5 Questions You Must Ask to Make More Money Online

Yesterday was another great day here in Toronto…

I spent the afternoon at an expresso bar having a green tea while preparing for the OSP Jersey seminar…(the topic of the seminar is, “Starting From Scratch”).

But even before the attendees get to the seminar, I gave them homework. They have to prepare answers to these 5 questions:

1) Where are you in your business?
2) Where do you want to go?
3) How are you going to get there?
4) What is your “unique ability”?
5) Who is your who?


Don’t be.

Here are MY answers to those questions. Check these out, then answer them for yourself. Even though you won’t be in Jersey to discuss them with the group, you’ll still learn a lot.

(PS – We have one spot left for Jersey. Email me if you want in!)

Q #1) Where am I in my business?

- Still not making the money I deserve
- Too spread out on too many projects
- working on too many things
- not taking it seriously enough
- coasting

Q #2) Where do I want to go?

- big time!
- more profit extracted from revenues, so reduce expenses
- worldwide domination
- create a bigger publishing company

Q #3) How am I going to get there?

- get serious
- get systematic
- get smarter people around me
- do more big projects
- more selling of bigger things to list
- create more success stories around me
- own more publications and property

4) What is my unique ability?

- content creation
- connecting people
- coaching

5) Who is my who?

- My answers for this are in the OSP Ad Copy Seminar handouts…you can get those and listen to the free seminar here:

=> http://www.onlinesuperprofits.com/FreeAdCopySeminar/

Ask and you shall figure things out,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – If you can’t make New Jersey but you are starting from scratch…

…then start with the original Online SuperProfits Seminar where I showed over 54 fitness experts how I built my online business from scratch.

I cover all my mistakes and everything that was working for me. Plus, we had Ryan Lee, Yanik Silver, Mike Geary, Susan Hill, Holly Rigsby, and Dax Moy up as guest experts.

And it’s all on DVD and CD. But I only have a few copies left of that seminar. Grab your copy here before they are all gone:

=> http://www.onlinesuperprofits.com/

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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