The Art of Selling Fitness by Bedros Keuilian

Entering a highly competitive market is one thing, but entering it when you don’t know how to sell is whole other story. This was the daunting task facing Bedros Keuilian when he first entered the fitness marketing scene.

Below is a summary of fitness marketer Bedros Keuilian’s The Art of Selling Fitness, followed by a link to his video.

With Keuilian in a world unfamiliar to him he decided to turn to renowned marketing guru’s Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, and Dan Kennedy for inspiration. From their material, he quickly learned that in order to attract the people who wanted to change their lives he would have to market himself in such a way that these people would not only know who he was, but also like who he was, trust who he was, and thus, ultimately want to invest in who he was.

So with this knowledge in hand, Keuilian suggests the following crucial steps for anyone interested in starting their own personal training business:
1. Identify a niche that you are going to target
2. Build your list
– Give away free reports in exchange for their email addresses
3. Set up an account with an email service provider in order to contact your list
– Be consistent with your email frequency
– Give away fun and informative content

And that’s the Art of Selling Fitness. To see the video follow the link below.


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