7 Secrets of Social Media by Perry Belcher

Social media, like Twitter and Facebook, are quickly becoming the best ways to build customer relationships and get more traffic to your website.

Here’s a video by Internet Marketer, Perry Belcher, about the 7 secrets of social media

Here’s a summary of what Perry Belcher said in his video about social media. These are the 7 keys to success when using Twitter and Facebook.

1. Be Remarkable

You want to create content that other people will talk about. Part of it is how you look and part of it is how you sound. Use catchphrases and write in a voice that is remarkable.

2. Be Fun

The more comfortable you are in your communication, the more comfortable the audience is going to be with you. You don’t necessarily have to be funny yourself, but find content that is funny. Don’t be a jerk, and make sure all your humor passes the “Mom test”. Don’t use a joke, or tell something humorous that you wouldn’t tell your mom.

3. Be Helpful

Always give helpful tips and resources, and answer people’s replies directly. Do whatever you can to help people get over their fears.

4. Be Supportive

Support other people’s dreams. Tell them it is ok to dream and show them you do too. Don’t be cynical or sarcastic. Social media is not the right place for that.

5. Be Controversial

On the other hand, don’t worry about upsetting people if you believe in what you are talking about. Controversy brings attention and buzz. If you can confirm some people’s suspicions, then they will follow. Don’t be afraid to say what you know is true, as long as it is still positive.

6. Be Resourceful

This is a huge key to success. If you give people stuff that will help them – tools, articles, videos – they will follow you. You can find good resources from these two sites:

a. Zupwire.com – great articles, ranked by popularity
b. Popurls.com – aggregator of neat tools and ideas

Of course, you can also send out your own resources, such as your youtube videos and articles that will help folks.

7. Don’t Be a Jerk

Nobody uses social media to buy stuff. They are on there looking for help. So don’t be a pushy sales person. Don’t do anything that will compromise your name.

Those are the 7 secrets to social media. Here’s the video to see Perry review those secrets while telling a few good stories too!

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January 21, 2009

Charlotte @ 8:42 pm

love it, thank you.
I’ve made many mistakes, but all can be corrected going forward. So much fun to learn all this…
Charlotte Paul

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