13 Ways to Make More Money Online

I’m not going to lie to you, the economy is killing one part of my business. But no big deal, I just went out and found 3 ways to make up for it.

That’s what happens when you find Multiple Streams of Income.

It’s why I’ve been able to double my business 3 years in a row.

Plus, I always like to think…”What would I do if my main source of income DISAPPEARED tomorrow?”

Makes me brainstorm back-up plans.

And you MUST have a back-up plan…alternative options…and multiple streams of income.

So let’s go through every which way you can get some cash with your Internet biz…

1) Sell your ebook

2) Add an upsell

3) Sell follow-up products & sell the e-book in video format.

4) Create cheaper entry-level e-books (like I have in my TT Workout Store here)

5) Sell awesome affiliate products to your email list

6) Create a killer blog and sell phone coaching, e-books (via paypal), and awesome affiliate products (heck, this one doesn’t require any investment on your part!)

7) Build up a following on twitter and recommend awesome affiliate products to them (again, no investment!)

8) Create a membership site or offline recurring billing product.

9) Teleseminars or webinars.

10) Create another business by teach other trainers your training secrets (via e-book, teleseminar, webinar, or offline seminar)

11) Host an offline training seminar that you fill via your emaillist, blog, or website

12) Partner up with another trainer to create a new product in a different niche (like I’m working with Susan Hill on The Golf Fitness Challenge)

13) Film youtube videos and promote awesome affiliate products.

Tons of ways to do things.

Please let me know what I missed…are you making money with Facebook? Let me know how…what else is missing? How are you selling fitness online?

And I’ll teach you how to do all of those and more this May in New Jersey at the Fast Track to Fitness Millions event.

If your clock is set to Eastern Standard Time, you have no excuse for missing this.

It’s a quick flight for anyone on this side of thecountry.In fact, this seminar is so important that I’m PAYING for everyone in my Mastermind Group to attend!

If you don’t have a good excuse to miss this (wedding, funeral, bar mitzvah, hunting trip, deadlift workout), then why bother trying to sell anything on the Internet at all?

You may as well “turn the lights off” on your site if you decide to skip this.

=> Click here to grab your spot at Fast Track to Fitness Millions

It’ll be another life-changing seminar,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – I’ll even buy you a beer at the seminar while we chat about getting your online business kicking butt!

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