3 Money Making Tips

Here are 3 of the 10 best money making tips I wrote down from the Dan Kennedy SuperConference I attended on the weekend…(the remaining 7 will be reviewed in the June OSP Inner Circle newsletter

1) Make Money with Speed

Ooops, this isn’t actually from the seminar, but it’s still a great tip…

On the flight home I read the latest “Inc.” magazine, and it had an interview with Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh. They asked Tony what ONE thing would he do differently, and he said:

“I’d do things FASTER”.

That was the kick in the butt/slap across the face I needed to come home and move a couple of my projects ahead faster.

As a result, I made an extra $217 directly attributable to doing things faster on Monday.

So what can you do faster today?

Please don’t tell me you are still trying to finish the same e-book you started last December. Just get it done already!

Quit going slow…and start doing things FASTER by TAKING ACTION today!

2) Add more VALUE

One of the best things Kennedy said this weekend was, “if your sales are down, its because you aren’t giving enough value”.

So what can you do to add value to your ebook offer, membership site, or bootcamp classes. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Don’t get complacent. Add more value and “astonish” your audience, and you’ll get happier customers who stick around longer.

3) Sell Different

When Kennedy told the crowd to…

- sell differently
- sell something different
- sell to someone different

…I felt like he was describing my Turbulence Training Bootcamp project, because that is exactly what I did.

I hit a new market in a different way with a new angle. And the results were so good it even shocked me! I’ve basically created an entirely NEW 6-figure business from scratch, just by being different.

So can you sell to someone different? Sell something else? Sell to someone else?

However, in addition to just being different, there was one other thing I did to make this a HUGE success, and NOT doing this is a mistake made by 95% of folks who try to sell stuff online.

I’ll reveal that ONE THING you must do at the www.FastTracktoFitnessMillions.com event at the end of this month.

=> Click here to grab your spot at the Fast Track event

And finally…

I need your help. What should I talk about at the event?

I have my presentation mostly done, but is there something specific you’d like to discover?

If so, let me know…and just post your suggestions below…thanks!

See in Jersey,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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May 5, 2009

Steve @ 9:43 am

Great tips Craig!

See you in New Jersey,

Stephen Cabral

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Jeremy and Alissa Nelms @ 11:54 am

Hey, Craig. I just wanted you to know that you are really putting out some great stuff here on the blog. Can’t wait to see your new Word Press version (as well as what it will do for your traffic and Alexa rankings!)

Take care,

Jeremy Nelms

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Rick Kaselj - Healing Through Movement @ 3:22 pm


To be honest, I got more out of you last post than then this one.

I am working on the process of getting books done faster. Starting to get the team built and the process down. Just wrapping up a special report on core stability.

I just did a business talk in Regina, Saskatchewan. I recorded the presentation and listen to it again. I though I gave them a lot of great information but it was way too much. It was at my level and not at my audience level. That would be one of my tips.

I should have told more stories will a business lesson in it. I think they would have remembered and been able to relate better.

I would want more info on how to do Twitter. Your last post had great info on Facebook. I just can’t get Twitter.

That is it.

Looking forward to more great info.

Rick Kaselj
the Fitness Professionals Source for Exercise and Injuries

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