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We’re down to my final summary of Marketing Guru Eben Pagan’s “$1 Million Worth of Business Advice – Free” video. He’s given away some really useful content in this short video and I just want to reiterate that although I’ve broken down his 5 key areas individually, it’s essential that you work on these areas simultaneously. This way, you’ll know why problems are occurring and, therefore, be able to deal with them more promptly and efficiently.

Before we jump into your systems – the final key area, if you’ve missed any of my summaries, then scroll to the bottom and you’ll find a link to the previous blog.

Okay, so Pagan claims that in today’s work environment it is often quite difficult to distinguish between work and results. To further his point, Pagan uses Parkinson’s Law, in that “work expands to fill time allotted”. In other words, if you give someone a week to complete a task, then they’ll take a week, but if you only give them a day, then they’ll finish it in a day. I’m sure this sounds all too familiar for some of you entrepreneurs out there!

However, your job as a business owner is to create efficient systems. Therefore, you hired what Pagan suggested be drivers to add to your team. So, to make sure that this is in fact the case and that you haven’t erred in your hiring decision, Pagan suggests you “keep your finger on the pulse” of anyone you’ve hired and to create a system for consistently doing this.

So, how do you do this? Well, Pagan has come up with a strategy known as, the Daily Update. This is how it works:

When you initially hire someone, sit down with them and explain that at the end of each work day you require them to take 5-10 minutes to send a daily update by email.

Included in this email will be a list of 3 things:

What I did today and the results that I got
Problems or challenges – this will tell you if they are open and honest
Questions they have for you

Within 30 days, you will not only have your finger on their pulse, but you will also know whether or not you have a driver on your team. If you realize that you hired the wrong person, then you need to let them go immediately because it will only cost you later on down the road.

Okay, so that’s the last of Pagan’s 5 key areas to growing your business. Like I said before, there is some really great information in this video and if you’ve yet to check it out, then here is the link:

Also, here is the link to my previous video summary:

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