The Big Mistake Most Experts Make When Trying to Make Money Online

CB+and+Jesse+and+car The Big Mistake Most Experts Make When Trying to Make Money Online

I get hundreds of emails every week from experts who want help selling info products online…
…and there’s one recurring email that drives me nuts…and it is stoppin people from finally making more money (or any money) online.
Here’s how the email usually goes…
“I have this GREAT idea for an info product…but I ALSO have this fear that I can’t seem to shake that other experts are going to copy what I do. All I can focus on is how to protect my idea. And because of that, I just can’t seem to get going.”
My reply:
Well, first, how do you know that it’s really a good idea that everyone is going to want? That’s one big mistake that way too many folks make…and they end up wasting huge amounts of time and energy on creating products that don’t sell.

So you have to make sure (through surveys and testing) that folks truly want your product.
But that’s not the biggest problem you have.
The more important problem to deal with is your scarcity mindset (and your lack of ACTION).
What are you WAITING for?

Do you really think that having 100% of nothing is better than having (at worst) 90% of something?
Yes, people are going to copy you, but they’ll never be as good as you if you truly are the first one to have an original, amazing product.
People try to copy me everyday. Some people have good results, but most don’t.

People also try to copy and rip off Jesse James everyday (that’s a picture above of me and Jesse in Mexico about to go off-road racing in some mean machines). But there is only ONE Jesse James and Monster Garage.

Jesse James and I are often imitated, but never duplicated, because we were the first ones to bring our brand and style to the market. So no matter how hard other people copy us, they just can’t BE us (or beat us).

And that goes the same for you. Your competitors will not “catch” you because…
a) they don’t have the “secret sauce” of your original
b) they won’t have the complex marketing system you have (if you learn my Online SuperProfits System)
c) they will be lazier than you
d) they aren’t you! (and they will never be as good as you!)
So…you have to get over that! After all, you’re not making any sales of it now…so wouldn’t it be better to at least start making SOME sales from your idea? Even if people did copy you?

You just gotta TAKE ACTION. Stop thinking, start working.

So to EVERYONE reading…

Promise me just one thing…that you will TAKE ACTION today and everyday for the next month until you finally have that product ready and online.

Drop me a line below and let me know how you are going to TAKE ACTION today!
If you do, I’ll promise to take 10 minutes to check out your siteand product (and at $600 per hour – what I charge for consulting – that’s a $100 gift to you…but only if you TAKE ACTION now!).

Let’s get going,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – If you are sick and tired of struggling online…
…then let me show you my proven Online SuperProfits System for selling ebooks, DVD’s, and membership sites on the Internet.
It’s a simple step by step plan for success.
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Comments on The Big Mistake Most Experts Make When Trying to Make Money Online »

March 22, 2009

pnw fitness @ 5:06 pm

I've been marketing online for going on 10 years now. Had a few medium sized member sites, but never have come up with my own info product.

My problems online have always been:

1) Having to relying on other people (who flake out & kill momentum).

2) Don't feel I'm an expert at anything.

3) Just when I think I have an original idea, I find someone who already did it to a T.

I don't seem to be able to break away from the above, so this past year I quit stressing so much about it and just been doing what makes me happy even if it doesn't make really any money.

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Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS @ 7:18 pm

You know Craig, I’ve had a lot of doubts about my online business being successful, but for some reason, these issues were never even a consideration for me.

I guess I’ve just always been so determined that I will outwork everyone in my niche so they wouldn’t even bother trying to duplicate me.

I think one of the keys for me is trying to make a product that is so bloody good, and with such a high affiliate commission, that anyone who would even consider getting into the same game would just rather promote my product than do all the hard work of making their own.

I know Vince has taken this mentality with his product, and I really think he’s hit the nail on the head.

As for me, how am I going to take action today?

a) Write a 500-700 word article and post it on Ezine articles.

b) Re-write the same article and post it on my blog.

c) Re-write a third time and make it a landing page on my website

d) Write a press release on the same topic and submit it to

Thanks Craig!

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Don @ 10:44 pm

Hi Craig
I guess for me it is the learning curve in setting up a web page, I have bought your SOP and love it so far and have had some great results using a few tips I have picked up already for my You Tube video but this is not what I am trying to put together for my online product. I have NO former web experience so it is a huge step out of my current field and this can be very frustrating. I am not sure if my idea is new but people that I have talked to seem to think it is a great idea.
So what am I doing to make this a reality?
First I purchased your SOP material.
Second tried a few tips on my You Tube video, now ranking number 2 on a particular google search, under guess who, YOU, LOL
Next signed up for a web help site and conference on online marketing.
Purchased the domain names.
I have also partitioned my time allotting time for my family, current field and studying, studying, studying! This one has helped immensely.
Next is trying to make enough money quickly to join a Mastermind group of successful people who are already doing what I want to be doing and thus be held accountable.
And although this may not be a very politically correct thing to say here, but it is the truth, so I will say it : I pray and give thanks to my Provider!

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March 23, 2009

Rick Kaselj - Healing Through Movement @ 5:36 am


Great post.

What action am I taking:

1) My off line business is busy. My week if full but I know my future is my on line business. I got up at 3 am to work on my on line business.

2) Listening to OSP Entourage DVD 4.

3) Working on getting tasks to my virtual assistant to double my action power.

4) Working on my weekly action plan.

5) Photos for an ebook bonus gift for a friends new ebook.

6) E-mail my list, reminding them about the amazing conference that I am hosting this weekend.

Great post.

Rick Kaselj
Exercises for Injuries

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Rick Kaselj - Healing Through Movement @ 6:58 am

This is what I have done of the last 1.25 hours:

- Sent conference organizer my equipment list. I am the keynote for a conference in Edmonton.
- Got a great article idea from reading one of you OSP blog post
- Listen to OSP Entourage DVD 4
- Posted blog post to Facebook
- replied to peoples comments on Facebook
- activated Youtube video
- worked on blog post with Youtube video
- worked on e-mail to newsletter for Tuesday
- posted to the Facebook wall of a fitness site
- worked on Mondays e-mail
- sent Monday e-mail
- replied to a company that is interested in having me come out and present to their therapists

Still lots more to do.

Rick Kaselj
Exercises For Injuries

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GymJohn @ 8:14 am

Funny you write about this today Craig as I have made my action list for the week to finally complete my product.

I’ve been testing a 6 week programme out, giving it away for free on my PT site, and have had great results from the feedback.

Mind you I find it very hard to get more feedback from my list even when I offer ‘bribes’ etc

So here’s my action plan for the week

Monday – Compile all my programmes for the product and layout all exercises need for photos etc

Tuesday – Take photos of all exercises and edit them

Wednesday – Finalise Manual

Thursday – Write follow up emails

Friday -Edit

Monday Launch!

John O’C

[Reply to this] @ 4:56 pm

Don and Rylan, great work, keep it up. Always doing something everyday!


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March 24, 2009

Kaiser @ 10:10 am

Yup, that scarcity mindset doesn’t do anyone good – I’d definitely rather have 90% of something – A lot of times, in order to make yourself money, you have to make a lot of other people money in the process – and there’s nothing wrong with that -

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