2009 Online Trend: Event Marketing

What are the two words describing one of the hottest trends in the online fitness industry for 2009?

Event Marketing

What the heck is that?

It’s simple.

Event marketing is the use of teleseminars and webinars to bring your clients together (virtually) so that you can communicate with them in an intimate setting.

It’s a powerful, powerful way to teach them and to promote your products.

And no one is doing this better in the fitness industry right now than my buddy Pat Beith. I saw him down in Florida at a Mastermind meeting and the numbers he told me they did on webinars and teleseminars blew me away.

No website copy could compare to the numbers he told me.

Pat’s actually launching a new program that he’ll be delivering via webinar. It’s a program on how to run your own sports camps.

So you have two reasons to check out his site.

1) You need to see how he will be marketing this webinar. He’s using video, email, affiliates, and more. Very sophisticated. Hopefully you’ll stick around to check out his webinar too.

2) If you’re a sports trainer, you simply need to attend his webinar to discover the secrets of running a profitable sports training camp.

And the cool thing is, Pat’s secrets will work for any sport. From track to soccer to football to basketball. It doesn’t matter. Pat has a proven system, and his info will pay itself back 10-fold this summer.

Check out Pat’s site promoting the webinar. He’s got an amazing free video with great content (another classic part of a successful product launch):

=> Click here for Pat’s free video & to discover his marketing system

Pat studies from some of the best marketers in the world…even some I don’t study from! So you can’t miss this. He’ll teach you a few tricks to fill your sports camps and sell more products online all at the same time.

Another resource to help you make more money online,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – I think Pat is limiting the number of trainers that he’s teaching this stuff to…

So get over there today and grab your spot to make more money running sports camps:

=> Click here for Pat’s free video

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