5 SEO Secrets to Boost Your FREE Website Traffic by 237% or More!

I’ve wasted a lot of time and money on the wrong ways trying to get website traffic, when all along I should have been following a few simple SEO secrets.

I’ve spent $40.00 a month on submityourarticle.com (it was okay) and I’ve spent $400.00 a year for article submitter (it was okay), but the truth is, when I check my website traffic and stats, it’s only e-zine articles that really sends any traffic.

So now I just go and submit there for free. That’s a simple tip. But really, that’s not going to make anyone a lot of money, and that’s not what this article is about. There are much better ways of getting free website traffic.

The 5 SEO Secrets to Boost Your FREE Website Traffic by 237% or More

I started implementing these strategies in late August of 2008. Since then, my monthly search engine traffic has jumped up 237%. And it keeps growing. Plus, my sales from search engine traffic have grown even more than that.

Here’s how I’m doing it…

Secret #1 – Create tons of unique content for your site

I’ve written over one hundred articles (500 words) for my site, and those articles are not being posted anywhere else. They are not for affiliates. I don’t post them on my blog. I don’t submit them to ezinearticles.

PS – I’ll show you how to write 500 word story articles in less than 15 minutes at the OSP Seminar in Jersey. There are still 2 spots left…grab yours here:

=> www.OnlineSuperProfits.com/2009

That’s the biggest secret to getting free website traffic. But you have to do your articles right…here’s how:

Secret #2 – Pick the Keywords you want to go after

We started with 5 main keyword phrases and wrote 20 articles around each of those.

Secret #3 – Put the Keywords in the right spots

You must put the keywords in the title tags, the title of the article, the first sentence, and throughout the content.

Secret #4 – Link between articles

Internal linking is important. Use keyword anchor text. I’ve explained this in my Entourage Marketing DVD’s.

Click here to grab your copy of the Entourage Marketing DVD’s & my SEO secrets

You’ll discover the Entourage secret to getting links, and that’s what the last and most important secret is all about.

Secret #5 – Get 1-way links back to your site (with keyword anchor text)

Simple, but perhaps the most effective component of SEO. That’s how you get truckloads of server crushing FREE traffic to your website.

Too technical?

Okay, deep breath. Relax. Here are the two secrets everyone can understand.

1) Be prolific.

2) Be remarkable.

The bottom line…

is if you take away all the geekiness of it, you really just want to be prolific (create volumes of content) and remarkable (give folks a reason to link to you).

After all, that’s what Google seems to be all about…they are building a search engine around helping people find the quality content they are looking for.

So if you are just naturally remarkable and have great content and was written about what you’re trying to write about, then you would get rewarded even if you’d never heard of the phrase “title tag”.

I’ll see you in Jersey and we can go over how to make this work for your website.

Getting traffic and making money online only requires following a simple system,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Not only will I help you get more traffic to your site…

…but I will also help you make more sales. You’ll get a 1-hour pre-seminar phone consultation with me, PLUS a 1-hour hotseat at the seminar so our group can Mastermind and brainstorm solutions to your website problems.

Check this feedback from Vince DelMonte. I sent him a 53 word email on Thursday solving a big problem he had and explaining how he can make more sales with the Entourage Marketing approach…

“Craig… you rescued me again. I have $10,000 worth of hardcopy inventory sitting here and couldn’t figure out how to create enough value for my customers to promote it. The idea you gave me is to too valuable to share publically but I guarantee I’ll sell all 500 dvd’s for $100,000 profit in the next few months. Thanks again.”
Vince DelMonte, www.NoNonsenseMuscle.com

See you in Jersey?

Grab your spot here:

=> www.OnlineSuperProfits.com/2009

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Comments on 5 SEO Secrets to Boost Your FREE Website Traffic by 237% or More! »

February 27, 2009

Michael @ 9:55 am

Hey Craig,
Great article although #1 seems to be against everything that many people say about increasing traffic?

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The Fit Dad @ 11:47 am

I think #1 hits the nail on the head. A problem with submitting articles to article directories is that people will grab those articles and put them on their site.

That’s not a bad thing, but it’s not unique content anymore…it’s posted on tens, possibly hundreds or thousands of sites and Google doesn’t like that as well.

Sure you’ll get more inbound links (if the site even uses your link, which some don’t) but you want the unique content to be picked up by the search engines.

But you have to write your articles correctly (as Craig points out and he will show you), otherwise you could write eleventy-billion articles and you won’t get any traffic.

Maybe I didn’t state that well and Craig can point that out, but that’s what I’ve learned.

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Michael Torresin @ 12:15 pm

Good point Fit Dad. I didn’t think about it that way but it makes complete sense. Thanks for the response…

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Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS @ 1:18 pm

Thanks Craig, again you saved me some money.

I was about to spend some cash on submityourarticles.com, but I don’t know why because my articles are getting found on ezine articles all the time.

If I may, I would also add a tip that has worked for me:

Each morning, I write a quick 500 word article that I post to my blogger blog, I then post the same article to a new page on my website and make sure to optimize the tags, and finally, I submit it to my ezine articles account. I also write a press release on one topic each week and submit to freepressrelease.com

Yesterday morning I wrote an article on how to get arms like Michelle Obama for my http://www.gosleeveless.com website.

Two hours later it was top three in google, and three hours later I got an email from CNNhealth.com to interview me for the article.

I think the trick is writing about something that is hot on people’s minds, (ie. the Oscars are just over so there is a lot of heat on keywords to do with the oscars) and then relating your article to that keyword.

Don’t know if I’m off here Craig, but correct me if I am.



[Reply to this]

MakeMoreMoneyOnline.com @ 2:09 pm

Rylan, I don’t recommend posting the same article in 2 places.

Congrats on the CNN pickup. Very nice work.


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Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS @ 2:38 pm

Is that looked down upon by the search engines?

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Philip Walter @ 2:43 pm

I’m the OSP DVD’s makes this clear, but what is the difference between writing an article for your “website” versus posting an article on your “blog?” Alternatively, if you’re creating content for your “website,” where does it live if not on your “blog?”

I suppose my problem is that I really only have my blog at the moment. I’m putting the finishing touches on my products/bonuses right now, and they’ll have their own site eventually. Anyway, any and all thoughts are appreciated.

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Daniel Munday - Sydney's Fat Loss Expert @ 10:19 pm

great tips Craig,
I now will be taking the tip and stop posting the same article on my blog and ezinearticles.com

You’ve saved me pissing google off – appreciate it!

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March 20, 2009

ann @ 8:33 am

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While choosing an SEO company its equally important to analyze the SEO company’s website in terms of their Rankings, Yahoo links, Google index, Alexa ranking and similar such factors which indicates the company’s expertise in the field of SEO. So make sure you are doing enough research and smart work before investing your advertising spend.

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June 8, 2009

Dev @ 10:10 pm

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