How to Make More Money Online with Promotions

Whew, what a weekend at the Underground Online Seminar with my buddy Yanik Silver. One expert talked about how to make more money online with promotions, and I thought I’d share some of my secrets as well – since I’m known as the Promotions King in the fitness world.

Here’s a simple way to make more money online with promotions.

Step 1) Invent a holiday. (I invented “Ballantyne’s Day”)

Step 2) Profit


Okay, just kidding…there’s more to it than just that…

So here are the real 5 steps to making 5 figures in 3 days selling your fitness info products online (and helping out thousands of people to reach their goals and change their lives).

1) Have a great “reason why” for your promo.

I had a LOT of fun with my latest promo which I called a “Ballantyne’s Day Sale” that I held from Feb 11-13th, where I offered my Turbulence Training for Abs product at a 25% discount and with extra bonuses…but only for those 3 days.

You can have a promo for your birthday, for a holiday, or based around any current event in the news. Be creative, and make it entertaining.

2) Create an incredible offer

Not only did I cut the price – which I rarely do – but I also added value to the package. It was a no-brainer. You’d have been crazy not to get the TT for Abs. So make sure your offer is that compelling.

3) Be Prolific

All year round you should be creating new content so that you can reach into your vault of content to add new bonuses and value to your promotion packages. If you get lazy and just have one product, it’s hard to make an extra value package. So be a content creation monster!

It’s so easy! You can do video, audio, or ebooks.

4) Prepare Effective “Done for You” Promotion Materials for Your Affiliates

I created a killer and controversial article on the 10 best ab exercises and let my affiliates share that with their lists and on their blogs. We ended up with almost 100 separate affiliates making at least one sale, and 7 affiliates had their best promo ever!

5) Offer at least two reasons to buy

As I’ve mentioned, we didn’t just add bonuses, and we didn’t just cut the price. We did both, and that lead to more sales. Big tip there. Always offer at least two reasons to buy.

BONUS – Have a Solid Deadline and Remind Your Readers Over and Over Again

Thanks to the deadline, we ended up doing more sales on the 3rd day then on the first two days COMBINED!

Make sure you have a deadline for the sale and make sure you tell your readers, and remind your affiliates to tell their readers.

Deadlines = big time sales!

That’s it…for ALL of the details on my new 3-day promo system, grab your copy of the new Entourage Marketing DVD’s here:

=> Click here for the 3-day promo blueprint

Time to make money while you sleep,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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February 22, 2009

Bryan kavanagh @ 5:15 pm

hmmm . .

Im irish and paddy’s day is coming up!

better start hunting down affiliates :-)

Thanks again craig super stuff!


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FitAndBusyDad @ 7:22 pm

I honestly can’t believe how much stuff you give away for FREE.

Everyone can take a lesson out of how you do things.

“you get what you give”

great job again, CB.


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