How to Start Making Money Online Selling Info Products

I spent a LOT of time yesterday thinking about how i can help you get started making money online selling your info products. And all of the ideas below came to me while I was out walking Bally the Dog last night.

This specific example deals with fitness experts, but you can easily use the same tips no matter what niche market you are in…or at least the smart, ambitious folks will be able to see that.

So here’s what I would do if I was starting all over again…

if I didn’t have a product or an email list or even a website.

1) The first thing I’d do is set up a wordpress blog.

You can get something as snazzy looking as my friend Alex Maroko’s site for less than $200 by finding folks on to do the work for you.

(BTW – You might think it is ironic that someone who has a blogger blog is telling you to create a wordpress blog…well, we’re working on transferring this one over to wordpress…should be done soon!)

2) I’d do some keyword research and start posting lots of great content and video on the site.

Why? Because as legendary radio man Paul Harvey once said, “Selling is simple if preceded by trust.”

So create content, and build up trust with your readers, and show them you are an expert who cares.

3) I’d have a password protected area added to my wordpress blog.

You can do this with wordpress plugins. Again, get the geeks from to do it for you.

4) I’d create new workout program every month that are only available inside the password protected area.

Creating a new 4-week workout every month is lot less intimidating than trying to create a “BIG” manual with bonuses and all that jazz…

You should be able to get a 4-week workout program done (created in a word document with exercise photos and instructions and some nutrition guidelines) in less than 8 hours. Just take a look at any Turbulence Training fat loss workout program. It’s a simple design. All that matters is the content!

You could also film a video of the workout and use a free hosting service like to provide it to your members. This could also be an upsell. Basic level product is the workout plus forum (see below), and deluxe membership is workout plus forum plus video.

Finally, as each month goes by, you have more and more content you can put into your “archives” for “Platinum Members” or to sell as a bundle or to sell as individual back issues to new customers.

5) Get the geeks install a forum inside the password protected area.

The forum is an essential part of building a community to keep folks happy and to get them to stick around and to become part of the social support community they never want to leave.

6) Start charging $4.95 per month for access to the password protected area.

I know it sounds awfully cheap, but you’ll get folks staying around forever.

It’s got to be extremely tough times for someone to cancel a $4.95 product that gives them a ton of value. And if we get to that point, we’ll probably all be in bunkers toting shotguns. Heck, you can spend $4.95 at Starbucks on one drink!

So you’ll build up a lot of happy clients…while at the same time building up your product base, PLUS you’ll be getting amazing feedback from your members at the same time.

(That’s one BIG thing most trainers aren’t getting…because they have a $40 ebook that sells 1 copy per week and they don’t get much feedback so they never know what they are doing wrong…but with the $4.95 approach, you’ll get 20 times the feedback. If you are in it for the long term and you just don’t have a “BIG IDEA” yet, the $4.95 method is the way to go.)

There’s also a lot of money to be made by referring your customers to affiliate products. (Ones that you truly believe in and compliment your product, of course.)

So that’s what I would do if I were in your shoes…if you didn’t really have a product, a BIG IDEA, an email list, or even a website…

…but you have the knowledge, courage, and committment to know that you are going to be a success online.

Hope that helps,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – More to come on blogging, site building, selling, and what’s working for me

… in the May OSP Issue that I’m just “putting to bed” this week.

You’ll discover…

- the 15 secrets of my latest product launch
- the 3 questions to ask yourself when creating a new product
- the truth about “pushing the free line and giving content away”
- 5 secrets to building an online community
- 9 essential Twitter secrets for getting more followers
- My Daily Checklist (that makes me money and keeps me happy)

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Comments on How to Start Making Money Online Selling Info Products »

April 22, 2009

Marc @ 11:11 am


Have you been living inside my head the last couple days as thats the rough outline of what I was thinking about. Maybe I hadn’t got the details all down, but hell I’ve been writing my boot camp workouts down every session, why not bundle them into four week programs and sell them from a “shop” on my website or as you have just suggested.

Marc Kent

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Dan Schwed - Belly Off - Muscle On! @ 11:24 am

Thanks Craig, great info! Really appreciate your efforts to help us!

Dan Schwed

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Jaison Naiker @ 12:13 pm

What program would you use to charge the $4.95 monthly fee? This is great, great information!

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Mike T Nelson @ 12:23 pm

Great stuff Craig!
This was just what I needed to get my butt in gear now. I was thinking about converting my over to word press. I have 2 years of stuff there, so any insights you have to this process and tips I would love to see them!

Rock on!
Mike T Nelson
PhD(c), CSCS

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Dr. Bryan Walsh @ 12:54 pm


The value in this short blog is amazing. You literally walk someone step-by-step through the process of starting up a successful online business.

It’s everything you espouse in your business – community, feedback, constant content – which based on your success, obviously works.

Awesome post and one I will put to use right away.

Thanks a million.

Dr. Bryan Walsh

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Rick Kaselj - Healing Through Movement @ 2:06 pm


Thanks for the great post.

You gave me so many ideas.

I am off to go for a run and this will help my mind run.

I am one of those people that writes 177 page manuals on Scoliosis & Exercise. I am going to take your tip and rip it up into – $9.95 workout / $39.95 e-course / $125 manual.

Looking forward to the OSP Inner Circle Newsletter.

Your blog is the most profitable 5 mintues in my day.

Rick Kaselj
Scoliosis and Exercise Manual

[Reply to this] @ 2:27 pm

Great work Marc!

Thanks Dan!

And Jaison, you could use anything from Clickbank to 1shoppingcart to paypal for the payments.

[Reply to this] @ 2:28 pm

Thank you Dr. Walsh!

[Reply to this] @ 2:29 pm

Great job as always Rick. You are a great Action Taker!


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Kaiser @ 4:58 pm

Great ideas here, Craig – Yes, bonuses and all that ‘jazz’ can be a lot of work – haha -

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Angie Schumacher @ 7:52 pm

Ohh..loving these ideas! Thanks Craig! Good stuff!

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Shane Miller... @ 11:10 pm

Hey Craig,

Just checked out sitepoint as you suggested as i’m wanting to switch my blogspot over to wordpress as well, and you said to get the geeks over there to set it all up for you and a fancy site for less than $200.. ok.. went to the site… loads of info all over the place… but don’t see any sign for “geeks” ready to help! LOL

Help! please!


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April 23, 2009

FitAndBusyDad @ 7:46 am

Hey Man,

You keep on pounding us with AMAZING FREE CONTENT! This is stuff that people would pay for and you’re giving it away for FREE!

Awesome job and great post! Keep up the good work.


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Alex Maroko @ 10:03 am


Just head right over to the “Marketplace” section Sitepoint and put up an ad. You will get TONS of motivated people who want to help you!

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Shane Miller... @ 12:15 pm

Thx Alex!

[Reply to this] @ 8:35 pm

Thanks Alex!

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April 24, 2009

Anonymous @ 1:34 pm

Maybe your best post ever.

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April 27, 2009

Steven Morris @ 3:47 pm

What do you guys suggest for membership area? Do you need something like membergate or can you do it straight through wordpress?

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May 5, 2009

Marc @ 9:46 am

Hi Craig,

Well I’m all over this idea like a tramp on chips.

One thing, I’ve got my add up on elance for a word press theme with pass wrod member area and a forum. Without sounding thick, what do I do with this once its made?

Is it a case of uploading it to a hosting company such as godaddy and them I start witht the content?



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