3 Ways to Get More Website Traffic

The 3 easiest ways to get more website traffic are:

1) SEO

2) Affiliates

3) Advertising

My buddy Mike Geary is a master at all 3…which is why he gets 4 million people to his site every month.

The thing is, trainers often make “getting traffic” harder on themselves than it needs to be by making bad choices.

For example, in Mike’s book, he covers the 3 simple rules of buying a domain name. Most trainers screw this up.

Heck, even I screwed up rule #2 with www.TurbulenceTraining.com. I’d have been so much better off following his steps to naming websites.

The second thing trainers don’t do properly is track their website stats. This is so freaking easy and only takes 3 minutes per day. So get Google Analytics or Statcounter on your site now.

It will open up your eyes to what people are searching for when they end up on your site, and what they do once they get there. Tracking your site is mandatory!

In fact, you ever get a chance to hang around Mike, you’ll hear him say “increase conversions” at least 7 times every hour.


Because Mike is always testing and tracking to see what has increased his website conversions. He’s a machine. And its so simple, everyone can do it.

But not everyone is perfect, and Mike made a screw up last week withhis clickbank account, and he’s not able to increase the price of his small business internet traffic program until Tuesday.

So you have one more day to grab it at half price.

And trust me, it’s worth every penny – actually I guarantee it will be worth 10x’s your investment.

View your copy here:

=> Click here to grab your copy for more traffic

But hurry, the price DOUBLES at midnight on Monday, March 9th.

As Mike says, “Seriously, if you can’t get $150 worth of ideas out of these traffic methods, then you shouldn’t be in internet marketing anyway, because you won’t stand a chance.”

Harsh, but true. You’ll either get this book or you’ll be put out of the online fitness world.

You must get his internet marketing book if you want to succeed,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – I could go on and on about how important this book is for you…

…and about how I found one tip on page 10 that will double the profits of my Transformation Contests…

…or how his one Google tip on page 15 could skyrocket the number of people who find out about your local online business.

…and how you don’t want to be making the simple website mistake Mike exposes on page 27.

Anyways, I had already made my $149 investment back by the time I had finished reading page 4, and I’m sure you’ll get your money back long before you get even 20 pages through this book.

Grab your copy here before the price doubles:

=> Click here to grab your copy for more traffic

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March 8, 2009

Kaiser @ 12:50 pm

Yeah, Craig, anytime you see someone like Mike, who’s got tremendous results ,write a book about it, it would just be silly to ignore that kind of information – if you’re in this field.

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