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So on Monday afternoon after I got back from the gym, I called my friend Henrik over in Denmark on Skype. Henrik is a personal trainer in Denmark and is working on an ebook to make more money online.

Well, at least after the call he is. One of the things a good coach has to do is set some deadlines for their clients, and that was my job today. As my friend Carrie “The Barefoot Exec” says, “It’s amazing how you can complete a task in the time allotted, whether it is 6 months or 6 days…set a deadline!”

Darn right.

So I told Henrik he needs to have his e-book done before our next call. I also gave him this advice…

1) He needs to increase his email frequency from 1 to 2 times per week…

…making sure to provide awesome content each time, and finish each email with a call to action. It’s a simple formula that creates success every time!

2) He needs to write “keyword focused” blog posts.

Too many folks just write about random topics. If you want traffic to your site, you must strategically write about your keywords. Then I showed him a few more Entourage Marketing Seminar tricks for SEO. That will move him up to page 1 on for personal trainer. Shouldn’t take long.

3) One more thing about the e-book…

Most folks put too much theory in their e-books. No one wants it or needs it. Folks are buying e-books at 3:45pm to use in their 4:30pm workouts. They aren’t buying your e-book to read in bed. So get to the point, and just tell them what to do…step by step. They want workouts and meal plans. That’s it!

We covered a bunch of other confidential info and stuff from my Entourage Marketing seminar DVD’s that will be out later this month. It was a great call and left him with a step-by-step plan to TAKE ACTION and get things done. Good times!

But then I received an email from another trainer with this bizarre logic.

They told me…

“Yeah, I want to make a lot of money on the internet this year, but I don’t want to spend any money on seminars or resources. I’ll just figure it out myself.”


Say what?

How does that make any sense?

If your overweight beginner personal training client came to you and said, “Yes, I want to lose 50 pounds and look great at my daughter’s wedding, but I don’t want to spend any money on working out or nutrition info, I’ll just figure it out myself”, you’d roll your eyes and shake your head.

But then so many trainers go and make the same mistake in their lives.

I just don’t get the logic.

When I told my buddy Zach Even-Esh about this, he got all Jersey-crazy on me and said, “I really feel too many fit pros are wussin’ out during this economic down time. I believe that the super small % who are killing it now will be WAY ahead of the curve when the recession ends, and those who simply sat on the fence, didn’t invest in their education and did not act fast will all be pigeon holed together in the same position, which will make it tougher for them because they never did anything to distance themselves from everyone else!

“Right now it’s all about mind set. I hear way too many people telling me they will do this or that when some future date arrives. Tony Robbin’s always said, “How about NOW would be a good time to start”. “With the few REALLY going after it now, when this recession ends they will be the one’s on top of the mountain living their ultimate lifestyle”

Zach’s makes a good argument. You won’t catch me (or Henrik, or the other trainers I’ve featured on my blog) closing our education funds. Uh-uh, no way.

But you know what they say…when in doubt, just do the opposite of what the general population is doing and you’ll end up on the right track.

Hope those tips helped you out…heck, they were even free!

Keep learnin’,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Zach and I are going toe-to-toe in Jersey in March…

…to see who can give the best content to the smart trainers who attend our small group Online SuperProfits Seminar.

My best stuff is going to be about…

- getting more visitors to your site
- how to get more work done in less time
- and how to take care of your customers and give them more value than they ever expected

Not sure what Zach has up his sleeve, but it’ll be killer content of course.

Wanna hang out with us for two days and have us work on your business?

Grab your spot here:


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February 10, 2009

Danny Wright @ 8:44 am

Bang on Craig.
I am an OSP owner and recieve your newsletter each month. You keep me on track and motivated to keep going and doing.
Just got my header done and squeeze page for my new book. See what you think at
Thanks for all your hard work.

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FitAndBusyDad @ 9:12 am

hahaha! Jersey-Crazy! I love it. I can wait for the Jersey OSP meeting. I’m gonna Kill-It like Zach this year, baby! Watch out!


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Rick @ 11:44 am

I wasted more than 4 years with the same mindset, thinking that I can figure it out by myself.

I said to myself “No more time is going to pass without me making no money online” and 2009 is my year. Actually February is my month.

The last 6 months I have spend more than $3,000 in resources and seminars, includin travel expenses. Also the OSP Seminar in a Box in November.

Today I have 2 websites and a list (small but is better than zero) and I have a product launching in the next 10 days and I have won some money online but not a lot. Still better than zero.

I say, let him waste the next 4 years trying to figure things out by himself. The only thing he will figure out is that he needs to start spending money to learn how to win money online.

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Angie Schumacher @ 8:05 pm

I am not letting the economy stop me from being successful..when something doesn’t work, I drop it and move on to something else until it does work and so far..I am getting more clients that I have in the past 3 months! I am even turning clients away….its that NEVER GIVE UP ATTITIDE I have and heck ..its working!

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February 12, 2009 @ 11:35 pm

Thanks for the comments guys (and gal!). Great attitude. Awesome to see that you are all staying positive, and keep on Taking Action.

Danny, site looks nice. Not sure that I “get” the ironing part? Very sharp looking page though.

Chris, keep it up.

Rick, I agree with you…you have to invest in your education.

And Angie, keep up the great work!

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