3 Most Influential Books I’ve Read

 3 Most Influential Books Ive Read

Just got finished doing one of the hundreds of interviews I do each year, and I got asked a tough question…

“What are the 3 most influential books in your life?”
This wasn’t the first time I’d been asked, but that question always stumped me in the past…
However, in last 18 months I’ve finally narrowed it down from the hundreds of books to just these 3 (excluding the Bible):

#3 – Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
Okay, it’s not a “great read”, and its about 700 pages too long, but the message is important and essential for more people to know about.
The amazing thing about this book is that it was originally published over 50 years ago…and it’s scary to think that each day we get a step closer to fantasy as reality.

#2 – Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl
I think about this book a lot. Mostly because it is a sharp kick in the butt when you think that your life is tough. Your troubles ain’t nuthin compared to what Frankl went through.

The courage, discipline, and persistence they exhibited is astounding when they simply could have given up. It is a powerful reminder of the resiliency of both the human mind and body…and a powerful reminder to be grateful for everything we have and take for granted in life.

#1 – The Go Giver
A simple little book with a powerful message. You can probably read it in one evening and begin applying the Go-Giver rules immediately with an instant “return on investment”.
I’ve read other books like this, such as, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, and I liked that too…but rule #2 in the Go-Giver is pretty much the Secret to Success.
I received this book as a gift from both Yanik Silver and Carrie “The Barefoot Exec” Wilkerson, and I’ve since sent it out to about a dozen of my friends. Grab your copy and let me know what you think about it.
So those are mine…what are the books that have had the greatest influence on you?
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

BTW – I interviewed Carrie for the March Issue of the OSP newsletter.
Folks like OSP Inner Circle Member Chris Lopez are calling her interview “life changing” and “the best interview I’ve ever done”.
You can get a free copy when you grab one of the 3 remaining copies of the original OSP Seminar at the new “last call” price here…

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Comments on 3 Most Influential Books I’ve Read »

March 19, 2009

Bryan kavanagh @ 6:40 pm

hey craig,

#1 The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin

Basically the 1st half is about his chess life and lessons he learned, the second half is about his martial arts successes. Great read. . again it could ‘possibly’ be shorter

#2 The Four Hour Work Week

who hasnt read this on here :-)

#3 Golden Apples – Bill Cullen

How Bill went from living in 1950’s slums of Dublin to millionaire. . 6 simple steps to success. . great read and funny reading in an irish accent ‘me ma, da and granny’ haha

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MakeMoreMoneyOnline.com @ 6:44 pm

Nice! Added those two new ones to my “to get” list


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Robert @ 6:50 pm

Hey Craig,

Atlas is #1 for me as well. I read recently that sales have skyrocketed in the last few months, as people look for answers to the current mess.

Psychocybernetics is another winner, and similarly ahead of its time.

Thanks for all your consistently superb content.

Robert Martin


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MakeMoreMoneyOnline.com @ 6:52 pm

Yes, Psycho-Cyb is another good one. So tough to just choose 3…

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Marathon Warrior @ 7:04 pm

From comments made on the TT forum, I bought Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. Excellent. I saw him speaking in London on my birthday last year which was great.

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jdmann @ 7:13 pm

Dear Craig — My goodness, what an honor! I’m speechless. (Though not keyless.) That’s some pretty serious company to be keeping: Rand and Frankl. (I’ll have to chase down Carrie and Yanik to thank them as well.)

A PhysEd teacher and public HS principal in Indiana have just given the book to their entire senior class; an IT group in the Midwest is using it to keynote their conference; and a 90-year-old Professional Business Women’s organization in Denver has adopted it as their year’s theme.

It never ceases to amaze us the spectrum of people responding to the simple ideas in this little book! Many, many thanks — John

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Bob Burg @ 7:47 pm

Hi Craig, Thank you. Truly an honor for John’s and my book to be included by you in the same company as “Atlas” and “Man’s Search for Meaning” – two of my personal favorites. Much appreciated!! And, yes, amazing how Ayn Rand’s most famous story has – throughout the years – become truer and truer every day. Thanks again, Craig!

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Jason Yun @ 8:42 pm


Most influential book for me was 48 days to the work you love by Dan Miller. Great book, got me to follow my passion and do what I love– Fitness.

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Curtis Mock @ 9:28 pm

Thanks for the new books to read, my Amazon “to buy” list was starting to get thin. One of the most influential books of my life is “Message of a Master”. The author is unknown, but I know you can get this small book on Amazon as I’ve bought it for around 20 friends and clients. It is literally under 100 pages and small…easy to read in 2-3 hours.

Another one I’ve just read recently is the book “Rigged”. Though not necessarily business OR fitness related, it is such a great book to read. It pulls you in and you’ll read it quick.

There are so many good ones though, hard to choose.

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March 20, 2009

Susan @ 9:06 am

The Seven Mysteries Of Life – Guy Murchie: If you open your mind, you can take alot away from this read. Just give yourself plenty of time to absorb the information.

Dot.Bomb, J. David Kuo – Having been in the Internet space since the early/mid-90s, I felt as if I was reading my own personal journal in regards to the lunacy of the bubble (and the aftermath)

The Silver Palate Cookbook – My first cookbook and I while it doesn’t contain the “healthiest” recipes, it opened my mind (and heart) to the possibilities in the kitchen.

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Daniel Munday - Sydneys Fat Loss Expert @ 8:44 pm

Without a doubt the most influencial book I’ve read is Lance Armstrongs It’s Not About The Bike. It’s a powerful lesson on never giving up and about living your life.

Not a business book but you can transfer the work ethic and mindset that Lance has towards anything that you are passionate about.

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March 22, 2009

MakeMoreMoneyOnline.com @ 9:39 am

Thanks Everyone! Really look forward to checking those books out!


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Jason @ 9:05 pm

Psychocybernetics is good, but I think I have to go with Think and Grow Rich. Funny how these old books apply to today. I will give the Go Giver a read too.

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March 29, 2009

Anonymous @ 9:09 am

millionaire upgrade, a lesson in success from those that travel at the sharp end of the plane. by Richard Parkes Cordock, a must read, a motivational small book u can get thru in a day or so, well worth it.

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Dee Tidwell @ 9:11 am

And I am going to stick with the book that’s sold the most copies worldwide and influenced the most people for the good…The Bible.thanks! Dee

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