Five UFC Marketing Tips

This weekend I hit a road trip to Montreal to check out my first UFC fight. Great time. In fact, it was nearly a flawless weekend. I went up with one of my best friends and we rolled into the Bell Center arena at about 9pm.

My buddy is in the clothing and real estate markets, and we were both there as much for marketing ideas as we were for the fights. And to be honest, while the fights disappointed, the marketing lessons we got from the crowd did not.

After all, the UFC knows what they are doing with marketing. They sold over $4.9 million dollars of tickets to that event (average ticket price of over $200).

All this despite the fact that Montreal is suffering from the recession (a cabdriver taking us to one of Montreal’s packed nightclubs said the city has been slow since last July).

So between watching the fights and checking out the crowd, I came up with the top 5 UFC Marketing Tips you can use in your online business today (with a little help from another one of my friends, nutrition expert, Brad Pilon).

1) Know Your Audience

Brad believes this is the most important factor in the success of the UFC.

“Know who your rabid fans are,” Brad says, “and don’t worry about anyone else.”

And that’s a great point. You have to focus on serving a specific person and do everything you can to make them happy. As I say in the OSP Entourage Marketing Seminar, you have to exclude a lot of people in order to connect deeply with a small number of important people.

When you do that, you’ll build your business on a core market, and eventually it will grow, so don’t worry. Remember, the UFC didn’t start last year. It’s been around for a long time. But it didn’t start to take off until it accepted who it’s “rabid fans” were and started doing everything it could to make them happy.

So find out “who is your who”. To find out who that is for you, do the related exercise from my FREE OSP Ad Copy Seminar.

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2 – Create Experiences

There wasn’t a dull moment in the evening (okay, with the exception of some of the fights!). But otherwise, the UFC had everything set up to make the night unforgettable. In fact, they even had some of their star fighters just sitting in the audience with the regular “joes”. That’s going to create an experience that everyone there will be telling their friends about.

What can you do this week to go the extra mile to make your bootcamp or membership forum more exciting? What can you do that will get people talking?

3 – Pump Up Your Superstars

One thing the UFC did again and again was to show Georges St. Pierre (one of their biggest stars and a native of Montreal) on the big screen. This pumped up the crowd. And then there was the Chuck Liddell tribute.

Each of these served to recognize the importance of the fighters to the UFC.

And you should do the same with your clients. Reward them for taking action. Have a “bootcamp member” of the week in your classes. Give praise to someone for a job well done if you run a forum. (I just started giving out a free month for “tip of the week”).

What can you do to reward people and give them recognition and pump them up and make them excited about being connected to you?

4 – Plan and Prepare

As soon as one fight finished the UFC had the next fight all “tee’d up” and ready to go. There were no long, awkward breaks in the action.

On the other hand, most trainers use a “fly by the seat of their pants” approach to getting through the day. Instead, you need to take a lesson from the UFC and script out your day to the minute so that you get the maximum amount of work done in the shortest amount of time.

Here’s a take action tip. Do a time log of your day, writing down everything you do in 15 minute chunks. You’ll find where you are wasting time and the truth about how long you are spending on low-profit activities. Fix that. Plan your day. Get more work done!

5 – Become a Superstar

The UFC crowd looked like a giant Halloween costume, with almost everyone there dressed up to resemble their favorite fighter.

You had GSP fans sporting head bans. Liddell fans with mohawks. And almost every single fan where a t-shirt featuring their favorite fighter. You literally could have sectioned off the building by “fighter sections” and placed about 75% of the crowd into at least one area.

People need superstars. They need people to admire and follow and trust and look up to. Not only do you need to lead by example, but you also need be loud and proud of your confidence.

As Brad said to me, “Dana White makes sure the world knows that the UFC features the absolute BEST fighters in the world. He NEVER says that the UFC features just ’some’ of the best.”

And most fitness experts need to be a little more bold in how they come across and promote their message. Most of you are too wishy washy. So find a way you can step up your confidence and the delivery of your message today.

If you truly believe in your ability, do NOT hesitate to tell the world today!

Let me know YOUR favorite UFC marketing tip below,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Dana White ripped off some of my ideas from…

…the Online SuperProfits Entourage Marketing Course.

There are a lot of similarities in how Dana runs that business and what I tell fitness experts they need to do in order to make more money online.

Click here to read more about the OSP Entourage Marketing secrets

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April 19, 2009 @ 9:13 pm

One more tip…

Fill a hole in the marketplace

Twenty years ago, there really wasn’t any MMA fighters at all. But someone had the idea to fill a hole in the marketplace – rather than trying to be another “me too” organization.

That’s what you need to do as well. Don’t try to be another short fat loss workout. We’ve got millions of those. So what else can you bring to the table?

Just last week I launched a Done-For-You bootcamp workout program. No other big time fitness expert was serving this need…and I crushed it last week, selling hundreds of copies.


Because I went where there was NO competition.

What hole can you fill?

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Lani Muelrath @ 9:46 pm

Great list Craig, and right on in so many respects.

Seeking to be something to everyone is perhaps the number one mistake fitpreneurs (new word just now!) make. And duplicating what else is out there, as well.

I’d also add connecting with your own authentic experience. Each of us has a story to tell that can connect with a certain, focused group that wants what we were able to achieve and have. When I started watering that and cultivating telling my story so that those who were looking for those answers, then things really took off for my business.

And it creates a mutually satisfactory experiece, for clients and myself – which is one of my ground rules for my business.

Thanks for sharing from the weekend!


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Kaiser @ 9:50 pm

Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if Dana read that OSP stuff, Craig – :) )

He’s built quite an entourage and is definitely a businessman to model –

You said it, The UFC doesn’t seek approval from everyone but have fans that will back and support the sport like nobody’s business -

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Alexander Morentin @ 9:52 pm

Hi Craig,
My favorite is Know Your Audience… and serve them.

This is what has taken my business to the next level.
Once I established my niche and focused all my energy to serving their needs, things started fall into place. :-)

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Jesse @ 10:36 pm

Pass the free line. Dana White, or whoever is in charge of marketing the UFC is brilliant. Some time ago they surpassed WWF Wrestling and boxing.

They’ve lured boxing fans by showing the excitement and educating them about the MMA sport.

As most know the UFC can now be seen on major networks not just Spike TV.

Recent Ultimate Fighting fights can often be viewed for free after about a month or so.

So, the million dollar questions is “how can trainers or boot camp operators pass the free line?”

A newsletter?

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April 20, 2009

Rick Kaselj - Healing Through Movement @ 10:25 am


Great insight.

I have listen to the adcopy seminar 5 times. Never printed out the notes. They are 30 pages long. Just printed them out. Will read today.

Rick Kaselj
Get Your $299 Fitness Education Gift

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Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS @ 10:52 am

Jesse, great point. I forgot about that one…but you are right, they’ve stepped it up a notch there.

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AffiloblueprintReviews @ 10:39 pm

Take a look at Nascar. They too have created rabid fans by providing great entertainment and listening to their loyal base.

Great blog Craig.

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