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So now that you’ve gained perspective of your situation, moved out of “the gray zone”, and determined that you have a viable product, business or service. What’s the next step you ask? – Your marketing of course! Before we get started, if you’ve missed any of my summaries of Eben Pagan’s “$1 Million Worth of Business Advice – For Free” video, then just click on the link at the bottom of the page.

So let’s get to it!

Eben Pagan talks at length of “moving the free-line”, in other words, giving away incredible amounts of value…for free! The problem with most business owners just starting out, however, is they don’t want anyone to get their product, service, or knowledge for free. But, as Pagan points out, this is exactly what is preventing us from growing our business and making the most money.

In this business, what we should be doing is anything and everything to acquire customers and more importantly, keep them. So, what we need to start doing is giving away something that has incredible value in the prospect’s mind… something the customer would never expect to get for free. I’m not suggesting you give everything away, how would we make any money that way! But you could, for example, give away videos, audio, free reports. By simply giving away value to your customers, you are moving your free-line and opening your market way up.

So, how do you know what to give away for free? Well, Pagan suggests it be your very best product, the one with the best reviews. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so by giving them your best product, you’re ensuring that they have the best possible experience. Also, by implementing this strategy, it will allow you to add in higher back-end products, ultimately, this where you are going to make your money.

By changing your focus from a one-shot sale to focusing on lead generation and later educating prospects about your product, you are creating a longer lasting relationship. Don’t forget, most of the time a customer or prospect doesn’t really know a lot about what you are offering, as they are still narrowing down their options. So, if you were to offer something for free that would educate, train, teach, and help these interested people to better understand your product, then you will be less likely to lose 80-90% of customers that may have purchased something from you later on down the road.

It seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? So get out there and start giving away stuff for free!

Here’s a link to part 3 of my video summary:

Here’s a link to Eben Pagan’s video:

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