a total of $1100. However, I’ve also added 2 OSP clients at $6K coaching and consulting…PLUS, I’m betting there are definitely a lot of folks who find their way from Twitter to TT that don’t get recorded in Analytics.

Verdict: Twitter is worth it. You just have to do it right like I do at www.TurbulenceTwitter.com

5) Top Affiliates

One of my top affiliates has a very popular blog. He’s sent 15,000 visitors at $0.20 for a total of $3K in the last 8 months or so. Again, I think that number is artificially depressed and real $$$ values are higher.

6) SEO/Organic Traffic

Using my OSP Entourage Marketing System helped me get 146,000 organic search visitors last year, and at $0.37 per visitor, it was worth at least $54K

And speaking of the Entourage Marketing System, that brings me to my biggest traffic source…

7) Direct traffic

That means people that go right to Google and type in my website name because they had been pre-sold on Turbulence Training through my Entourage-building techniques.

This gave me 385,000 visitors last year at $0.39 and a bottom line of over $150K.

All thanks to building my Entourage. In fact, everything from affiliates to blogs to Twitter to Youtube is part of the OSP Entourage Marketing System.

It’s a proven system too, not just working for me, but also for experts like Vince DelMonte and Joel Marion. Both are OSP students and both cracked the $100K barrier on Clickbank this month.

That’s right, they both made over $100K (net!) selling info online.

But don’t worry, there’s still lots of room for you to succeed too, all you need is the system.

And know your numbers,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – If you are ready to build a “grown up business”…

…and ready to stop guessing about how you can make money online, then you need to start building your Entourage using a proven system.

Click here for your copy of the proven Entourage Marketing Secrets

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May 12, 2009

Rick Kaselj - Healing Through Movement @ 1:07 pm


Great post.

Not sure why no one has not posted a comment.

Great info. I am working on all the the stuff that you talked about. Also have added looking at Google Analytics every day for a minute or two. Looked today and got a great idea for an article.

Thanks for the great info.

Rick Kaselj
Exercises For Injuries

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May 14, 2009

Michael @ 4:00 pm

Great post Craig, enjoyed the write up.

Looking forward to you moving over to Wordpress.

Michael Dunlop

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