How to Be a Personal Trainer on the Biggest Loser

Are you ready to be the world’s next biggest personal trainer superstar?

Here’s your chance to be as famous as Jillian and Bob.

NBC is looking for 1-2 NEW trainers for the show to join Jillian and Bob. And a former contestant, Pete Thomas, was kind enough to share this quick audio clip giving you the INSIDE SCOOP on what the producers are looking for.

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Pete told me…

“NBC is looking for a personality that happens to be a trainer NOT just a trainer. They want someone who is the opposite of or a contrast to Bob and Jillian. So here’s what to do…

Make and send in a video that includes the following:

- Testimonials of clients
- Your approach to group fitness
- What’s the heaviest person you have dealt with
- Your experience in working with obese people
- Your best results with overweight clients
- If you’ve trained any celebrity clients
- If you ever trained on TV before (a plus but not necessary)
- Your knowledge of the show
- Your nutritional education background
- What’s your aesthetic approach? (i.e. how do you look and dress)

Here’s the NBC press release on where you can try out for the show (OR you can send in a video according to their guidelines):

=> Click here to send in your video or for casting calls near your city

I hope you get a chance to make it on the show and change lives the way mine has been changed,

Pete Thomas
Speaker Teacher Coach
A Winner At Health And Wellness
Winner of $ 100,000. on NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’

PS – (Pete says: If you do a video then check out Matt’s tips for video at )

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