#1 Shooting Star in Fitness?

The other week in San Diego, I was eating dinner with fitness e-book superstar Mike Geary (author of the most popular Clickbank fitness book) in the luxurious US Grant Hotel.

It was the night before we were leaving for Baja, Mexico for our 5-day dune buggy racing trip with Maverick Business Adventures. (The Internet Lifestyle sure can be tough sometimes!)

Mike was having some Kobe Beef Sliders and after he finished the last one, he looked up from his plate and asked me who I thought was going to be the next online fitness superstar.

Great question.

I had to think about it for a second. I immediately thought of our friends Isabel De Los Rios or Antonio Vallardes because they are dominating the nutrition area these days. I also thought about a dozen or so OSP Inner Circle Members who are on the verge of major breakthroughs…

But then I said to Mike, “You know, this guy’s already a success…but I don’t think he’s even come close to his potential. So I have to say that Vince DelMonte is the guy who is going to be the biggest star in the online fitness industry this year.”

And so after our crazy adventures driving off-road race cars up to 89mph down sandy trails in Mexico, I came back to Toronto and immediately set up an interview with Vince.

I want you to see how you can go from “just below the breakthrough level” to online fitness superstar…and if you see Vince at a seminar or fitness event, do NOT miss your chance to ask him a few questions. This guy is an ACTION TAKER and a very thoughtful and helpful guy.

Don’t be fooled by appearances! (Just kidding Vince!)

Here’s just a brief background on Vince’s success…like you and I, he started as a trainer…and his path to success followed a system of:

1) Taking action
2) Getting a mentor
3) And never giving up.

Three simple steps that anyone can follow!

CB: Vince, remind us about how you got into this?

I started working as a personal trainer at a local YMCA for $10 an hour. When my boss told me that she could give me a $1 raise, in one years time, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands.

That’s when I realized it was my boss’s job to provide me a paycheck, not to make me rich.

I continued personal training but also began selling personal training as a sales manager at my gym and worked on a generous pay structure by a very successful boss.

While I was working I began to hear about fitness websites that generated over $1000 a day in net profit and was blown away by that possibility. I decided to investigate this Internet world and eventually hired a internet marketing mentor for a six month program that cost me $7,000 and included EIGHT one hour phone calls and unlimited email support.

Overly expensive but this was my stake in the ground. If this didn’t motivate me to do it then I told myself that I’ll personal train and sell training the rest of my life.

CB: So what was the next step?

Prior to signing up for the mentorship program I had purchased a lot of courses and dvd’s which gave me more and more ideas but nothing to show it.

I signed up for the mentorship program is October 2006 and had my site live May 2006 and made my first sale at $39.95 in the first day my site went live – it was purchased by a co-worker at my gym.

CB: Ha! Nice. So what were the common mistakes you were making that held you back from success?

I did everything my mentor told me to do. Looking back, I regeret only a few things my mentor did not do as well as I would knowing what I know now:

1. Spend more time naming my product.

2. Setting up my analytics and studying my traffic sources better and converting traffic more accurately.

3. Increasing my commission to 75% right away.

4. More personality in my emails and more focus on entertaining.

5. Focusing on interaction on my blog.

6. Putting more thought into naming concepts and principles that are in my actual program.

CB: Awesome. Those are big $$$$$ tips. Readers, please go back and look at those again. Copy and paste them to your computer and review them at least once per month. Take some extra time and do what Vince said about “thinking through your product” and TAKE ACTION on getting more interaction on your blog.

All the big guns in the fitness industry are doing it today (from Bedros to McCombs, from Rigsby to DelMonte). It’s not just a coincidence!

So Vince, how did you improve your business. I remember back at the Online SuperProfits Seminar you made a bold statement about becoming the best selling muscle product on Clickbank, and you did it in just a few months! How did you do that!?

Mastering one traffic source at a time.

I focused on ONLY forum posting for a month, then article marketing for a month, then PPC for a month then got into joint ventures.

I would never stop doing any of them but only introduce a new traffic source after I had scaled up the previous one.

In the process I shared what I was learning with affiliates and increasing my position on Clickbank which attracted more and more affiliates.

I was persistent in doing all the small stuff which positioned me well to partner with more successful joint venture partners.

I never relied on anyone to make my site a success. I relied on my own efforts and attracting affiliates and joint venture partners to me. I improved with time and consistency. Lots of hard work and lots of long days! It all adds up.

CB: Very cool. That’s what Mike Geary said too…don’t rely on others, do your own work to get traffic first! But how did you set yourself apart from all the other muscle building and fat loss products on Clickbank?

