How to Create Youtube Videos & What Equipment Do You Need

We get lots of folks asing for help creating youtube videos, and lots of questions about what camera do folks need. So here are my tips, along with the secrets of some other fitness experts.

Our current setup & investment is:
camera $700
mics $700
lights $500
editing software $60 (or free if comes with your computer and/or camera).
tripod $50
tapes $10 ea

Another fitness expert said…

“My video camera is pretty entry level: Sony DCRHC52 Mini DV.

I’m satisfied with it, as it only cost me about $300. But it doesn’t support a wireless microphone, and that’s something that I want to start using to increase the audio quality of my YouTube videos, so I figure in the next few months I will buy a more expensive camera that will allow me to use a wireless mic.

I use an inexpensive tripod that I bought from Future Shop:

Also, I recently learned of an inexpensive way to improve the lighting of your videos. Rather than buying an expensive film lighting kit, you can use inexpensive work lights to help improve the lighting of your YouTube videos. So I bought two of these from Walmart, and they’re working perfectly fine for me:

For only 30 dollars, I now have 1000 watts of extra light to help make my videos look a bit better (some of my early videos were very poorly lit).

I edit the videos myself using Final Cut Pro on my Apple laptop. I like having the control of being able to film videos, edit them myself, and upload them to YouTube all in the same day.”

That’s all you need.

Simple stuff!

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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