5 tips to get more done and make more money online

Find yourself stressed out about your to-do list? Trying to make more money online but feeling overwhelmed?

I get that way too…but not too often, thanks to these 5 steps that help me get more done.

1) Be better prepared and strictly plan your day

You should have your time planned out at least one day, if not one month, in advance. The more planned out you are, the more you will get done, and the more control you will have over your day!

2) Prepare for your meetings (and teleseminars, etc.)

Be ready to get to the point. Have your questions organized, and treat this as a fact-finding mission. Be prompt and courteous, but don’t waste any time. You’ll be able to save HOURS each week if you are prepared.

3) Know what you want to get done & when you work best

When you plan your day, make sure you plan to do the toughest tasks first, and at the time of day when you have the most energy.

Before you check email or voice mail, get a major project done! Thatis the key to success!

4) Do not let others get in your way. OWN the day. (And limit your email.)

You own your time. Don’t let others steal it from you. So that goes for planning out those meetings, putting a limit on phone call time, and being ready to say NO to people that barge in and demand your precious moments.

Get strict and scheduled, and you’ll get more done in less time.

I now put a dollar value on each email I write and charge myself $1 for every message I send.

If you look at email like that, you’ll be a lot more strict with the time you spend sending out emails, and replying to emails that don’t need a reply.

Batch your time so you do all of this at once. That’s another killer time saving tip right there.

5) Come up with two solutions for every obstacle.

Just as I ask my fat loss clients to record their diet and workouts, I want you to record your daily activity. Right down what you are doing every 15 minutes for the entire day.

You’ll identify a huge amount of time wasted and obstacles you needto overcome.

Once you’ve done that, come up with 2 solutions to every obstacle.

Plan to overcome your time problems and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done in LESS time,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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