3 Things I Should Have Done Sooner!

I’m spending this week out in the country, taking it easy and doing some extra hiking with Bally my dog…

This morning we walked through my dad’s old fields, criss-crossed the stream that runs behind where his barn used to be, chased some groundhogs (Bally, not me), and then we did a little wrestling.

Then I had to feed my spoiled lil’ dog his breakfast, rub his belly, and share my breakfast with him.

All in all, a great start to the day for the “Father of the Fitness E-book“, as one guy called me this week.

I’m a lucky guy. Things sure have gone my way.

But to be honest, I made a few mistakes over the years…in fact, here are 3 things I wish I would have done earlier…and if you do them, you can probably be more successful than me!

1) I waited too long to get a mentor.

When I finally did, my business went from good to great. This is absolutely the most important thing I ever did. By a factor of 100. If you do nothing else next week, find a mentor.

2) I waited too long to take advantage of social media.

I’m doing alright on Youtube, blogging, and twitter these days, but man, somedays I think, “what if” I had gotten going with these sites just a few months earlier…Oh well, no matter what, I want you to keep working on these everyday!

3) I waited too long to start studying Dan Kennedy’s marketing materials.

I kept putting it off and putting it off. I should have gotten intohis stuff earlier.

In fact, if you told me I had to stop going to all seminars and I could no longer get any newsletters, with the exception of one, I would choose Kennedy’s stuff – hands down.

After all, he’s the guy teaching all the other guys that are teaching marketing. He is the millionaire maker.

And that’s why I’m skipping one of the biggest fitness marketing seminars (sorry Bedros!) to go to Chicago this April 29 to May 3 to learn from Kennedy at his annual Superconference.

If you wanna join me, just grab your spot through this link.

=> Click here to attend the life-changing Kennedy Super Conference

We can chill out and grab a Green Tea or a cold beer between sessions, and you can ask me all your fitness marketing questions (but only if you sign-up through that link!).

That’s free consulting worth way more than the seminar investment.

Plus, the Superconference features Ivanka Trump, who is smarter than she is pretty.

And the session I wouldn’t miss for all the natural chunky peanut butter in the world, “A Night with Dan Kennedy Uncensored”. It’s going to be a legendary night.

Oh, and one more thing. I’m partial to “conspiracy theories”, and I think there is day coming when email will no longer be free and easy,so I’m becoming a serious student of direct mail, and Dan’s spending a bonus day talking about advanced direct mail strategies.

Any fitness expert with an offline business would be crazy to miss out on that session. If you want more clients, Dan’s info will be a gold mine for you.

(I’ve used just a handful of his direct mail secrets to sell tens of thousands of dollars of Online SuperProfits DVD’s and consulting.)

Listen, if you live within a 5 hour flight of Chicago, and you are not going to the Fitness Business Summit that weekend, you’d be borderline INSANE to miss the Kennedy Superconference.

So I’ll see you there.

First beer is on me,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

P.S. Kennedy has knocked 1000 bucks off the seminar investment…

…but only until April 15th!

Don’t miss it.

Register now.

=> Click here to attend the Kennedy Super Conference

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March 27, 2009

Keith @ 12:12 pm

I second your recommendation about Dan Kennedy. I have been on his newsletter for over 3 years and he is the top go-to guy in marketing!

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