A couple things come to mind…

1. increasing my commission to 75% before my competitors.

2. Continual improvement of my actual product

3. Deep interaction in my emails and close look into my private life.

4. Kick ass affiliate website

5. Helping other fitness professionals and fostering relationships with like minded business partners.

6. Making bold statements and being confident about my future.

7. Finding a very reliable webmaster.

8. Speed of implementation.

I work very fast.

CB: Killer stuff. You mention being bold and confident…how are you using that to create your Entourage?

I focus on relating to ONE person in my emails.

I speak to one customer and focus on subjects of the heart.

Emotional and non superficial topics to build a long term relationship.

I want my followers to know that I am really person and I want to focus on building more and more trust with every conversation and have my emails become the most exciting part of their day.

CB: That’s a powerful tip. And Vince, you were at the Entourage Marketing Seminar last December, what was biggest lesson you learned that help you make more money online?

From a long term business stand point, the Entourage seminar taught me that being a tribe leader and not being afraid to exclude others at the consequence of attracting who you want to be a hero to.

From a financial standpoint, learning how to do your big $$$$$ 3-day promos with your OSP Promo Blueprint and setting up enticing affiliate promos that generate multi five figure sales days when done using the OSP formula.

CB: Thanks Vince. It was great having you do a guest presentation at the Entourage Seminar on how you get so much done in such a short amount of time. Every time I talk to you, you’re doing something else BESIDES work.

This is going to be a huge year for Vince…watch for his name. And notice how he didn’t hold anything back? How he was willing to give and share these secrets so that YOU could be inspired to go from trainer to superstar just like Vince did.

It’s great to see that Vince didn’t have any special advantage aside from the desire to TAKE ACTION and succeed.

That’s something inside ALL of us. Vince has shown us that anything is possible.

So take Vince’s advice and…

1) Be confident
2) Take extra time to create a remarkable product that people want to buy, share, and promote to others.
3) Get help from coaches, mentors, peers, and Mastermind groups who have gone through the same struggles as you’re going through so that you can speed up your success.

And above all, TAKE ACTION and use the SPEED of Implementation.

If you have any other tips, just let us know in the comments section below.

(And if you’d like to be interviewed about your Online SuperProfits success story, just let me know!)

Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to hear your success story!

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – The Entourage Marketing Seminar Pre-Launch Sale is coming this week.

You’ll save big bucks and get extra bonuses when you grab your copy…stay tuned!

Here’s what Vince said about the Entourage Marketing Seminar he attended last December…

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Comments on #1 Shooting Star in Fitness? »

February 16, 2009

zevenesh @ 10:29 pm

Vinny D is the man, thanks for the inside access CB, u da man too bruddah! tie score beast!


[Reply to this]

Rylan Duggan RK, CSCS @ 10:56 pm

This is incredible stuff guys. Vince and Craig, thanks for all the motivation. I’m hot on your heels ;-)

[Reply to this]

pamdavenport @ 11:05 pm

I couldn’t agree more. Vince’s products are easy to recommend because they are well-thought out, well put together, and they work. He provides great service and is a genuinely nice guy. Recently he volunteered to do some guest blogging in order to help a group of personal training students who are training their very first client. He gives them great advice and is a great role model. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and sincerely cares about other people. He’s approachable and not overly impressed with himself. He’s the real deal He’ll lead the field for a long time.

[Reply to this]

DelMonteFitness @ 11:15 pm

Thanks for the spot light Craig – very kind and generous compliments.

I am inspired by your vision for my business – you’ll know I’ll man up to that.

Keep pushing the pace and setting the bar high for us Craig!

p.s. Zach – you are a SAVAGE beast!

[Reply to this]

February 17, 2009

FitAndBusyDad @ 10:35 pm

Probably the most inspiring interview I’ve read on BOTH the MMMO blog and on the TT blog.

Vince, you never fail to amaze me everytime I hear you speak. I come away with gems for my business each and every time. Keep up the great work!

CB, what can I say? You’re a machine. Keep inspiring everyone to achieve more!


P.S. Zach is a beast and a half.

[Reply to this]

February 18, 2009

Matt Jennings @ 9:07 am

I’m diggin’the motivation. May in Morristown is gonna “put some fire under a$$” and will get many jacked to ‘rippitup’ for certain.
My prediction…2009 will display more than 1 superstar. Vince will be one of them, no doubt.
Brothers C, V and Z…see ya in May

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