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Twitter this. Facebook that. It seems like everyone is talking about Facebook and Twitter these days.

The problem is that you have Facebook and Twitter accounts and only seem to waste time talking to old high school friends. So are these “social media” sites useless or are they really a good way to build your business?

The good news is that Facebook and Twitter are PROVEN ways to build bootcamps, market your gym, and even sell more fitness ebooks and DVD’s.

My research has shown that Twitter is better for selling e-books while Facebook is better for getting clients to bootcamps, gyms, and personal training. So let’s look at Facebook first.

The most popular way to use Facebook is to set up a personal profile and become friends with everyone you’ve ever known. But when using Facebook for professional reasons, you need to be picky about who you friend.

Focus on building a network of quality Facebook friends, as this can be even more powerful than building an email list, because with Facebook, you can learn much more demographic information about your friends (birthdays, age, interests, etc.).

The real power of Facebook is found in what is called, “the news feed”. Every activity and action you take inside of Facebook is relayed to everyone in your network (i.e. your friends) and this can spread virally.

The BEST way to use the power of the news feed is to share video and photos of your bootcamps and personal training facility. This will alert all of your Facebook friends, and if one of them watches your video, it will alert all of their friends that they are watching your video.

That’s how your video can spread between networks and will attract high quality connections back to you.

You can also get high quality friends by creating a Facebook group. For example, if you live in Bellevue, Nebraska, you might start a Bellevue Fitness group, and invite everyone in Fargo who lists “fitness” as one of their interests to join.

This is a great way to build quality friends and you can then have a conversation about fitness with those people, and eventually turn them to the topic of your training.

Each day you should add up to 20 new friends, focusing on high quality friends. You could even outsource the “friending” of people to an assistant. For everyone that signs up for your group, your assistant could go through their friend list and “add/friend” everyone from their list.

However, always focus on building relationships first, and don’t be too heavy-handed with your marketing or always asking people to buy or signup for training or bootcamps.

Instead, just be friends and become a trusted expert in the area of fitness to your Facebook network. Once folks trust you, they will be happy and eager to pay for your services.

Finally, you can also use Facebook is to start a Fan Page. This might sound silly, but if you run a bootcamp in Bellevue with 60 members who also use Facebook, then you should start a Fan Page devoted to your bootcamp and invite all of your members to join.

This way, you can communicate directly to those fans without having to go through email (and therefore you don’t have to worry about pesky spam filters).

Plus, building a Fan Page will get indexed by Google, and folks searching for “Bellevue Bootcamp” on Google will have a good chance of coming across your Facebook Fan Page.

Just remember to put your keywords in the title of your Facebook Fan Page. Building a Fan Page is one of the fastest ways to get business boosting results with Facebook.

Even though that sounds like a lot of work, you only need to spend 10 minutes a day on Facebook. Log in, post a link, update your status, add a video, and tell your friends to check it out. That’s it.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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May 2, 2009

Kirk Ream @ 8:52 am

Hey Craig,
I already have a personal facebook account. Should I create a new one for just my bootcamp/training business? Or should I make it a group using my current personal facebook account? What do you think? Thanks for all the great info!

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May 4, 2009

Rommel Acda @ 12:27 am

Were you talking to me Craig? LOL! This is kind of what we’ve been doing the past 3 weeks, but the clarity in this post will help me kill it from this point.

Thanks for another great post as usual!

- Rommel

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Rick Kaselj - Healing Through Movement @ 10:35 am


Great post. Initially read it last night in the Calgary Airport. Re-read it today. Took notes and targeted the notes to my customers. Will work on process that I can create, test them out and then hand them over to the virtual assistant. Thanks so much.

Rick Kaselj
Exercises For Injuries – The Fitness Professionals Source for Exercises and Injuries.

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