3 Tips to Beat Recession & Make More Money Online

Writing this after a crazy first day in rainy Chicago at the Dan Kennedy SuperConference…

…where we got to hear from the lovely and talented Ivanka Trump (aka The Donald’s daughter).

Smart girl. Very articulate.

Of course, Kennedy’s smart too, just not as easy on the eyes.

He gave us 3 strategies to beat the recession, and it all had to do with who, how, and what we were selling. By making simple changes in those details, we can make a LOT more money, even in tough times.

Case in point:

My TT Bootcamp Workouts package.

1) I changed WHAT I was selling (from “fat loss” to “biz opp”).

2) I changed HOW I sold it (used different affiliates).

3) I changed WHO I sold it to (targeted trainers and folks interested in making a career change).

This big shift, and the profits I made, are directly due to advice I’ve gotten from Kennedy’s books, CD’s, and newsletters.

The guy is one of the best small-business marketing minds on the planet.

But like all of us, Kennedy’s made a few mistakes.

In fact, at my OSP seminar back in 2007 I talked about the 3 lessons he wished he knew earlier in his business.

1. Price elasticity
He wished he knew that it was easier to raise prices than most of us think it is. For example, if you’ve ever raised your training rates, you know that most people shrug it off, and even if a few don’t, you still end up ahead of the game (by charging more and working less).

2. Increased transaction size
Kennedy wished he had spent more time earlier in his career doing everything possible to increase transaction size.

I’m doing that now with my new “TT store” at:

=> Turbulence Training Fat Loss Workouts

We offer single workouts, but bundle those into upsells and even membership to increase the average transaction value.

Same way McDonald’s made billions with supersizing…even at 10 cents per “upsell”, with all those customers, it adds up over time.

3. Continuity
Kennedy didn’t put recurring revenue in place early enough. And most trainers don’t either.

But I guarantee you and I could find a way to create a monthly product you could deliver to your clients.

I do it with my membership site, and Holly Rigsby does a brilliant job (perhaps the best in the fitness industry?) with her Fit Yummy Mummy DVD of the Month.

And I’ll be discovering many more ways to help you do continuity when I head out for dinner tonight with Ryan Deiss, the world’s foremost expert in membership sites.

Listen, I just can’t say enough good things about this event and the Dan Kennedy newsletters that I get every month.

And I’ve arranged for you to get two months of Dan’s newsletters for FREE at this website:

=> Click here for your free newsletters

Looking forward to more Kennedy secrets tomorrow,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Like Dan, there’s a few things I wish I’d done earlier in my life…

And in business, the biggest regret I have is the wasted years from being too stubborn to invest in my education.

I bet I’m 10x’s cheaper than anyone reading this…and it cost me years of success and thousands of dollars.

Don’t let it cost you.

Take a change on Dan’s newsletters. Again, you get 2 months free and if you don’t like it, you can just cancel.

But I guarantee you’ll love it and it will help you build a REAL business, not a just an okay-paying personal trainer job.

After all, how long can you really go getting up at 5am to train people from sun-up to sun-down?

If you want out of that, start here:

=> Get Your Free Gift From Dan Kennedy

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April 30, 2009

Kaiser @ 9:14 pm

Yeah Craig, Dan’s materials are right on point – The man is simply the best, and someone all of us small business owners must pay attention too -

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