2009 Social Media Predictions by Perry Belcher

With the popularity of social media giants Facebook and MySpace increasing each day, along with the emergence of Twitter and a number of other players, it has become quite clear that the landscape of internet marketing is changing. With January nearing a close, I wondered what to expect in the way of social media in 2009. Coincidently, I stumbled across Perry Belcher’s ‘2009 Social Media Predictions’. I’ve quickly summarized the video below into point form, but his insight and charisma are always very interesting and entertaining….definitely worth a watch if you have a few free minutes.

Perry Belcher’s 2009 Social Media Predictions

1. Twitter will rise to the top and rule social media and fresh information
– They will introduce new products and create tons of media buzz

2. Online video advertising will grow by 50%, while other forms of advertising will suffer

3. Companies will start to use spokespeople again
– They will focus on celebrities who are ‘real’ people, like you and I

4. Social shopping will play a huge part in 2009
– Nowadays there is very little difference between products’ price
– So, people will end up buying things from the people they like

5. Google, or someone like them, will begin to rank influence
– Advertisers will need to know this because they are going to need to know who to hire

6. Google buys Twitter

So there you have the 6 social media predictions for 2009. I hope you found this has informative as I did!

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