How to Build Your Entourage and Create More Loyal Customers Then Ever Before

People want to hang around winners. People want respect, recognition, and rewards. They want to be part of a group – a group that is exclusive and exciting – after all, everyone loves to have a little ego-boost. If YOU can build a group of winners, preferably an exclusive group, and be the leader of this group, you’ll skyrocket your business to record heights.

That’s what Entourage Marketing is all about, and you’re going to discover why taking this approach to your business can separate you from your competitors. Plus, I’ll reveal the Top 10 Secrets to Building Your Entourage.

The classic business model of creating an “us” (the business) and “them” (the customer) dialogue no longer works. In today’s world, you need to build a strong community based on a foundation of powerful relationships between you and your clients. Your business and your clients NEED to become “one”. You need to build your Entourage.

Building your Entourage goes far beyond just marketing yourself as a celebrity and it’s much more powerful than just “building your herd” (which is a crude term at best). Instead, with Entourage Marketing, you’ll create powerful relationships with people who like and trust you, who care about you, and who want to be associated with you.

The Top 10 Ways to Build Your Entourage

1. Be a Leader

Imagine a group of people walking into the most exclusive restaurant in Vegas. No matter who is in the group, there will always be one leader. One person will always stand out and be just a half-step ahead of the rest. It’s this leader who people want to be associated with.

Leaders are even more important during times of financial trouble when most folks are too scared to act or make decisions on their own. That’s why humans look to the strongest, most vocal leader in these times. They look to someone who will have the courage to act, the guts to make hard decisions, the audacity to take risks, and the nerve to stand up and brave the
criticism for each action.

The best leaders are WILLING TO TAKE CRITICISM and RESPOND WITH EVEN MORE COURAGE, and that is the most powerful characteristic that sets them apart from followers. If you aren’t leading your business, or better yet, leading your industry, then you should make this a priority today.

Identify the key factors that set you apart from your competition and then start telling the world about this today! Be a leader. Take charge. No one is going to tell the world for you. You have to stand up and deliver on your own.

2. Dream BIG

A leader must be BOLD and DARING. The folks in your Entourage look up to you for guidance. They too want to dream big and have great things happen, but their fears and worries prevent them. It is up to you to do that for them.

You must also associate with the right folks, joining Mastermind and peer groups that challenge you and ask you to get outside of your comfort zone. Imagine sitting around a boardroom table with all of your business and intellectual heroes. Imagine surrounding yourself with the top advisors in your industry. That’s what you need to do. You need to make this happen by
surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you. Step out of your
comfort zone. Trust me, it’s never as bad as you think.

3. Create Your Own Fame

Choose a niche market, and give yourself the “crown” as the leader of this group. No one is going to stand up and applaud for you. You have to take action and start making a splash. A niche market is a sub-group of folks who share a common interest and will be looking for a leader to help them make decisions.

When choosing your niche market and which “crown” to give yourself, first identify your unique ability, your raving fans, and your area of expertise. Now prepare the best message and deliver it to the right people. Focus on helping the people who like you, care about you, trust you, and are interested in what you have to say.

At the same time, accept the fact that you can’t please everyone. The sooner you understand that not everyone is going to love you, and that some folks will even criticize you, the better off you will be at creating your own fame. Ignore the people who offer up nothing but negativity. Their words speak more about themselves than they do about you.

4. Do More Public Speaking

Every single time you attend a seminar, haven’t you noticed each and every speaker draws a crowd after their talk. It doesn’t matter how good or how bad the presentation, every audience immediately associates a speaker with expert and celebrity status and that draws people to them.

Simply by stepping on stage and speaking, you become an expert. You become the leader. You are branded a celebrity. That’s how you build an Entourage.

And it doesn’t matter how much you fear public speaking, because those folks in the audience fear it even more than you. That’s why they look at you with so much respect! So you must exercise your risk muscle and start speaking at events. Start small, even if it is only 3-4 people in your office. Do events of 5, 10, 15, 20 people and more. Get out of your comfort zone.

You will immediately become a leader by having the courage to step on stage, and you’ll immediately increase the size of your Entourage. Folks will trip over themselves to be associatedwith you. You’ll be stopped in the hall, invited to meals, and immediately branded as an expert, celebrity, and leader.

Plus, folks in your Entourage want to support. They want to be inspired and motivated by what you have to say. If you operate almost exclusively online, they want to discover that you are real and authentic. You can also use tele- seminars and webinars to BUILD your Entourage, but remember, nothing beats speaking in person to your group.

5. Share Your Personal Details

Nothing connects stronger than sharing personal struggles with your Entourage. While they want a leader and someone they can trust, they also want to follow someone who has had struggles of their own. No one is perfect, and there’s no point in trying to come across as someone who is.

In fact, the more you can tell them about what makes you tick, and the more insights you can give them into your life, the deeper they will connect with you and the greater they will admire and follow you.

You need to tell your Entourage the deep truth about who you are and what you do. Share with them the stories that lead you to where you are in life right now. Step out of the shadows and share the story of your life. Don’t hold anything back.

