Online Super Profits Success Story

mike Online Super Profits Success Story

Mike Roulston started his fitness info product website only 4 months ago, but has already made over $10,000 selling his ebooks and DVD’s. Plus, Mike has built a $10,000 per month bootcamp business using only the Internet.
Here’s his powerful Online Super Profits success story.

CB: Mike, tell us about yourself and your websites.

I got started in the fitness industry a little over one year ago.
Prior to that I was working in the IT (information technology) field doing various jobs from computer support, to web design, to systems administration.

My bootcamp and ebook websites are:

I also recently launched a YouTube channel:


CB: Cool. I know you have big things planned for Youtube. How did you get started in the fitness industry?


I was extremely unhappy working in the IT industry and for years I was trying to figure out what type of job I could do that I would enjoy and be fulfilled by.

I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness, so in January of 2007 I decided to plan a career change into the fitness industry as a personal trainer.

At that time I was already working a contract IT job that I had committed to staying at until January 2008, so there was no major rush to make this change during 2007.

I just went along getting my certifications, doing volunteer work at the YWCA to get experience, and working on my website (which I’ll explain later was almost a complete waste of time) in preparation for Jan ‘08 when I would be switching full-time into personal training.

CB: Yeah, you mentioned that the original modeathletics site was a waste of time and money, but that was before you got the DVD’s. What were the common mistakes you were making?

Absolutely the most common mistake I made was spending way too much time and effort building an elaborate “brochure” website for my personal training business.

Brochure website just means multiple pages with a navigation bar along the top or side of the page. I spent countless hours over the course of several months painstakingly building my website and making it look at good as possible, which as much content as possible.

The result was that when I launched my website in January of ‘08, I was getting lots of visitors who were spending 10, 20, or sometimes 30+ minutes browsing and reading my site, but nearly no one ended up buying personal training sessions.

It wasn’t until I picked up the OSP System that I learned that brochure websites don’t work well in the fitness industry, and more importantly that the best type of website is a one page sales letter.

Once I learned that, my life changed forever.

I decided to launch a boot camp program and registered my domain name on April 23rd, put the website and sales letter online on April 24, and had 20 people registered by the start date of May 5th.

By my third month of running that boot camp I was making over $10,000 per month, from working only 10 to 15 hours per week.

CB: Wow, that’s amazing. You sure do things fast. How did you achieve this success?

The main way that I improved was by not being afraid to make mistakes, and by failing forward (a term I learned from OSP).

A great example is that when I started running my boot camp program, I really had no idea
how to run quality outdoor workouts.

For one thing, all my experience with exercise was in the health club environment with all the standard equipment found in gyms (barbells, dumbbells, cable pulleys, etc). And to make matters worse, I had no experience running group workouts.

All my experience was with one-on-one training (in a gym).

So the first few months of my boot camp program were a real struggle as I learned mostly through trial and error how to run quality group workouts outdoors with minimal equipment.

I was definitely way outside of my comfort zone in that situation. But in hindsight, I’m really
glad that I stuck with it because being able to go outside of my comfort zone has come in handy many more times since then (most importantly when I started filming videos and putting them on YouTube).

CB: That’s a great lesson in perseverance. I’m glad it paid off for you. But the personal training world is really competitive, so how did you set yourself apart?

Setting myself apart in the boot camp industry wasn’t difficult at all.
Pretty much ever other boot camp program in my area is run the same way: make the customers bring their own equipment to the workout, put them in a circle with the instructor in the middle of the circle, and lead them through a 60 minute aerobics workout (with a bit of jogging in there as well).

So when I decided to launch a boot camp program, I knew it’d be easy to set myself apartment from all the other old-school aerobics bootcamps in my area. I decided to do the following:

- I will bring the equipment to the workouts so my clients don’t have to worry about it.

- We will never, ever, do any jogging at my workouts. Nobody wants to pay money to be sent out jogging.
- We will never, ever, do a single abdominal crunch at my workouts.
Most people hate doing crunches, yet my competition actually runs 60 minutes ab workouts where they just lie down and crunch 85 different ways for an hour.
- At my boot camp we do 2 or 3 high-intensity circuit training workouts per week, rather than 5 low-intensity aerobics workouts.
- My boot camp is 100% unconditionally guaranteed. I tell people to try the program for the full 4 weeks and if they’re not thrilled with the experience and with their results, just let me know and I’ll refund every penny for them (all of my competitors have explicit no refund policies).

Which brings me back to the sales letter. It’s all fine and well to have those differences between myself and my competitors, but if I’m not able to effectively communicate those differences to prospective customers, I’ll still struggle to fill my classes up.

That’s why learning copywriting from OSP has been such a blessing for me. The skills I learned about copywriting have allowed me to create a website (sales page) that very effectively communicates the most important details of my boot camp to prospective clients, and this has resulted in me having a high conversion rate and consistently filling my bootcamps each month.

CB: Very cool Mike, you should be proud of yourself. You’re practically a fitness celebrity in Vancouver now, so how do you use that in your marketing?

Prior to launching my YouTube channel, the two most important celebrity aspects of my business were my weblog and my opt-in mailing list (the opt-in list is yet another strategy I learned specifically from OSP).
With my regular weblog posts and emails sent out to my list, it was very easy for prospective customers to get to know me and ultimately decide to join my boot camp program through getting to know me on my blog and through my emails.

Since launching my YouTube channel it has been even easier to grow my business based off of celebrity. People watch my videos and get to know me, and from seeing my personality in my videos and getting to know and trust me, it becomes a lot easier to convince those people to become customers of mine.

CB: You’ve mentioned the importance of the OSP copywriting info…what other big lessons have you taken from the seminars?

I could go on and on about all the big lessons I learned from OSP, but if I had to choose just one, it would be the importance of having a mentor.
Whatever you’re business goals are, you should find yourself a mentor who has already done the things you want to do and achieved the level of success that you’re aspiring to achieve.
Doing this will save you years of trial and error, and allow you to avoid making all the costly mistakes that you’d surely make if you didn’t have the mentor guiding you and helping you fast-track your way to success.

One last comment. In this interview I’ve talked mostly about my bootcamp program, but I have also created a very profitable online business for myself through OSP.

Through my home workout program (ebook and DVD) that I sell on ClickBank, and all the various affiliate products I promote, I’m currently making a comfortable living just off of my online business.
And I have big plans to take my online business to 6 and eventually 7 figures per year very soon.
All this began with the decision to invest in your OSP program and attend the Online SuperProfits small group coaching meeting.

Mike Roulston, CPT

Thanks Mike, and congratulations on your success.
If you want to “be like Mike”, then get started by attending the next Online SuperProfits small group coaching meeting in New Jersey, on March 12th and 13th.

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February 6, 2009

Susan @ 9:19 am

Mike, really really good information. Thanks for sharing. Starting a bootcamp is something that I have been speaking with a friend about, and actually — hearing what has worked for you makes me certain we’re traveling the right path. Very similar philosophies.

Thanks again!!

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