“$1 Million Worth of Free Business Advice – For Free” by Eben Pagan

Hey, I stumbled across this Eben Pagan video while looking for tips on how to make more money online. It was free, so I figured I’d sum up a bit of it for you, and the link to the video is at the bottom. I highly recommend checking it out.

Here’s a quick summary of one cool part…

According to Pagan, there are 5 key areas of business that you need to simultaneously work on in order to grow your business from the start-up level to the $10 million dollar level.

1. You
– This is an important one and focuses on areas such as; leadership, management
techniques, time management, and learning how to develop yourself

2. Your market
– This is a combination of your customers and the products and services you sell to them

3. Your marketing
– This encompasses all the marketing you do to get your prospective clients to come into
your business and then later converting them into paying you money at which point they
then become customers and clients

4. Your people
– Learning how to recruit, hire, and train people is a vital step in growing your business.
Further, learning how to build teams around personality types and what it takes to get
people working together are factors to consider as well

5. Your systems
– You will need to create systems and processes so that your business basically runs by

Check out the link below to watch the video

=> http://www.altitudeblog.com/2008/12/081202-alt-prelaunch.php

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