Niche Marketing Superstars

ericwong2 Niche Marketing Superstars

The next group of online fitness superstars will be in smaller and smaller niche markets.

But the niche markets will still be big enough to make big money.

However, by being in smaller niche markets, these fitness experts will have a much stronger connection with their market…rather than trying to be everything to everyone.

Meet Eric Wong, master of a small niche and one of the new online fitness superstars, here:

CB: Eric, tell us about your background and websites.

I’m a trainer and business owner. I currently run two businesses offline in addition to my online stuff, but I’m just going to talk about my online ventures for the OSP peeps.

My specialty is working with mixed-martial artists. I’ve been working with them since 2006 and have had some successful fighters. I now have 3 websites:
- – Program for MMA Fighters
- – MMA Workout Program for regular peeps (MMA fans)
- – Online MMA training membership site
CB: Cool, another big action taker. That’s what we reward in the Online SuperProfits System. How did you get started online?
My first info marketing product was Ryan Lee’s Fitness Info Products. But after buying it, it took me a year to get anything started online.
I started my first website in April 2008 where I sold my strength and conditioning program for MMA fighters. I sold it through PayPal and shipped it hardcopy. I sold about 30 copies from April to November.
I then heard about Ryan Lee’s membership site bootcamp and I figured I didn’t need to go to it, I’d just do my own membership site by modeling others online. So I signed up for a bunch of different sites, then hired someone to program mine, then it launched in September.
Then I got an e-mail from Ryan Lee about his Bootcamp, so I basically decided “I’ve had enough dicking around, I’m going to take some action to get things done.” I knew I had a good product and a market so I wanted to get my product into people’s hands.
Before the bootcamp, I learned about Craig’s OSP stuff, and I saw he had a small group seminar planned for December in Toronto. Craig’s old saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” was perfect, so I decided to roll with it and take action by signing up.
I’d just dropped $4K (USD!) within a couple of weeks, but this was what was needed to make this thing work. I went to Ryan Lee’s Bootcamp and learned a lot, and met Craig for the first time.
I also made a couple of contacts there which was the whole reason I went.
Then I got Craig’s OSP in a box package and listened to all the CDs. This made me get on my horse, fix up my website, and launch my Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program through Clickbank.
Once it launched, I sold 30 copies within the first month!
CB: Nice! That’s what happens when you TAKE ACTION!
After attending the OSP group seminar in December, I made some great contacts and learned a ton more.
More importantly, I had a project I’d been sitting on for a long-time and I basically got pressured into launching it ASAP. The pressure came from hanging out with so many people moving so fast, I had to keep up.
Long story short, completed the MMA Ripped project from start to finish in less than 2 months, launched it, and sold 200 copies in the first 3 days!
CB: 200 copies! That’s sick! But what were the common mistakes you were making before your big success?

My mistakes were sitting on my ideas for too long and not getting the help that I needed.

Once I fixed these things, everything’s exploded.
CB: Cool, so in this busy age of online marketing, how did you set yourself apart from all the other coaches on the Internet?
I set myself apart by upping the ante – I held a promo contest with a $3K top prize – bigger than I’ve seen in the biz.
Yeah it was risky, especially after Day 1 where I made less than $1000 in sales.
But the risk came through and now I’ve got a big customer base and a lot of momentum, and I’ll be able to attract others to promote because they’ll be able to see my #’s.
With my product, I set myself apart by offering way more value and making the purchase experience better. Everything from the product itself, to the sales letter, to the checkout process, to the autoresponders after purchase.
I know my clients will be happy with their purchase and will be loyal to me from now on.

CB: Nice. You have guts and you aren’t scared and cheap, like most trainers. By the way, how did you use celebrity to promote your product?

In my new niche, I used the celebrity I gained from training mixed-martial artists to showcase my training skills.
I mean if the average Joe sees that I’ve helped guys have great strength and conditioning and be lean as hell for a fight, they probably figure I can help them get lean too.

CB: Well played. So what was biggest lesson you got from the OSP Entourage Marketing Seminar?

Oh man there’s not just one big thing, I got so much out of the seminar. It’s all about commitment. But you can’t just talk commitment, you have to take action.
I invested in my education, I promised others that I’d have stuff done by a certain date and because I don’t want to look like I fool, I worked hard to make it happen.

CB: Aweseome Eric. You deserve your success!
Eric made big money by taking action on the info he discovered at the OSP Entourage Marketing Seminar…and you’ll get your chance to get that same info soon…keep your eyes open for the OSP Entourage Marketing Pre-Launch DVD release next week!

Here’s what Eric said about the seminar when it finished…and look how far he’s come since!

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