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While flying back to Toronto yesterday, a survey in the Conde Naste Portfolio magazine that I was reading reported 4.7% of folks were CUTTING BACK by getting rid of their gym memberships in the recession (and probably personal training too).

I’d guess most trainers personal clients are falling off well. So if you’re a trainer that is losing – or on the verge of losing clients – you’ll appreciate this email question from a reader earlier this week…

Q: Hi Craig, I currently I do one-on-one personal training and some bootcamps, but I really, really, REALLy want to sell fitness info products online.

This recession is starting to KILL my training business and slash my income. The only problem is I’m not sure in what direction to go or how to do that.

As a personal trainer I have to trade my time for money and i am looking for better ways to spend my time to earn more income. Will the OSP Entourage Marketing DVD’s help with this or do I need to have an ebook or something like that ready to go?

Great question. The Entourage Marketing DVD’s are NOT for you, BUT…

The Original Online SuperProfits Seminar DVD’s are perfect for you. You don’t need to have an e-book done to benefit from the Online SuperProfits secrets.

In fact, I wish every trainer would watch it before they waste hours and big bucks on creating products that won’t sell.

I’ve seen too many horror stories of trainers putting their months of effort into a product that the market doesn’t want.

So watch the OSP DVD’s and do your market research first!

After all, creating a product is the easy part (once you discover my “diet-book” method to creating products fast).

One thing you must understand though…as a beginner, your best option is to grab my original OSP seminar DVD’s.

Only AFTER you get through those and get rolling with your site and product should you graduate to the OSP Entourage Marketing DVD’s.

Here’s the link to view your copy of the original OSP Seminar. It will put you on the right track and show you how I built my business from scratch.

=> Click here to grab the OSP Seminar for Beginners

But for those trainers who do have an e-book and website set up and just need to start making more sales, you can buy the advanced OSP Entourage Seminar…

…and make sure you get your copy today before the price goes up by $100.

=> Click here for the Advanced OSP Entourage Marketing DVD’s

Helping you boost your income online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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