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We’re down to the final two areas of Eben Pagan’s “$1 Million Worth of Business Advice – Free”. There was just way too much useful and interesting information within this video of his to just plop it all into one blog entry. I’m hoping the way I’ve broken it down, will help you to gain a solid understanding of the concepts so that you can key in on those areas within your own business. But, if you’ve managed to miss an entry related to Pagan’s video, then just scroll to the bottom and you’ll find the link to my previous video summary.

Okay…so today I’m going to talk about the people in your organization, but more importantly, how Pagan suggests you go about attracting the RIGHT kind of people. The importance of bringing in the right mix of people cannot be underestimated. If you hire a person based on a connection, a feeling or a gut instinct, then you could ultimately be costing your business up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the long haul. So, instead I strongly urge you to heed Pagan’s advice.

So, what is the one characteristic trait to look for above all others when making a hiring decision? Well, Pagan says the one thing to look for is that they be a driver.

Qualities of a Driver:
– Proactively look for things to do
– Take personal responsibility
– Has a sense of the result they are trying to achieve
– Take responsibility for their mistakes

So now you know to look for drivers and what qualities make up a driver, how will you know if a candidate is in fact a driver?

When you interview the candidates ask the following questions:
– Ask about their previous jobs
– Ask about every role they have ever had in every job they have done
– Get them to detail to you what happened on every one of those projects
o Usually 7-9 examples
– You’ll begin to see a pattern develop

So, if your company is growing and you need to hire people, make sure that you’re removing all emotion from your decision and make sure that they are drivers….You’ll be happy you did later on down the road!

The link to the last video summary is below:

Eben Pagan’s “$1 Million Worth of Business Advice – Free” video:

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