6. Use Online Tools to Grow the Conversation with Your Entourage

There are dozens of Internet strategies you can use to build your online community, but the most important rule to remember is to treat your readers and clients like friends. When using online social networking and social media tools like Twitter, your goal is to build HELPFUL conversations with your readers.

You want to connect your readers into your community, and even more importantly, add them into your Entourage by conversing with them, rather than with hard selling. You also need to use Youtube videos and blogs to connect with these readers and to generate new sources of folks for your Entourage. All of this must BE done by being REMARKABLE. You can’t be boring. You must stand out from the crowd.

7. Build an Online and Offline Community

Eventually, you’ll want to bring your Entourage into a paid membership website or paid monthly newsletter where you can give them exclusive content that no one else can get anywhere.

You also want to create a sense of superiority and exclusivity among this level of your Entourage by making them know – and making others know – that only this group of folks has such close, personal access to you. Essentially, you need to give the closest members of your Entourage “bragging rights” about what they get that no one else does.

You also want to use ONLINE FORUMS to connect members of your Entourage with one another, so they can continue to spread the word and convince others of your leadership in expertise (both within and outside of the forum). Create a powerful, positive place of membership and they’ll never want to leave your Entourage.

8. Create Multiple Products

As your Entourage grows and matures, you must continue to create additional products for them. In fact, it’s likely that your ability to create products will never keep up with your Entourage’s ability to consume your products. They want as much of you as you can possibly deliver.

You should also create products in all types of media, from audio to video, from offline to online. Give everyone a resource they can discover for their preferred media source. Add on additional back end offers and continuity – such as the offline newsletter or online membership community – to increase sales and add more value to your Entourage.

9. Allow Members to Constantly Ascend to Different Levels of the Tribe

Even within your Entourage, members will look for more reward and recognition. You’ll always have a percentage of your Entourage who will be willing to pay more money for more access. Expect up to 5% of your Entourage to be “stars”, who will buy at the top no matter what you are offering.

Always allow this ability for members to ascend through your Entourage. Your business should include multiple front end offers to get them into the Entourage, then back end offers to satisfy their appetites for more information, and then the ultimate ascension opportunity into coaching, giving them more access to you.

Finally, you must also REPLICATE yourself, so that your stars can continue to spread the word of your Entourage through franchising, certification, and additional product sales. The ultimate level of ascension also provides more access to you, and of course, more bragging rights within the Entourage.

10. Live Events Group Hugging/High End Coaching

Wrap it all up by creating Entourage appreciation events where you host a 2 or 3 day weekend seminar for your members. This will be a PREMIUM priced event for your Entourage, and a place for you to foster exclusivity, community, superiority, and connection with and between your Entourage.

This is the peak of an Entourage, when you are able to bring together hundreds of people from your niche as a leader, and encouraging them to connect with one another.

Congratulations if you’ve made it this far, you have a true Entourage! You’ve gone far beyond herd. In fact, you’ve built a powerful business for the turbulent times that
lay ahead in the 21st century.

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Comments on How to Build Your Entourage and Create More Loyal Customers Then Ever Before »

February 18, 2009

Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS @ 1:17 pm

I would be an IDIOT not to get this Craig. I can’t begin to tell you how valuable your last OSP DVD kit was to getting up and running successfully.

I know this will pay for itself many times over again – even just the bonus website review alone is worth it.

You are going to get sick of looking at my site at this rate ;-)

[Reply to this]

February 19, 2009

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS @ 5:34 pm

Glad you liked it! Its so much fun helping people this way.

[Reply to this]

RadicalMarketingSolutions @ 6:03 pm


Great article. Thanks for the tips. I’d like to add that the use of lead generation and only marketing and connecting with those people who already love you and want what you are selling could also be added.

Offer something of value in exchange for name and email or address.

But you have 10 excellent ones!


Bill Parlaman

[Reply to this]

Bryan kavanagh @ 6:25 pm

post might as well slapped me in the face!

Great stuff Craig!

I remember you telling me all this in London that time but for some reason it all just sunk in there. . i have already taken action on a few of the points tonight!!!!


Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS

[Reply to this]

Bob McEnaney @ 6:34 pm

Great stuff, Craig. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience!


[Reply to this]

Sean Barker @ 6:34 pm

What a jam packed post Craig!

It was awesome to attend the December Entourage trip not only for the business info but to hang with the Entourage!

Looking forward to attending more of these as I continue to build my Entourage.

I would highly recommend attending Craig’s events.

Sean Barker,CPT
Dad Fitness

[Reply to this]

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS @ 9:17 pm

great stuff guys, let me know how this works for you

[Reply to this]

christopherwarden @ 10:56 pm


Thanks for the timely post Craig. It’s always great to get the simple reminders of the “things you know, but aren’t applying. . . ” :)

I appreciate your work.

Christopher Warden, CSCS

[Reply to this]

February 22, 2009

Daniel Munday @ 6:53 pm

Great tips on the entourage building Craig. My raving fans have ensured my offline business is continuing to succeed even in a tougher economic market and these tips, and the new DVDs will help me further do so online.

[Reply to this]

March 26, 2009

Brian Fitzmaurice @ 11:02 am

great post Craig..thx!

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