5 Things I "Stole" From Chris McCombs

Late last fall I got an email from this “dude”, Chris McCombs.

He wanted to interview me for his site.

Turns out he makes a boatload of cash running a training business and is now teaching his methods to trainers like you.

Plus, he’s now making boatloads using his website…so two BIG reasons for you to pay attention to this guy.

This guy knows what he is doing.

(NOTE: His stuff ain’t for everyone…there is some cussin’ and some discussions that many folks won’t like…but there are still lessons to be learned.)

I also have to admit something…

…since that interview, I’ve been stealing from this “dude”. Well, learning AND stealing…

Let’s call it ‘borrowing’.

So here are the top 5 things I’ve “borrowed” from Chris McCombs:

1) Use more images in your blog posts.

I finally got around to putting up a new blog and am using that tip at:

=> Fat Loss Secrets

2) Use his “story selling” method to write better blog posts.

Listen, don’t you dare tell him this, or worse yet, agree with me, but Chris writes much better story blog posts than I do.

Check out how he does it at:

=> http://www.kickbacklife.com

3) He writes short emails that send readers directly to a blog post, rather than putting all of the text in an email.

I’ve copied that with great success, although sometimes I still use the ol’ dinosaur method of putting the content in the email.

4) He has put together a couple of killer “list articles”.

This is smart. Magazines do this all the time. Chris is taking a great model and applying it to online fitness marketing blogging.

People love lists. I have to do waaaaaay more of these. And you should too.

What “list” article can you write today?

The 11 foods you must have in your fridge?

The 17 exercises you must do to get abs?

The 21 secret muscle building exercises of the pros?

Tons of ideas here…

5) And the fifth think I’ve learned from Chris is…

How to spell annihilator.

And you never know when that might come in handy.

You should check out his stuff…again, a warning is needed, his “style” is not for everyone…which is another lesson, he EXCLUDES people in order to connect DEEPER with his market.

That might be the biggest lesson of them all.

And you can learn more from Chris at the event I told you about yesterday.

Don’t miss the:

Chris will be sharing a lot of his business building secrets.

Go. To. That. Event!


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Comments on 5 Things I "Stole" From Chris McCombs »

March 10, 2009

Anonymous @ 4:05 pm

i have known and read craig’s stuff for long while. he is pretty cool guy and know his stuff too. i wished i could have stolen his ideas. LOL…. good stuff here…

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Kaiser @ 5:17 pm

Haha # 5 is a sure jem – hahaha – Yep Chris knows his stuff – If you’re not paying attention to his blog and you’re in fitness, you’re robbing yourself -

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